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"This city isn't personally an inspiring place for me. I feel creatively starved here. That's hard to admit. The art scene is lacking diversity in representation and who is actually creating. Of course diverse creators exist but it doesn't seem like they're being supported in this town." - the magical @wishcandy on #portlandincolor today 🌈😉💖

Kangen itu bukan berati sange bisa juga pas lagi bete karna jarang ngegrepe 🐼
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When I read Proverbs 22, I think of this family. “Teach a child how to follow the right way; even when he is old, he will stay on course.” Eden and Athen have quickly become some of my favorite “little humans” because - well - these pictures tell the story. Just like their parents - who I absolutely adore - these two will literally jump into a bush and go exploring simply because they are in awe and refuse to wonder from afar.
#lesvoyagesdejohn // #love #thepaschkes
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Little Miss Christmas 🤶🏻❤️. The cuteness of this time of year is getting too much 🤗🤗🤗.

Ending our Thanksgiving weekend with snuggles and a fever from this little one. Luckily it seems to be getting better but totally nerve wracking to go through for the first time. Loving these extra snuggles though, she never lets me do this! 💕

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Proudly showing off my #pregnancybodychanges , yes i gain alot but im so thankfull and blessed beyond words 🙏🏻😊 || tank top from @uniqloindonesia #posthepeople#blessedlifehappywife


We don’t talk anymore like we used to

"Jum'at berkah😇😇"

Mama’ Nia 👵🏻

I&K will be taking over for Mantra tomorrow (Friday )from 7am- 2pm. We’ll have some retail bags for sell!
Come hangout as we pretend to be a real coffee shop for the day 😂. Also, let’s give a hand to @mantracoffee for putting people before profits and taking time to slow it down, and celebrate as a family for a whole day! Enjoy your holiday party guys! 👏🏽


Love me tender, love me softly, for all that matters

Christmas pj party. But this boy insisted on his Cap pajamas.... he’s officially in that super hero stage ☺️ #themightyquinnluke #posthepeople #makingmemories #stillaboy #boymom

Guide me along

Sydney from high up💋

A dude with the view

A picture of the four of us for no reason. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦❤️

So many babes, so little time.

STOP. Here is just a bunch of babes. Ok, carry on.

Something I found in my notes from February... [It's funny how often I walk out the door before looking in a mirror
Sticks in my hair, mud up my elbows, grease on my face-
But I'm not talking about climbing mountains
By dirty I mean letting your ugly emotions dress you every morning
Don't forget to iron out the anxiety
Wash the envy off your sleeve
Bleach those sin stained shoes
Scrub the bitterness off your skin
Fold up every damn negative thought, shove it in the closet, and walk out the door like you've never seen a rain cloud]

Happy birthday to this beautiful lady!!! Mom, wife, entrepreneur... all around amazing person! Have a great day @kellywenzelstyle!!!!!🖤🥂✨🎂🎉🎊

Little Miss Christmas 🤶🏻❤️. The cuteness of this time of year is getting too much 🤗🤗🤗.

Love that sunset glow...and these two✨

Gonna kidnap your love

“There's a lot of creative people here.
I grew with people that were into breakdancing, djing, tagging, and artists. And to see the same people still actively performing as adults is very inspiring.
It maybe a hobby to some but it shows that creativity doesn't leave you when you reach adulthood.” @jo12ge
📷 @rachel_loewen

Я люблю шоппинг👗👠👙 я же девочка🙄 сегодня про интернет-шоппинг, вдруг кому пригодится🤞🏻вот список моих любимых сайтов:
🌳asos.com - мультибрендовый магазин, одежда и аксессуары для мужчин👨🏻 и женщин👩🏼, детской одежды нет🙅🏼, большой выбор стильной одежды для беременяшек🤰🏼если вдруг не подошёл размер, сдать можно в boxberry, который почти в каждом районе есть👍🏻 есть один минус - размеры s и m быстро разбирают🙈
🌴iherb.com - магазин эко-продуктов🥑 мы заказываем витамины, масла, косметику💄
🌱aliexpress.com - ой, тут вообще кладезь всякой фигни😅 из последних удачных покупок: штатив для телефона, леггинсы для йоги, резиновые прозрачные ботинки, блокноты📝 🌿ozon.ru - книги📚 🌲eBay.com - редко что-то заказываю, единственное, косметику Holy Land можно купить дешевле💳
А вы любите шоппинг? А как относитесь к интернет-покупкам? Делитесь любимыми сайтами🙏🏻🤗❤️ P.S. Если интересно, сделаю в ближайшее время фото-подборку своих "находок"😉💋🌸 #яготовяготовяготов👗

Kangen itu bukan berati sange bisa juga pas lagi bete karna jarang ngegrepe 🐼
#womeninframe #posthepeople #anakpengentenar #bekudaksetumat #hypebeast #streetwear #streetstyle #instasunda #womenmagz

#ShinOkubo 🇰🇷🇯🇵 Ktown in Tokyo

Congratulations on your store opening at Puri Indah Mall @3mongkis @hettyawi! Really glad to be a part of it & excited for your success :)
Blazer by @3mongkis
📷: @alfianusalvin


Hole in the building? #nambahips (TT)

I’ll rescue you if your in danger

Y si, tengo frío.

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