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Perks of a stretchy dress is you can go from 27wks pregnant to 9wks post baby 😝 #weddingready #lycraisbae #deardiary #postpartum #postbaby #mumtobe #fitmum #pregnantbelly #babymama #loveyourself #loveyourbody #motherhood #transformation

I absolutely love baby wearing with the wraps I own, but am I the only one who feels super “uncoordinated” when it comes to putting them on?! I seriously have to watch a YouTube video each time, and I still only get it right 50% of the time 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️ Loving my @lalabubaby tank that Parker fits inside perfectly. For those who are wrap-challenged like me, this is for you! Enjoyed 3 miles to Starbucks & back for breakfast this morning, & the boys did so well! 🙌🏽 #momwin #twinlife

🌿#ad 🌿
One of the things that I decided on our trip was that it is time for me to tone it down a little bit on my pretty steady diet of 🍫🧀🥛and get back into whatever a healthy post-baby Mal looks like.
One of the ways I'm doing that is by replacing some of my other less than ideal go to beverage choices with @almondbreeze almondmilk!
Not only does it help me to feel better throughout the day, but it is also flippin delicious!!
I'll #DrinkToThat! How about you guys? Why do you drink almondmilk?

My baby girl, growing too fast💖Almost 1 year old😱Смотрите как у нас Алина выросла😱💖
Через неделю уже 1 годик будет, не верится, что так быстро летит время🙈Казалось вот только беременная ходила🤰Мы во всю готовимся к празднику, он у нас двойной , братику Алексу будет 3 годика в этот же день🎉До сих пор не верится, что у моих детей день рождения в один день😱Но судьба так решила!!
Это мы кстати в московском зоопарке сегодня были, очень понравилось там🐒🐴🐗😍Всем хорошего вечера💖

French toast 🍳 ---------------------------------------
I whip this up for Chase quite often! For his toast I use 1 whole egg + a dash of full cream cows milk 🐮 + wholemeal or rye bread 🍞 ------------------------------------------
For me 🙋🏼 and my clients I use a lower cal recipe: ▫️150gr pure egg whites (they come in a carton ready to go) + ▫️2 slices Country Split wholemeal bread 🍞 Top with berries + yoghurt + maybe even a dash of cinnamon 😋 #tryit @teampowerfit_

🌸🌸🌸 @mzskittlez @pregnancy_beyond •••pregnancybeyond.com•••
.Photography @spexphoto .
#bunintheoven #bellybump #pregnancybeyond @pregnancy_beyond

My heart was missing our Utah fall season, so we drove up to Mount Charleston #notthesame LOL but it was nice to get some fresh mountain air! 🌿
Day 107 with my Crew bear.

A good way to get your heart rate up while lifting is doing a superset with a cardio move (jumping jacks, lunge jumps, toe taps, & high knees). Better than running on a treadmill for an hour IMO! I loved this workout from @strength_by_jaimebarroso, it wasn't super long and got me a good sweat in 🙌🏼💪🏼 .
She's doing an October challenge, so if you've been looking for somewhere to start, definitely check her out! ❤


Feeling pretty good for one week post baby #postbaby #feelgood #oneweek #mom #mombod #noshame #smile #mylife #momlife

***ladies only*** Oh dear… looking at my picture on the left and thinking back 3 years ago what a miserable life I was trapping myself into every day… ahhh. I can’t help it but think what if I didn’t jump to the opportunity and start on my health journey?
Where would I be right now? Probably I would be an other 30-ish pounds heavier then what I was back then, I would probably be on some sort of blood pressure medication, and I might be a diabetic as well since sugar was, (and I still working on slaying it) always a problem in my diet. And I would not be able to run around with my boys and do all the fun hiking we do sometimes.
It would be the opposite life what I have now.
I just turned 40, I have more energy then I ever had before, I am at the my healthiest, and happiest and feel blessed to be able to share with my fiends how I have changed my life so they can do it as well instead of trying to figure it out and waist time… I just give them the resources that I have to help them succeed and become their healthiest and happiest version! In our 30 day online health group I share day-by0day tips and helpful steps they need to take to change their daily habits, and become successful on their journey.
The next 30 day online group starts October 2nd!
I invite everyone to join us if they want to get healthy and live happy and strong.

I will shave with you meal plans, and I also help you to make your own meal pan so you actually eat what you like and keep it healthy.
I’ll show you how to meal plan, and meal prep for the week so all you have to do is to grab your food and go.
I will hold you accountable and btw all the ladies will do that in the group as well. We are a family working towards the same goal!
And you will also get daily tips about how to stay on track for the long run so you can keep on making healthy choices, and be successful with your health journey.

Does this sound like something you’d like to do?
If so, come and join us! Comment below “info”, or message me and I’ll get you the details.

One day left!!!!!!!! I can almost taste the finish line!! 😆😆😆
But for now I'll be eating Asian stir fry and braised greens. Which are pretty tasty! 😃
I have a few ladies committed to doing this body reset in the near future. I can say this has been a game changer for me!!!! ❤️❤️
I'm happy to speak with you if you want to learn more abt it and doing o it with a dedicated support system. This is a program where support is 100% necessary...along with commitment and dedication 😃
#fitmomma #fitmommas #fitmums #fitmummy #fitmumsofig #fitmumsclub #postpartumbody #postbabyfit #postbaby #postpartumjourney #boymum #boymomlife #boymomma #newmommy #healthymommy #healthymom #healthymoms #fitmoms #selfcare #temporaryvegetarian #vegetarian #detox #bodydetox #bodycleanse (but it's not a "camp at the bathroom" #cleanse) #bodyreset #bodyresetdiet #ultimatereset #hormonebalance

Hard to see but Sophia and Daddy experienced the local mall carnival together. We only bought 3 tickets and Sophia rode 2 rides because we weren't sure how she was going to react. She loved both rides so we will look in the future to doing a bit more 🤗. So fun to have all these firsts with our kiddos.

It's not every day that this group of ladies get together 👭

Usually it's through messenger, Zoom calls, text, and stalking each other on social media 😉💁🏼 But for this 👉🏼 homebody 👈🏼 it couldn't be a more perfect relationship 🙌🏼 I cherish our face to face meetings, but I think it's pretty awesome that some of my best friends are those that I've made online 💻

#teamlife #amomsreality

Difficult to keep up with all these super cute outfits! A focused strategy is required not to miss the chance to wear all of them as my baby outgrows them too fast!!!

Loving this post from @kizzd_kdv_fitness .
The journey from pre-pregnancy until now, 4.5 months post pregnancy, has taught me to love my body through all the changes it has gone through while creating life. I no longer have a six pack and I've lost a fair bit of muscle, there are wobbly bits where there weren't wobbly bits before and my butt seems to have deflated but I would do it all over again for my precious little girl. My body may not be what it once was but I am proud and forever grateful for what it has brought to my life, so let's celebrate and embrace our post baby bodies and let's empower and support all women who have sacrificed their bodies to create life
In a world where social media dominates, I encourage women to not be caught up in "bouncing back" 2 weeks after giving birth. Take your time. Enjoy every beautiful second with your precious baby. Set small, achievable goals. The journey back to pre baby is tough, it's hard work but it can be done. In your own time. No pressure
Wearing the super comfy @hotmilklingerie Vitality Yoga Bra. Perfect for exercise and breastfeeding.
#postpartumbody #postpartum #postpartumjourney #mombod #postbaby #postbaby #postpregnancy #postpregnancybody #mamma #mommytummy #strong #4thtrimester #2weekspostpartum #4weekspostpartum #6weekspostpartum #8weekspostpartum #10weekspostpartum #12weekspostpartum #14weekspostpartum #15weekspostpartum #16weekspostpartum #18weekspostpartum #postpartumjoy

Just call me Coach 😎
✔️ How the heck Coaching has CHANGED my life for the better ✊🏽
✔️ How my health journey has completely CHANGED, and I have stayed consistent and not quit (for the first time EVER 🙌🏽)
✔️ How I am the CEO of my own business, which is to HELP people become the BEST version of themselves ❤️
✔️ How I pay it forward and I live to SERVE others 😍
✔️ Do I actually make money, what is the potential?
✔️ How I am a better Mom, Wife, and Friend because of Coaching!
We have this FREE Coach Sneak Peek happening this week, if you have the slightest interest OR you want to support your girl please comment a HOT DOG 🌭 EMOJI below 👇🏽
I just want everyone to be as fulfilled and inspired as I am every DARN day ❤️
Absolutely NO STRINGS ATTACHED, just come be a fly on the wall and hear these amazing and inspiring women speak from the heart ❤️
#motivationalquotes #motivationquotes
#motivation #inspireme
#inspireothers #postbaby #postpartum
#encouragement #dogmom #weightloss
#transformationjourney #follow4follow
#dailyinspiration #inspirationalquotes
#momboss #momoftwo #God
#wahm #run #lifebydesign
#createyourlife #weightlossmotivation
#militarywife #militarylife #militarybrat
#deployed #deploymentstrong #run

This month I am looking to mentor a new squad of women who are driven & ready to take their life to the NEXT LEVEL! 🌟

Women that are tired of the rat race, struggling, not living life on your terms. Women that KNOW they were meant for more on this earth than mediocrity. Women that are not afraid to put in the work to get them to where they want to be! Women that want to be more present for their family. 👈 ✚ Do you want to work on your health & fitness? ✚ Do you want MORE passion & purpose in life?
✚ Do you want to INSPIRE others?
✚ Do you want to be apart of an incredible sisterhood of women who uplift & empower you? ✚ Do you want to be your own boss & build your own business from home? ✚ Do you want to earn a full time income working part time hrs?
Because if this is YOU… then I would LOVE to share more with you about becoming a Health Coach on our Team👯

God brought this into my life when my family needed it the most and for that I'm so grateful. It's now my duty to help women that need a solution in their health and finances. 🙌

Join us in our live event this Wednesday! You can sit back and see if it's for you.
Looking forward to hearing from you! Fill out my application in bio! See ya on the other side! ❤️

📽🎞VIDEO OF THE DAY🎞📽 Yoga ... it is amazing how it is good for the mind, body and soul. A quick 20 minute flow can energize the body, wake the body up and also center your mind and soul for a positive day. I love the ease of working out in my living room while Audrey plays on her mat. 20 minutes was all it took today.

Yay for birthday presents! I've had my eye on this cookbook for months! Can't wait to try out these delicious looking recipes! Has anyone tried some yet? Let me know! #loverealfood #cookieandkate

Throw back to a mountain view, because I can't wait to see them again this week. ❤

I remember Sunday nights spent dreading the week ahead.
I do.
I remember Monday mornings spent pushing snooze because I. Just. Couldn't.
I do.
I am going to work my face off his week but I couldn't be more excited for it. It is amazing to have HOPE and HUNGER on Sunday nights.

I have had so many people reach out to me and ask about coaching recently so I thought I would offer a 1 day, ZERO obligation, sneak peak into coaching this Friday. It will be a private space to ask all of your questions, to hear from my team of coaches on how they fit coaching into their lives and how it has benefited them, to learn a little bit about what coaching is and how I used it in the gaps of a crazy life to completely redirect my future.
If you would like and invite drop and emoji below or private message me and I will send you and invite and take you to Salt Lake City with me! ❤

#lifehack #dailywin

#girlboss #girlmom
#mum #ukmum #momofgirls #mumof4 #mumofgirls #mumlife #fitmummy #postbaby #nothingisordinary #ukmum #irelandmum #wahmlife #wahmlover #wahmlover #nothingisordinary #sahm #sahmlife #sahmproblems #fixerupperfanatic #marriage #wifelife #momofgirls #momofgirl #momof4girls #girlmama #postpartumbody #postpartum #wifelife #ukblogger #healthyeating

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