If you’ve read my book you know how influential Science Mike McHargue has been in my spiritual transformation. Now I’ve been accepted into his online school! Read about it in “Hot Tub Spaceship: An Irradiated Journey of Hope for when Everything Falls Apart” Available at Amazon #hottubspaceship #hottubspaceshipthebook #jesusfollower #christianatheist #postevangelical #jesusist #jesuspeople #postliberal #brianpankratz #modernfaith #christianmystic #spiritualnotreligious #christianuniversalist #lovewins #galaxiesgrowinginsideme #progressiveevangelical #exvangelicals #emptythepews #raptureanxiety #sciencemike

Carl Jung, the renowned psychiatrist, once said that the great neurosis of our time is emptiness.
I don’t believe our world was created to sustain us. That’s why no matter how much stuff we buy, we still feel empty. No matter how much we drink, we still feel thirsty. Our world was created to point us to something bigger than us. Once we see our own insignificance and become converted to hope, many of our self-sustaining tears dry up.
Someone once said that if you can’t find conversion for yourself, then you need to at least rub up against the heart of someone who has been converted. Maybe that’s why people pour out their pain in bars. Or read books like this.
Ever since my kids could understand words, I’ve told them the most important thing is to tell God their feelings. It takes faith to tell God our feelings. It also takes courage to face our feelings of loss, doubt, and emptiness. But once we begin sharing them, they often dissipate. Just float away. We get served a pint of hope. We don’t need to keep repeating the scripts. God is the ultimate bartender. And he never cuts us off. (Excerpt from my recently published book, “Hot Tub Spaceship: An Irradiated Journey of Hope for when Everything Falls Apart” Available at Amazon #hottubspaceship #hottubspaceshipthebook #jesusfollower #christianatheist #postevangelical #jesusist #jesuspeople #postliberal #brianpankratz #modernfaith #christianmystic #spiritualnotreligious #christianuniversalist #lovewins #galaxiesgrowinginsideme #progressiveevangelical #exvangelicals #emptythepews #raptureanxiety)

@jamiethevwm joins us this week to talk about her book The Very Worst Missionary. Listen at irenicast.com/120 or subscribe using be using the link in our bio.

HEATHENS!!! We just passed 10,000 total downloads of the #heathenpodcast !!! 10,000+ hours of time spent with you, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for sharing your stories, your hearts, your fears, your laughter, your victories WE COULD GO ON WE JUST LOVE YOU A WHOLE LOT OKAY?!?!!!! As you can tell from the photo, even the fabulous Bird - our guest on this week’s #sexisode - is stoked. #stoked Do non-church humans say stoked? #askingforafriend #10k #loveyou

A few books I've been reading over the past couple weeks, and re-reading 'The Bible Tells Me So'. Thought provoking books that will push anyone outside their echo chamber.
That's where real growth occurs. Leaving all preconcieved notions and presuppositions at the door and opening your heart and mind to whatever you might discover.
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The trend right now in some evangelical circles is to welcome gay people; to invite them in and build friendships. It’s not until that person tries to join the church, to take on a leadership role, or to get married that they realize the Church never actually accepted them. Despite the welcoming exterior and careful language the church was still anti-gay.

But there’s another group of Christians.

These Christians know that we’ll never see a full expression of God when we exclude the queer community. They see that God created a diverse world and that it’s something to be affirmed and celebrated. In the same way that a church devoid of women or people of color lacks the fullness of creation so too does the exclusion or marginalization of the LGBT+ community. Instead of preaching the Gospel to “the gays”, they look for queer pastors teaching the Gospel.

And it’s that second group that I belong to now. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 (this is an excerpt from a series I wrote about how I left traditional evangelical views to become a queer ally. Changing the link in my profile for a few days in case you want to read the whole story ❤️)

I am the name I have given to hold her. #growingupgirl #embodiment #poetryofinstagram #womenrising

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