Cloaked.. the eclipse.. And because I get to see one of my favorite humans in a couple weeks! A whole lot of Love here if you know what I mean ;) @nu_daps710 @tippermusic #4321 #posteclipse #tipper #realmwalkers #astralvalley

Caught in my natural state dancing my way through realms while the man himself holds space for all of us to explore the vast space of our psyche. These are our people @tippermusic @nu_daps710 #tipper #4321 #posteclipse #1500mics #spiritwalking

New Moon in Pisces

La La Land on Saturday at 6.12am
Nu Yoik on Saturday at 9.12am
Old Blighty on Saturday at 1.12pm
Sydney Town on Sunday at 12.12am, just after the crack of midnight.

Quite the bewitching hour, the moon new in Pisces is a shapeshifting wonder that enchants already shimmering skies. It is from here that we traipse into unchartered territory as the changes wrought in eclipsia continue to ripple.

We are in the final approaches to tipping points all over the place. The equinox days away as the sun strides into Aries and the zodiac begins again. Mars about to hit maximum effectiveness as he hankers to leap into Capricornia. Chiron departing his ocean of good tears for a simmering new approach to our overcoming in Aries. Mercury in the shadow of his retrograde through the ram's den already buzzing our circuits. Uranus preparing to completely rewire our neural motherboard when he hauls planet into Taurus after seven years. Jupiter freshly backtracking his way through Scorpy shadowlands. Nothing is fixed and much is unknown.

In the face of so much change, we are best to adopt the curious gaze of the wide eyed explorer. Discover new forests within and skies above as you watch yourself roll through the shifts ahead. Shelve expectation and surrender instead to the vast unknowable when this many planets, moods and forces are at play. Cultivate inspired response and remember that a pause is precious medicine. Align yourself to the new by making the kind of daring choices that intuitively feel right, even if they make sense to none but you. Perhaps especially because of it.

And under this soft new moon, in the gentlest of voice, make a heartfelt wish for your life. The moment she is new is potent and full of promise. At the rippling tail of Pisces, cast only for how you would like to feel as the next adventure unfolds.

Genius is the ability to renew one's emotions in daily experience.
~ Paul Cezanne

Art by @ingd0

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Thought is pure energy. Every thought you have, have ever had, and ever will have is creative...All thoughts congeal; all thoughts meet other thoughts, crisscrossing in an incredible maze of energy, forming an ever-changing pattern of unspeakable beauty and unbelievable complexity. 👣💭 Neale Donald Walsch #energy #thought #energyfollowsthought #thoughtslikeclouds #cloudporn #creativity #posteclipsia #posteclipse #soulsteps #soulstepping #walkingtheworld #whywelivehere #mornings #visitmooloolaba #visitsunshinecoast

HOY 18:30hs @victoriazain TRANSMISION en fb Astrología Creativa ✨ insights Pulsando la Luna Llena a Propósito ✨ #matrizdelunaciones #acuario #magia #lifecoach #lunallena #posteclipse #artemisa #empoderamientofemenino

HOY 18:30hs TRANSMISION en fb Astrología Creativa ✨ insights Pulsando la Luna Llena a Propósito ✨ #matrizdelunaciones #acuario #magia #lifecoach #lunallena #posteclipse #artemisa #empoderamientofemenino

De a poco los planetas van entrando a Piscis, se formará un stellium!
Esta energía nos ayudará a limpiar todo lo que generaron los eclipses y seguirán generando hasta mediados de marzo.
Empieza un mes para terminar de dejar ir lo que ya no sirve, podemos sentirnos colgados o distraídos, por momentos nostálgicos y sensibles ,estaremos , muy esponjas.
El período Piscis nos ayuda a todos a limpiarnos, regenerarnos y soltar para comenzar un nuevo período, cuando comience el año astrologico en marzo.
Esta semana es particularmente tranquila, la necesitábamos 💫
A soñar...
Y feliz vuelta al sol para los piscianos♓
Bendiciones Vera Luna ♥️
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Post Eclipse Pisces moment - edge dwelling with the rushing power of Moon in Aries. What are your dreams, your aspirations, your heart’s desire in this liminal moment of unfolding? I’m hearing a loud Call to Action for me personally, a collective voice from the planetary beings who inform not just my work as an Intuitive Astrologer, but guide the essence of my life as a whole. I can no longer deny the expansion that comes with integration, maturity, wisdom, the emergent elder and the fulfillment of possibilities held in the shadows until now. Wise words from David Whyte, “Denial is a beautiful transitional state every human being inhabits before they are emancipated into the next larger context and orphaned, often against their will, from an old and very familiar home. Denial is the crossroads between perception and readiness...” I’m offering myself in greater Service to move more broadly & deeply into the world - accepting invitations to talk about the cosmic teachings that have been revealed through my practice as a full time consulting astrologer. I average about 30-35 readings per month so the learning on my end has been consistent, insistent & extraordinary. Not to mention the dozens of small group gatherings, public talks and presentations intertwined in the last 6 years. The karmic story of fear of judgement, retribution, persecution bound together in my natal Saturn (10 degrees)/South Node in Aquarius (14 degrees) conjunction has been “eclipsed”. Damn. It’s about time.

I have so many items in my shop, but this little number seems to be the one that's so many people are drawn to.
I think it has something to do with the essence of the flower of life sacred geometry symbol combined with the beautiful oak wood. It's actually a laminated sheet for creating your own Crystal grids that you can work with again and again. Or leave on display as a beautiful decor.
But I think it's also to do with the energy that is happening these days. There was so much up and down during this "eclipse season". And so many of us need to be grounded. Especially those of you who identify as lightworkers because you're calling is to be here for those who are about to go through all the hardships that you have faced through your life and come through with strength and beauty.

So get out there today even if it's winter and hug a tree or touch the Earth. Get grounded, feel better, Zen out and build yourself a crystal grid.

You can find this in the Etsy shop and there's even an option to add your own custom text or title on it.
etsy.me/1PDVy1e .
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I am flesh, bones
I am skin, soul
I am human
Nothing more than human.
I am sweat, flaws
I am veins, scars
I am human
Nothing more than human.
Got this terrific virus and feeling even more human today. Sometimes the life in this body feels painful.
PH: @martinoskarkramer Words: Sevdaliza | Human #posteclipse #human

Post Eclipse y un poco de amorosidad transformadora con la Casa Bruja de la Transmutación by @brujas_elementosmagicos 💜🦄☂️🔮☯️ Contiene: Blend para Sahumo, Carboncitos Vegetales, Amatista, 2 Velas Energizadas, Hechizo en frasquito para Ver Más Allá 👁 Vení a buscarla al #AhoraoNunca! Estamos hasta las 19hs en #Thames1874 #PalermoSoho 👽 #Transmutación #Transformación #CasaBruja #Sahumos #Amatista #Violeta #LlamaVioleta #SaintGermain #HechizoEnFrasco #Hechizo #Magia #BrujasDeInstagram #BrujxsDeInstagram #WitchesOfInstagram #InstaWitch #PostEclipse #Eclipse #TemporadaAcuariana #AquariusSeason #LunaNueva #LunaNuevaEnAcuario #ObjetosBrujos #ObjetosDePoder

Winter morning light...or post-eclipse procrastination from my home office.

¡Viernes Post-Eclipse!🌘🌑🌒 Astropantuflos, llegamos a las puertas del fin de semana...🎆🎇🎉🎊 Algunos quizás todavía dentro de la centrifugadora cósmica💫, otros puede que saliendo de ahí medio atolondrados😵😵😵, otros de otros tal vez más en paz🙏... Viendo nuestra vida a través de gafas nuevas🤓... A Urano le encantan los cristales que renuevan la visión, que nos llevan a percibir las cosas de un modo distinto, y sobretodo, radicalmente diferente. ¿Y qué queréis que os diga? Es LIBERADOR... Siempre pedimos que las circunstancias cambien, sin embargo, si cambiamos la perspectiva, todo cambia aunque aparentemente parezca lo mismo... cada cuál sabrá a estas alturas de la lavadora, en que parte de su vida se manifiesta esta sensación: mudarse, romper una relación que no aporta, cambiar de ambiente, cambiar de amigos, de trabajo, de profesión, de estatus civil, iniciar un nuevo hobbie, convertir una pasión en modo de ganarse la vida, salir con alguien radicalmente diferente, crear rutinas nuevas, ... O simplemente vivir el presente sin hacer planes, sin expectativas, sin controlar el futuro, sin ansiedad x el devenir, abrazando lo que el Universo nos trae y disfrutando de esa nueva faceta desconocida de nosotros mismos. Cómo los actores🎭 que se descubren en cada personaje nuevo que interpretan. Os deseo un feliz día.Un beso 💋
Gif: Giphy
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