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@oldpinkroom regina incontrastata delle cartoline! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ grazie mille, è bellissima 😍

Finished! We might pop this in the shop later for anyone who wants it. We just have to wait for the electricity to come back on...

With less than six hours of electricity per day and very little internet here, we've got loads of time to make postcards. We might even make extras and list them in our shop seeing as there's all this time on our hands!

There will be a Phoenix Postcrossing Meetup on Saturday, January 20 at 11am.
There is a meeting room for Postcrossers at the Phoenix Postcard and Paper Show (Friday, January 19, 10am to 6pm and Saturday, January 20, 10am to 4pm). Location is North Phoenix Baptist Church Fellowship Center at 5757 N. Central Ave. Admission is $5 per day and $20 for early bird admission on Friday at 9am.

There will be commemorative postcards to sign that you can keep or send. There will also be plenty of postcards to trade, so bring a stack! Snacks provided but bring your own drink.
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We're missing Japan already, so we've uploaded photos of all the postcards we sent to the Japan page on our website. Don't look if you don't want to spoil your order!

Just finished some last minute @thingsbyus postcard orders before we leave Japan tomorrow. 13 hours until our flight leaves for The Philippines!

With only 24 hours to go we've closed orders for our Japan postcards. We're still barely halfway through our trip though and there's plenty of places to choose from if you missed out!

We sent out some postcards today made from random food packaging we love. Fingers crossed it arrives where it needs to go and not into the recycling!

Immagino la faccia del postino con questo revival di cartoline.
Grazie mille @patty_peppermint ♥️ #postcardclub

A NEW BATCH. I’m really excited about this round of cards...

I've joined Patreon, and set up a postcard club! Please come on over and see what's going on, here..

Never heard of Patreon? It's basically a modern kind of crowdfunded patronage - a very old concept, where lords and ladies would support arty folks, so they could get their art on. Now a crowd of people replace the rich folk, isn’t it marvellous. Here's a short video by Patreon explaining what they are.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwvUjAv6pxg #patreon #postcards #handmadepostcards #inktober #watercolour #acrylic #jherbin #fountainpen #postcardclub #tiffleekpostcardclub

Wow, Japan's post is fast. We've been told some of our postcards arrived days ago, but the Malaysia ones only just arrived yesterday! We've got loads more to send too which we can't wait to share.

We wrote some postcards on the bullet train this morning as the UK entered the New Year. We've got 12 days left in Japan so if you want a postcard from here just get onto https://www.thingsbyus.co.uk and pay whatever you want!

We love Japan! There were loads of postcard sized sheets of card and we got some new watercolour sheets for our new pens. Your postcard orders just levelled up 😄

2560 fivestar reviews - there is nothing more joyful than a happy customer !

We sent some postcards home to our families on Christmas day from Nara Park. Of course we asked some of the deer to double check our spelling before we sent them.

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Aaaah è arrivata! Grazie @oldpinkroom ♥️♥️♥️

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