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What a great way to speed along labor! @pregnancy_beyond || ❤️TAG A PREGGO MAMA ❤️•••pregnancybeyond.com•••
.Video Credit @jalia.marchelle .
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Here's a little sneak of my first YouTube video 🎉 I'm still working out little kinks (like getting a mic) but I'm so excited it's up and going 💗 And I would love to hear what you think if you try today's workout 💪🏼
Keris Pilates Room
Follow the link in my bio ✨

*TODAY'S THE DAY* Today, the 26th September, is the most popular day to have a baby in England and Wales 👶. And you can blame all that Christmas sherry, apparently 😉. Because the 26th falls 39 weeks and two days after Christmas Day, meaning that a significant proportion of those born will have been conceived on Christmas Day itself, amidst the sprouts and stuffing. Ahem. So if you're having a baby today, CONGRATULATIONS. Enjoy the wonderful first day endorphins and take a moment to see what you've just done. EPIC! And if you're celebrating a birthday, eat ALL the cake (although my advice is to limit the intake of any 1st birthday partygoers if, until now, they've been raised on organic carrots. You don't want to be scraping sick off the sheets like I was when middly turned one 🙄). **The New Mum's Notebook makes a lovely gift for new mums. It's almost sold out AGAIN on Amazon but new stock is on its way, link in bio** #taganewmum #tagabirthdayperson #givingbirth #childbirth #populardaytohaveababy
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What is Vernix? Vernix forms on baby during the 3rd trimester and serves as a natural protective waterproof coating against unwanted pathogens, both in the womb, at birth and in the first few days.
Amazing Fact: During the end of pregnancy, vernix thins and some sheds into the amniotic fluid that baby breathes. This antimicrobial, peptide-rich mixture enters baby’s lungs and digestive tract, and helps prepare the digestive tract for the similar peptides found in breastmilk. 👏🏼👌🏼This helps baby’s body for the transition to the outside world by prepping, and nourishing their digestive systems.
I often recommend my clients leave baby’s first bath as a special ritual to be shared amongst the family a week or so after delivery once they are settled at home (I will also happily come help with the first bath). In the meantime they can simply clean baby’s creases, spit up or poop with a warm soft moist cloth or towel.
Here are a few more amazing facts about Vernix: ✨Although the mucous plug and amniotic sac protect baby from harmful bacteria, the vernix continues to serve as a line of defense. ✨Aside from serving as an antibacterial and antimicrobial protective layer as baby moves through the birth canal into a new environment, it also regulates their temperature. ✨It contains your baby’s natural smell which helps with bonding during breastfeeding. ✨Vernix is one the best moisturizers for baby’s skin which contains antioxidants and can be massaged into the skin in the first 24 hours. It does not fully absorb till 5 to 6 days. { info from Indian Journal of Dermatology }
photo via @mothershipfest #firstbath #vernix #babymagic #postpartum #doula #liveyourmagic #umamother

Mummy Tribers working out. First session in! 💪🏽💪🏽 #mummytribe #mummyworkout #postnatal #fitnessclasses #fitness

Ya’ll this is my go to workout! No equipment. 7️⃣ exercises. You can do it indoors or outdoors – I love to do it on my driveway combined with some running intervals.
You can find the full workout on www.momsintofitness.com/blog (Interval Running & HIIT Running Routines)

We are in week 2 of the Cardio Challenge! Haven't started yet? You can join anytime! Follow along here as I post my workouts.

She didn't need to be saved .. she needed to be found and appreciated for exactly who she was 💫

Photo credit: @troybflying_photography looking forward to creating again soon ☺️

Iv had a bit of a shitty afternoon, it's left me feeling underwhelmed and abbot.. well shit. Iv had friends message me asking if they can do anything and in all honesty what I reply is 'well not because it's my mental mind' 😂and it's just that! I can only drag myself up and out of this rotten stink trench that I put myself in time to time.
What made me happy again tonight is scrolling through my images on my phone and seeing this tiny dot all stretched out on our bed. If she can beat the shit for me then I'm sure as hell I can for her , for all of them!!!!! .
Remember to pack that rope when you go to the shitty trenches because your need that way out🤗
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Ive recently learnt that these guys are the most researched nutraceutical on the planet 🌍 With over 35 published peer reviewed medical journals (the gold standard) 💥 & over 10 more on the way, it definately gives me piece of mind knowing I have made the best decision for my family! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Have you ever asked for the research behind any supplementation that your taking? 😊💊 My family & I commenced these 8 months ago & we have never felt better 🍍🍓🥑🍉🍎🥝🍇🍏
We dont always make the right food choices & sometimes we do want the chocolates 🍫 & the wine 🥂 , right? Well i surely do! 🙋 What you can do is decide on one simple solution, to help bridge the gap of what we should be eating daily and what we actually are eating! Im a big believer in prevention > cure! Its definately a no-brainer for our family! 💖

So looking forward to sharing on this free online call.
I have been through at least 3 lots of depression in my life and have come out of the black hole.
We will be sharing our top tips from The Foodie @nataliebaldock and The Naturopath (me)

#depression #anxiety #healing

Congratulations to our Yummy Mummy of the Month - Julie Watson! Julie has been training so consistently ever since she joined us a couple of months ago. She has achieved great results so far and no doubt will continue smashing goals. Well done Julie!
Julie has won herself some great prizes thanks to our sponsors:
@pickersandco - for the best coffee in Upper Coomera!
@happydaze_essentials - doTERRA consultant.
Ablaze Massage - for any muscular aches and pains call 0416 184 671.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond. Free workshop at Illuminate Yoga, Sat Oct 7 at 11am. DM me or email av@amandavella.com.au to book your spot. Newborns welcome because if there's anything that smells better than oils it's THEM. ✨

• NEW BLOG • link in bio
What are the next steps to take if you need help with your mental health?
Self care doesn’t stop with a quiet coffee and some ‘me time’ sometimes we need to invest more heavily in recovery.
You’ve got this 👊🏼

When you are tired REST! Don't QUIT!
Baby has a cold and stuffy nose so didn't sleep so great last night! I'm tired!!! But I had a rest in between the two workouts so I'm good to go 😁

Doubled up today as upper body 21dfx didn't really raise my heart quite so much so I chose Shelly dose cardio workout after.

✨ R E V I E W ✨ Thank you Alice @marchingbambino for this App Store amazing review! 😘 If you love the Fit Mummy Project App - please leave a 5 ⭐️Review on the App Store + Google Play. It makes a huge difference to helping the App get into the hands of Mummas who need it most. 😍
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Želite da vežbate sa Gagom?

Lokacija FAN, Voždovac

10h Mix Pilates Level 2

20h Mix Pilates Level 2
21h Cross Functional Level 2

10h Pilates Control Level 1

20h Pilates Control Level 1
21h Mix Aerobik Level 2

Za personalne treninge obratite se na broj telefona 064.827.3760. ili e-mail adresu personalni@ninastim.com

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Cuida't abans i després de l'embaràs amb els nostres cursos. 👶
Prenatal per millorar la condició física i mental de les embarassades així com una òptima preparació al part. I Postnatals per recuperar la figura i el ben estar físic anterior a l'embaràs.
Per més informació! ➡
• Truca'ns al 972 003 441 ☏
• Envia un mail a info@gabinetmedic.com📩
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Transformations aren't just about weight loss as we know! This is Fiona one of my regular Buggyfit Mamas, not just completing a triathlon at the weekend but finishing with a PODIUM position 🙌🏻🙌🏻 and all just 11 months after the birth of her 2nd baby. What a friggin legend!!
As a physio Fiona knows all about laying down the foundations for sport sensibly post birth. She has attended classes religiously all year and when her core and alignment was ready, she rejoined her triathlon club for additional training. What a prime example of doing things sensibly and still achieving A LOT in a relatively short time span.
Fiona, you rock!!!!! #supermum #postnatal #buggyfitlove #corerestore #triathlete #triathlon #pelvicfloor #stronggirl #thisgirlcan #fitmum #Fitmomsofig #transformationtuesday #fitmama

#tuesdays Double #coffee and pre and post natal revision for my course 🤰🏻🤰🏻

Parenthood Day 5 👶🏼 This literally could be my selfie! Number of times I've brushed my hair since giving birth: Two. Number of fucks I give: Zero. #parenthood #candidmummy #postpartum #postnatal #mummyhairdontcare

Bu videoyu sizlere moral olması için paylaşıyorum.. Bundan 10 ay önce benim için en kolay egzersizlerden biriyken şuan yaparken oldukça zorlanıyorum sebebi; fitness da yabancı dil gibi çok nankör bıraktığın an tüm emeklerin uçabiliyor... Hamilelik kirli beslenme tembellik derken sonuç bu 🙈 Sizlerde egzersiz yaparken zorlanıyorum diye bırakmamalısınız çünkü tekrarladıkça hergün nekadar iyiye gittiğinizi görebilirsiniz ❤️ Son olarak bu öyle basit bir hareket değil eğer o iplere ayaklarınızı yerleştirip dümdüz durabiliyorsanız bile altyapınız iyi demektir 😉 Ve gene Doğumla birlikte bertaraf olan alt karnımı toparlayabilmek için bundan birkaç ay sonra aynı egzersizi nekadar doğru şekilde yapabiliyor olduğumu da gene paylaşacağım 😊💕 (doğumdan sonra bu hareketi ilk kez denedim ve hareketin sonundaki o tipimden sonra dönüp Görkem e ben bitmişim meğer dedim 😁) #absworkout #lovegym #postnatal #1monthspostpartum #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation #annebebek #egzersiz #egzersizgunlugu #karınegzersizi #dogumsonrasi #dogumkilolarinaveda #love #healthylife #lovemylife #gymmotivation

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Some great ways to keep your bladder healthy! Don’t wait long to use the bathroom. Holding in urine can add pressure to the bladder and increase the risk of developing infections.
Do not rush when emptying your bladder. Rushing may result in your bladder not emptying completely- this can lead to bladder infections.
Avoid food or drinks that contain irritants. Certain food or drinks that contain ingredients such as caffeine, artificial sweeteners, acid, spices, excessive amounts of salt and alcohol can worsen bladder problems.
Drink enough water throughout the day. Drinking your daily recommended amount of water can help flush out bacteria in the urinary tract and help prevent bladder infections.
Use your pelvic fitness device to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.
Avoid constipation by adding fiber to your diet. Constipation often results in a full rectum which adds pressure to the bladder.
Urinate after having intercourse. Men and women should try to urinate after sexual intercourse. This helps to flush away bacteria that may have entered during sex. #bladderhealth #urinaryincontinence #preventioniskey #preventativehealthcare #preventativemaintenance #education #pelvicfitness #pelvicfitnessdevice #pelvichealth #fabphysio #fitmum #postpartum #postnatal #fitafterbaby

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