Day 242: So this kinda sorta happened... or atleast 2/3rds of it did. Super gutted the 🏊‍♀️ was cancelled 😢 but still 🚴‍♀️(20k) & 🏃‍♀️(5k)
8 months ago today I was getting ready for (yet another) operation, this time to relocate the bionics from my abs to my glutes, trying not to worry about what would going wrong this time.

6 months ago I'd only just started jogging slow short intervals, wasn't cleared for cycling and physically couldn't kick front crawl legs swimming. From that starting point a sprint distance tri this summer felt like a huge challenge. Throw in a few blips and things not exactly going to plan in winter/spring and I set back the date to late summer.

The last few manic weeks have totally changed the game though including a 10k run, 30k bike ride with @georgietricker, and an insane week destroying my body with new friends which still has me buzzing. With my confidence sky high I might've kinda slightly ramped up my goals for the summer... so the sprint tri had to be reset to the original plan. Frustrating that things outside my control meant it didn't quite work out, still a massive achievement and just means I've gotta line up another one soon 🤷‍♀️ @triathlonsouth

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Day 238: I should not map 🚲 routes before my brain gets in gear. Accidentally mapped 30miles instead of 30km🤦‍♀️ ...throw in a wrong turn and it wound up over 50km 😂 😂
Lucikly had just forced myself to rest for 100hrs to recover from last week. (So so fidgety!) Slowly (reluctantly) learning how to balance sport & adventure with the rest my body needs. Problem is the more I do, the more fidgety & restless I get about getting back outdoors.

Time to collapse 😴 😴
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Taking it easy after an awesome exhausting week with these babes 🔥🔥🔥 Second half included SUP, dam jump, ponies and more surfing... oh and that SAVAGE (!!!) 7k run with @sophiemadtolive & @adventures0fabbey -> totally destroyed me 💪
If I had any doubts left about how much adventure is possible with chronic pain & bionics... I sure don't now! 😊

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📸 @hannahedyphoto
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Having a painful day dealing with post-herpetic neuralgia. The unpleasant after-effects of shingles. I hurt. This sucks. But I’m listening to my body and lying down. My weekend plans may have to fall to the wayside. Self-care has to take precedence. I can’t afford to go down the rabbit hole.

Joseph just came in with a present from our garden: blackberries. Mana from the heavens. The bush just appeared—thanks to the birds! And thanks to @revjosephrogers, they are blooming delicious. That’s some good medicine.

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Trying to do everything I can to keep the pain manageable without meds. 👍🏻 For me, shingles comes with a host of other issues that can affect my ability to train- vomiting/diarrhea, debilitating headaches, fever, and other than the pain, the worst is the extreme fatigue. #round3 #postherpeticneuralgia #aintnojoke #augustorbust #powerlifting #training #chickswholift #bench #squats #deadlift #deadliftsandchill #weak #immunesystem

Day 230: Three days of surfing, mountain biking, yoga, trail running and phenomenal food in Lagos with these awesome badass chicks!! ☀ 🌊 ☀
So battered and bruised! Every day I find more of the energy I used to have and feel more like someone I used to be...except a much stronger version of her!
@madtoliveretreats @thesurfexperience
@sophiemadtolive @lulu401
📸 @hannahedyphoto

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Are you or someone you know suffering from shingles? It's rife again this time if year, and not limited to the older generation. I see many young people too. Some have the classic rash, some haven't got a mark on them and the location of the outbreak can differ greatly.
The herpes virus can lay dormant for many years within the cells and neural pathways. It's an opportunistic little bugger. Guess what it likes best to reactivate? STRESS! Fatigue and low immunity!
At times, post herpetic neuralgia can lead to severe pain for years, so it's definitely worth addressing this properly early.
Low level laser therapy in addition to nutritional and herbal medicine can be very effective in treating shingles or postherpetic neuralgia. Call or message me to find out more.

Each year, about one million Americans are affected by shingles, which can show up at any age. For many people who get shingles, the symptoms last from two to six weeks then go away, but some end up with continuing pain after the shingles bout is over, called postherpetic neuralgia or PHN. Go to The Waiting Room to find out more about shingles and PHN, how to spot it and what treatment options are. #herpesvirus #PHN #postherpeticneuralgia #shingles #chickenpox #varicellazoster #FloridaHealthCareNews #FHCN #TheWaitingRoom - Link: http://ow.ly/DHJm30k7JTX

>One million cases of herpes zoster per year in USA #risk #postherpeticneuralgia (pain after the infection) Increases with age. New vaccine can decrease significantly this complication. #cdc #newrecommendation #zoster #shingles #getvaccinated #idontfeelgood

Day 213: This lil badass took me out for our first 'real' ride, a casual sunny 20k. Celeste is a beaut 😍 ☀ 🚲 Plus we made friends with Laurel the ladybird 🐞
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Day 199: 1 mile swim
Day 201: 20k on the exercise bike
Day 203: gentle 8k run along the seafront... followed by cat yoga

Might not quite be back to where I was pre-blip last month. My body needs time to recovery from blips and then time to recover from recovering 🤷‍♀️ Am definitely back in the game though! And naps with Tiffin always help 🐱

#asthma #chronicpain #postherpeticneuralgia #spinalcordstimulator #bionicwoman #subbornasfuck #disablednotunable #iamnotmyillness #livingwithchronicpain #notmycat #catyoga #catnap

❗️Kemerleyici herpes, postherpetik nevralgiya❗️
Keçirilmiş herpes infeksiyasindan sonra Herpes zoster orqanizmde (esasen onurğabeyni sinirlerinin, üçlü sinirin hissi düyünlerinde) latent veziyyetde qalır. Ve hemin viruslar elverişli şeraite düşdükde ( orqanizmin immuniteti zeifledikde, keçirilmiş xestelikler ve s.) aktivleşir. Bu zaman sinirin innervasiya zonasına uyğun agrı ve sepgi emele gelir. 50% xestelerde sepgi döş qefesinde, daha az hallarda baş, eller ve ayaqlarda yaranır. Bu sepgiler 3-4 hefteden sonra itir. Ancaq bir çox xestede zedelenmiş sinir kökcüyüne uyğun dermatomda ağrı uzun müddet qala biler. Bu patoloji hal postherpetik nevralgiya adlanır. Ağrılar müxtelif formalarda xarakterize edir: -daimi, küt, derin, yandırıcı;
-periodik, spontan, batıcı, vurucu( tok vurma hissi);
-keskin, sethi yandırıcı, esasen toxunduqda yaranan ağrılar. Xestelerin bezilerinde ağrılar bir il erzinde keçsede bir çox xestelerde bu ağrılar müalice olunmadıqda ömür boyu qala biler. Bu da xestelerin heyat keyfiyyetine menfi tesir gösterir ve xestelerde ikincili olaraq depressiyaya, heyecan pozuntuları, sosial aktivliyin pozulması, yuxu ve iştahın pozulmasına getirib çıxarır. #neuroscience#neurology#nevralgiya#postherpeticneuralgia#draygunsuleymanova

#Pregabalin(#Lyrica) is a C-V scheduled drug. It is used in #diabeticneuropathicpain #postherpeticneuralgia (aftermath of #shinlges)
#fibromyalgia. Side effects include #peripheraledema #blurredvision #somnolence #dizziness.
Do not drive. Do not stop using this medicine suddenly. Your doctor will need to slowly decrease your dose before you stop it completely.

#pharmacy #nsucop #ufcop #pharmacology #pharmacist #pharmacylife #naplex #pharmacytechnician #continuingeducation #nurse #nursepracticioner #nurselife #pharmacystudent #medicine #doctors #medschool #medlife #studentdoctor #physicianassistant #study

The medical information in these posts is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Please consult your health care provider before making any healthcare decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition. MyDailyRx shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability whatsoever suffered as a result of your reliance on the information contained in these posts.

Idag har jag fått botox inte för några rynkor utan som ett försök att bli hjälpt mot min #smärta . Det tar upp till två veckor innan det hittar ut till #nerverna och ska upprepas med tre månaders mellanrum två ggr till. 😔 #postherpeticneuralgia

Lumbar Sympathetic Bipolar RF #postherpeticneuralgia #painmanagement

Day 179: Not all days are filled with progress, setting challenges & smashing goals. Some days (and far more than I'd like) go like this;
~ Parents wake me up with morning meds when they get up, I go back to sleep and have no memory of this.
~ I sleep ALL morning.
~ Parents start trying to wake me up at 1pm for next set of meds and food (if I take tramadol without food I get nauseous and vomit everywhere, great fun!). I'm in so much pain and so exhausted it takes 45-60mins of trying to wake me up before they succeed. Again, I have no memory of this.
~ I intend to be productive for the afternoon despite feeling sh*t but by 3.30pm I've crashed out on the sofa. This is no 30min powernap, I'm in full on deep sleep mode ALL afternoon 😴
~ Parents wake me up at 6.30pm for dinner and more meds.
~ After dinner and a shower I crash back out on the sofa.
~ Parents wake me up to remind me I need to charge my bionics then leave me to snooze on the sofa ALL evening.
~ Parents wake me up at bedtime for my final set of meds for the day.
*sigh* This is real life with chronic pain! It's exhausting! I was only awake for 3hrs but feel sh*t! I'd be so lost without my parents. 💕 I'm lucky to have their support. I'm lucky my body's reaction to pain is sleep. I'm lucky to have my bionics.

The original plan for yesterday included a decent run along the seafront; 2 miles gentle, 10 sets of steps, 4 miles solid run, 10 sets of steps, 2 miles gentle. But some days just have to be written off... and I have to be ok with that.

This is to remind myself how far I've come from when every day was like this. To make sure I push myself on the days I can. To not be defined by my condition.

The ☀ is out this morning and I start again today with a smile 😊

#chronicpain #postherpeticneuralgia #spinalcordstimulator #bionicwoman #subbornasfuck #disablednotunable #iamnotmyillness #livingwithchronicpain

Sevgili Fikret bey, sağ göğüs bölgesinde çıkan zona sonrası, 1 yıldır geçmeyen şiddetli,yanıcı ağrılarla boğuşuyordu.Postherpetik nevralji ( döküntüler geçtikten sonra o bölgedeki sinir hasarına bağlı ağrı) tanısıyla tek seans enjeksiyon tedavisi uyguladık...Ağrısız hayata merhaba dedik👍#ağrıtedavisi #suçiçeği #herpeszoster #zona #postherpeticneuralgia #nöropatikağrı #uzm.dr.borayoldemir

Ok... so this is a genius way to keep patients with conditions like #fibromyalgia #postherpeticneuralgia or other cutaneous/SubQ pain disorders from abusing or becoming dependent on oral medications. I haven’t tried this but this seems like it would make a fractured small appendage seem nonexistent. #compounding #topicals the beauty about these types of medications is that the formula can be altered readily to also prevent dependence on the cream itself 😍❤️👍🏽

NerveRestore Cream has had great success with PHN. #phn #postherpeticneuralgia #shingles #nerverestore

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