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Quick Miami getaway was epic... until next time South Beach 🏖 #BabyAvaSmashingpumkinsTatt #matchingTatts #GorillasNBettles #EarnIt #Mijami #PostBaby #Postbacktoworkbtchz #PauNRos

If you get a quick text response from me it means I was pumping! 🤙🏽
ISO of a breast pump? Get your hands on one that offers letdown settings..totally totally loving my breast pump! It has settings to initiate let-downs and I can pump 1.5oz in about 5-8 minutes! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 more time with the kids less time being attached to the wall! #mondaymommytip 👌🏽 •

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Because eating healthy doesn't need to be boring!!! This dish!! 😍 Buffalo Chicken Breast w mashed cauliflower & sesame green beans.
enjoy this dish without the guilt! order now and save $40 on your first 2 orders with code 🔥JOHANNACFIT🔥 choose your own healthy meals, have them delivered at your door step and warm them up in just 2 minutes! Simply delicious! 😋
@factor75 marinated chicken breast, tossed in buffalo sauce that provides 47g of protein. On the side you get low carb, loaded cauliflower mash & sesame green beans to keep this keto meal at only 8g net carbs.#goodcarbs #chickenparm #yumm #FueledByFactor #MacrosMadeMe #dieta #diet #healthy⠀⠀

I’ll tell you a secret 🤫... I NEVER thought I’d have a natural birth... EVER. “I don’t want to feel anything. I don’t need to be a hero.” When I decided that it was important to me to try it, I was still scared out of my mind & sure I’d chicken out.
But I was chatting with a sweet mama friend (one I met trough coaching) & we were swapping our unmedicated birth stories. We both had this realization that our urge for a natural birth was very much inspired by our journeys through health & fitness.
When I took this crazy leap, I got pushed so far out of my comfort zone that I began to WANT to test my limits & see what I was really capable of 🙈. What a beautiful thing that is. It’s built a completely new level of confidence in me. It’s freed me from the opinions of others, it’s shown me how much more I’m made for.
I’m NOT saying you need to have a natural birth to see this kind of change... I AM saying it all STARTED with my personal health & tackling constant challenges head on that I had to either grow from or shrink from. A search for something SIMPLE that I could keep up with through life’s different stages. And for the last 3 years, I’ve been honored to help women everywhere start THEIR next chapter too with something sustainable!
My #PSLmovement fit club is almost full. (And I’m about to be cleared for lift off soooooooon so I’ll be weeerkin it 🙌🏼). But I still have room for you lovely. And all my new ladies are getting an extra special gift to help you get started. But hurry, cause I’m down to just 2 spots. I can’t wait to chat with you girlfriend! We’re gonna finish the last 90 days STRONG. Drop your fav emoji & I’ll send you some info to look at!
📸: @maliabphoto
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One of my favorite ways to eat lunch is quickly. 😂 Really though, when one hand is typing for work and the other is nursing a baby, eating lunch is typically me scarfing down something as quick as possible.

@EatSmartVeggies makes these awesome salad kits that make my wahm life so much easier. Packed with superfoods and a 100% Clean Label promise it’s hard not to love them. Just throw everything in a bowl, toss, and lunch is served. Noms! #SaladSmarter #sponsored

Breeze through your postpartum recovery with this “Latex Rubber Post-Baby Waist Cincher.”
This super comfortable cincher has three rows of hook and eye closures making it easily adjustable.
You can be a super active mom or hop in the gym in this cincher. It is not restrictive and it is extremely breathable.
The four steel bone design prevents this cincher from rolling up or sliding down. It’s so lightweight, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.
Our mommies absolutely love this cincher as it is perfect for postpartum care and recovery. This cincher is a great addition to any wardrobe!

Just over here having a post-workout snack! Today, on A Lady Goes West, I’m sharing some of my favorite post-workout snack ideas, featuring a bunch using @realcalifmilk delicious dairy foods and more. #ad
If your workout doesn’t line up before your next meal, a snack is key! Don’t forget the importance of after-exercise nutrition, peeps. Head to the link in my profile or here for the post: https://aladygoeswest.com/simple-post-workout-snack-ideas/ #aladygoeswest

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✨ OPPORTUNITIES, many times are SO small that we glimpse them not and yet they are often the seeds of great enterprises. Opportunities are also everywhere and so you must always let your hook be hanging. When you least expect it, a great fish will swim by ✨ Og Mandino •
Have you ever wondered about this opportunity? An opportunity i said yes to 3 years ago and believe it was the great fish that swam by, i hooked on and never let go. •
The opportunity to pay it forward + help others regain confidence + be themselves + make an impact making an income on your own hours + be apart of a strong empowering community? •
Starting TODAY I’m hosting a private group with a few of my girls sharing more about our annual business event, our journey and our real life stories of WHY and HOW we got started & have built a successful and purposeful online business. •
If you have thought about it AT ALL, im looking for 5 NEW women to mentor. I’m inviting you to drop your faveeee emoji below & I’ll message you the link to our private group! ✖️ NO STRINGS ATTACHED ✖️ or you can fill out my online application — link in bio under "Work with me" 🦋💕💫

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Starting pull up training early. Rule number one hang on tight #postbabybody #momlife #postpartum #postbaby #baby #pullups #pullup

I have always been the girl with big dreams. I always felt like I was designed for something bigger than me. However with having kids young, I felt like those dreams I had were long gone. I didn't know how I’d achieve those goals or what opportunities God was going to give to me to live out those dreams, I will tell you that I have always been open to all the possibilities!! .
Which is why I joined a business opportunity such as this.

Because I was open to taking a leap of faith I found a hidden talent of helping other people in their mindset, and self love through their fitness journey and through that process I also learned that I love everything that This company stands for and I am passionate about teaching others to build a life of freedom too!! .
I started out just like many people I know!! ✖️Zero experience
✖️No social media background
✖️But a whole lot of love for helping people succeed and belief that I could make it work!! ✖️As a new coach I didn't set huge goals, I just wanted to pay cash for Christmas and help a few people feel the way that I did! .
My blessings have grown in so many ways beyond a added income while making a impact!! .

Live your life not to just lay your bills but to LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST!! I 💕 my job!! Do you love yours!?! .

Maybe this inspiration nation would be a great option for you!
I’m ready to help you make cash for Christmas 🎄
Ask me about this business or drop a emoji in the comments.

13th July 2018- was my last night at home before being induced the following night and having Megan on the 16th after two induction phases.
Currently 25th September 2018 10 weeks later 💪🏼 currently happy with the way I am, back to two game of netball a week sometimes three then heading back to the gym real soon! 💪🏼💪🏼 Be happy with the mum body! It’s worth getting fat for! #postbaby 💞

Is what you are...
Is what your life is..
Is what you look like when you wake up..
Is what you look like when you sleep..
Is what your everyday mess is..
Is where you are in life right here right now, even the hard, the sad, the emotional and tiring, the happy the incredible.. It’s all beautiful.
And you are too every single part of you.

😋 Featured chef: Mr. Alba

So so proud of my big guy! I was worried about him starting school (yes, I’m that over protective mom. Sorry, not sorry) He has seriously amazed Halston and I! @hals10hodges

Some thing in life are hard.
Doing hard things builds character, resilience, discipline.

It shows you what you are made of and what you are capable of.

One of my hard things for the day?! Doing a workout and keeping a babe happy at the same time. 🤣💦💗💪🏻👶🏻👋🏻 You CAN do hard things. 🙌🏻

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It’s here, it’s sold out and it’s DELICIOUS! What’s that you ask? #PumpkinSpice #Superfoods.
Yep, I released a limited edition pumpkin spice shakeology and it SOLD OUT in less than 24 hours. It won’t be back until (hopefully) next year. I thankfully ordered some extra because I had a feeling this might happen 😉

So what is Shakeology? It’s a shake that has 70 fruits, veggies and superfoods in it. Yep, it has protein in it but it’s not a protein shake. Protein shakes are designed to keep you full and that’s about it. #Shakeology will keep you full but it’s also packed with pure nutrition and can replace a meal 👊

Kits are $35 and you can mix and match with other flavors (try them all!) plus included you get a week of workouts you can stream anytime AND a simple meal plan.
Wanna join us? I have limited supplies so be sure to let me know ❤️

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