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Often times we get so caught up in certain things. -the scale
-the diet
-life struggles
But one thing to keep in mind is no one is perfect. We all stumble and fall. The difference is picking yourself back up and pressing on. We aren’t striving for perfection.
Perfect = Boring!
What we are striving for is being your best self and that means showing up everyday and trying to do a little bit better than you did yesterday.
If we continue to improve overtime we will have lasting results. Try not to focus on those things that we get caught up on. They will change if you have patience and perseverance!
Life struggles happened last week that I got caught up in. Instead of dwelling, today is a new day, this is a new week and I’m starting fresh. Redoing week 1 of phase 3 of my program this week. This is a journey and in real life with real distractions and issues 👊. Keep pushing towards your goals.
Remember: slow and steady wins the race and will have the results that will last!

Yesterday being a PT was even more enjoyable than usual 😍
Welcome to our newest little memeber Leo. Glad to have @kirstiesciulli back at the gym, you make cute babies and you were absolutely amazing just 8 weeks post pregnancy. 💪
#postpregnancy #exercise #postbaby

The journey ✌
It feels like yesturday i had my bumpie 😍 miss it so much but love having my boy in my arms 🙌 that feeling 💙

Now focusing on building up my body weight and toning 👌 having a fast motabolism sux 😣 anyone have any suggestions on workouts? I have a set routine i do but would love to know what others do to gain weight and tone up 😘.
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Above all else guard your heart. For everything you do, flows from it (Proverbs 4:23)

I had no idea how difficult the transition from 1 to 2 kids would be. In the beginning everything was perfect. Emmy welcomed baby brother so well and she never got jealous. He was a great sleeper and baby and my recovery was so much easier. I thought man I could have 2 more! 😂🙈 What I didn’t realize though is that soon it would get harder. Juggling 2 by myself with hubby working and being gone more. Trying to put on my happy face during the loss of a family member. Stopped nursing when I didn’t want to. Finding out we wouldn’t have daycare anymore.
Life got HARD!!! I had to give myself permission to be a priority again!!! I feel like God takes us on these hard paths to teach us something...and boy did I learn.

He’s shown me that if we take care of ourselves the same way we are nurturing everyone else, we’ll find all sorts of joy and be better for everyone we love. If we don’t we’ll have nothing left to give.

So let me ask you...HOW ARE YOU? Like how are you REALLY?

What good are we when we’re overwhelmed, overbooked, and overcommitted? Our family needs more of our JOY...and that joy comes when we fill our cups up first ❤️ So when life gets messy and chaotic, don’t lose yourself. Trust me, it doesn’t do you or your family any good.
If you’ve felt this way, please reach out to me!
You CAN feel in control again
You CAN find joy in the chaos
You CAN make time for yourself even when you’re busy
You CAN 🙌🏻

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@kek_keish - #27weeks #postpartum #progress
Ht: 5’7” | Start Wt: 241 | Now: 187.1 ⬇️-53.9
Down -0.6 lbs this week!👌🏽 Progress is progress. These past 6 months have been a constant struggle staying on track, exercising, eating healthy, work/fam life and being great. But I’m doing it! #noexcuses And it makes me feel even better when I see my progress in photos. Sure, I’ve fallen short during this journey. But I have never given up. I refuse to! I am proud of myself for that alone. 🙏🏽 I still face struggles almost daily. But I will never completely give up. It’s all apart of the process. I know I can do this and get where I want to be in due time. Remember, you gotta prepare yourself with the understanding that this fitness thing is an investment with delayed, not immediate, returns. You have to have the right mindset in order to not get discouraged and do what most people do, which is QUIT, right when they’re on the cusp of seeing results. Don't fall victim. No matter what... Keep grinding! 💪🏽 Day 15 of my #marchmadness #selfchallenge complete!✅ #keepgoing #norush #nopressure #patience #postbaby #transformation #natural #weightloss #fatloss #nowaisttrainer #cleaneating #training #step #kekkeish #crotchsweat #grinding #tbt #still #breastfeeding #csection #mommy #motivation #motiweightion

Even after I’d worked hard to lose weight, change my eating habits and add regular exercise into my routine... I had to continue to work on self love and my mindset.
Trust me, it did not happen overnight! But I’m so glad I can now throw on a bathing suit a few months the after having a baby and not be worrying about how I look; I just get to focus on having fun with my kid! And that’s the kind of mom he deserved!

And yes, of course I still have moments where I feel “bleh” or change outfits a couple times but the biggest difference is that I no longer dwell or beat myself up about it.
Remember, YOU get to choose how you feel about your own body. It is not dependent on trends or size or weight or whatever society is telling you. 💕


For the past six weeks, Amelia supported our #family as a #postpartum #doula.

She did endless loads of laundry (folded AND put them away 😁), held Baby Tae, calmed him down and changed many diapers, cleaned so many dishes, prepared delicious meals (including Indonesian food) and healthy snacks, helped me to kick the cold I caught at the hospital while giving birth, took out the trash, filled the diaper basket, vacuumed, decluttered, and even helped me organize the storage boxes in the garage filled with hand-me-down items for Baby Tae. She helped to ease the discomfort from nursing, prevent mastitis, and showed me how to use the baby wrap (which I didn't use with Yuna).

She also interacted with Yuna when she was feeling lonely and left out with everyone else tending to Baby Tae, used our toilet to give me an #herbal vaginal steam each day (which has made a tremendous difference in my recovery), made sure I got to shower every day she was here, and ALWAYS checked in to see how I was feeling both physically and emotionally. She listened and asked thoughtful questions that confirmed she was really listening. When I was feeling hormonally unstable, fragile, vulnerable, and energetically hollow, she helped me feel normal, grounded, and supported with warm loving care.

Opening up myself and our entire family to a stranger during one of the most vulnerable times was surprisingly easy because her presence was as natural as oxygen to us. From her perspective, coming into a stranger's house, learning everyone family member's rhythm to help without intruding has to be unbelievably challenging. But she made it look simply effortless.

Having her support our family as a postpartum doula has been such a blessing to my recovery and our family’s smooth transition to a family of four.

Thank you so much for all you've done for us, Amelia @ameliabachtiar ! 💕🙇‍♀️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
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I am looking for 5 amazing people 😎 I can add to my team in April! You dont have to be physically fit for this position but u have to be mentally ready for the ride of your life! Because my team is winning and having a blast along the way 💪😊🙌💯💯 if you are interested in bettering your fitness and currently using social media on the daily then why not give it a shot? Why not give you a shot?! Comment below "MORE INFO" and I will be sure to get you all the deets asap! ..

Completely fine with everything that I am....
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I have clearly forgotten how to smile in pictures. Feeling like I'm in a much better mood today than I was in this past week. We got G to wake up a lot less by changing our sleep by arrangements. She has become hypersensitive to all sounds, even someone rolling over. .
I am working hard at strengthening my pelvic floor. I've been doing lift by @femfusionfitness every day and I'm also doing the plan my physio wrote up for me to work on my specific weak areas. I never realized how important physiotherapy is postpartum. I would recommend any woman go for an assessment because it can point out a lot of things you might not know are going on. Abdominal separation is really common, and there are so many exercises to help heal it while there are also exercises which can worsen it. Same goes with prolapse. I am so grateful that femfusion shared her lift program for the pelvic floor, because it has really been a huge help to me and it was the starting point of recovering and changing the way I look at fitness and health. If you are postpartum, no matter how far, her lift series is free on her YouTube channel. She has a lot of other super helpful videos and other workouts and exercises. I am so grateful for women who are real and who share these experiences and offer advice and help. 💕
#pelvicfloorphysio #pelvicfloorhealth #lowimpactworkout #prolapse #diastasisrecti #postpartumbody #postbaby #fitness #womenshealth

No better way to start the week than a run with little sis (Emerson was at dance 💃🏼) 💕 Even though it was windy, it was too pretty to stay inside so we laced up (after Caroline ate of course 🐷) & enjoyed 3 miles together. ☀️ A little over a month out from my first half post baby - excited & nervous!

Some nights call for a salad. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Wasn’t feeling too hungry, but this hit the spot! Chicken with a little bit of BBQ sauce, black beans, corn, romaine, red onion, tomato, and tortilla strips. 👌🏼

Pushed play on day 58 with this cutie 😍
I did booty day today because I missed it last week. Came home and nursed Lynlie and pushed play. I used lighter weights because I’m still not feeling 100% but felt well enough to workout. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Hoping I’m on the tail end of this bad head cold. 👌🤞⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Here it is 😊
My first attempts to forearm stands post baby ... 💪

First video was one of my final and best attempts.
Second video is a few of my first tries... overall im still shaky and a little sloppy, but this mama isnt mad one bit 😁👌
The fact that my body is capable of even doing this at 9 weeks postpartum literally blows my mind. Especially since im 25 lbs more than what i was when i taught myself how to do this a few months before i found out i was pregnant for my little babe ♒♀ The body never ceases to amaze me. I still think about how worried i was about how my body would look/feel/ and adapt to working out post baby .. and i wish i wouldn't of wasted my time and thoughts! I love my body 1000X more than i did before.. i look and feel so much better and would do it all over in a heartbeat. 💜

I cant wait to keep practicing yoga and my headstands and watch myself slowly improve. My abs may be gone atm, but at least i know i still have some core strength 😁🤞👌😅 lol

As for noww, i just put my sweet little nugget to bed and this mama is gonna get some rest. ✌

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It’s funny 😂 how I didn’t like this photo because of the “roll” on my waist back when I took it. Now that I’m packing on the baby 👶🏻 weight in the 3rd trimester, I’m really proud of my body before. I used the best nutrition to fuel my body for workouts and it gave me so much energy. I’m so happy that I went into pregnancy🤰🏻 with a healthy and fit body! If you’ve been wondering about the nutrition I’m always raving about, it’s because it gets you results in the most convenient, efficient way that’s sustainable - once you try it you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner! There’s a great special for a limited time - my inbox is always open 💌 .
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📽🎞VIDEO OF THE DAY🎞📽 AAA — it’s all about those arms, abs and a$$! Working the eccentric movement where the muscle works while under tension. The more time under tension the more you build muscle and get results. These at home workouts take the guess work out of what you should be doing to get results. It’s all about working smarter not harder.

🐼 talk belly to me 🐼

So for some real talk today here is my belly post baby. To try and show the excess loose skin i've taken one laying down and one standing up, this here is the biggest esteem problem i have post baby, not the cesarean scar, not the stretchmarks but the excess skin. Which i've also found the hardest to move 😕 but unfortunately without a PT to tell me what i need to do, i am pretty sure i am gonna be stuck at this point, trying to learn to accept your body has changed is a super duper bummer but i am getting there
Have a good day darlings

#postbaby #postbabybod #belly #postpregnancy #baby #mumlife #mum #mummy #exercise #weightloss #bodyproblems #skin #stretchmarks #itsgonnabeok #realtalk

My first pregnancy, I would seek out other women that were the SAME week pregnant as I was and compare myself to her. #33weeks pursuing 🤦🏽‍♀️

Here is THE reason WHY you shouldn’t do that.👆🏽 In both pictures above I’m 33 weeks pregnant with our second babe. On the left, I’m pulling my bump in and on the right I’m letting my bump relax. That’s the ONLY difference, yet if I only posted the one on the left...there’d be women comparing themselves to THAT photo. ✨ and believe me ladies, every blogger you follow knows how to take a flattering picture.

Over the past couple years I’ve embraced that my body is uniquely mine during pregnancy, postpartum and ALL other times. It’s a waste of time and energy to compare my body to another woman’s. Now I’m focused on being the happiest and healthiest ME. ✨ This took me a LONG time to get down and I still have to remind myself. I hope this gives you a gentle nudge in the right direction. ☺️

late night shnacks ❣️

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