I can’t wait for tomorrow’s sneak peak of LIIFT4! @joelfreemanfitness I’m ready for you. See that quad , it’s gonna pop even more when you are done with me! #musclebuilding #bodybuilding #weights #liift4 #lifestyle #leanmusclemass #lovetoeat #love #bodypositive #positvechanges #hiitworkout #hiit

I’ve made a decision to better my health by exercising and making changes to my diet. I am determined to succeed in reaching my goals. I’m starting my first accountability group on June 11th along with my good friend and fellow coach Alyssa Miceli. If you are interested in joining us in this 30 day challenge and participating in our group please let me know! We would love to have you! #fitness #fitnesshi #healthylifestyle #eatingwell #energy #positvechanges

We are loving being at the bay with this gorgeous weather and finally getting a breather from our crazy schedules! I can't remember the last time I have seen my husband this much at one time! We are loving it and spending time with family💕
This new program I am really learning so much from, has helped me to see how little changes are helping me lose this weight that felt like the longest plateau and how having a healthy view of food instead of a negative or emotional one really changes your mind and your life! Its no longer feeling bad or guilty or turning to food for comfort or as a stress relief. But its enjoying a BBQ or get together without feeling like you have to eat all the normal BBQ foods, but also being ok with yourself if you do. One day or one goodie/treat wont kill your progress and it definitely does not mean you have to start all over again!! There is NO more starting over again, there is just trial and error and learning what may set us off and how to stop ourselves before we succumb to it.
Change your mind and your thoughts and you will truly change your life for the better!
If you could get your eating habits under control, just imagine what else you could take control of!
You are capable of tough things because you are stronger than you realize or know! Dont sell yourself short. Fight for your dreams and goals!
#mindsetmatters #emotionaleaternomore #personalgrowth #positvechanges #healthyviewoffood #foodisfuel #takingcareofme #balance

Had an amazing day skating with this lady! I'm sooo very lucky to finally connect with other woman. It is rare to have female empowerment in your circle! Thank you for coming up to see me!♡♡♡ @_.ballz._ #positivevibes #positvechanges #positivelife #womenempoweringwomen #livealifeoflove #hippiegirl #loveyourlife #bepositive #beyou #goddessvibes

Learning to love my changes again! Remembering how changes can make you feel so good! Not only physically but mentally aswell! Diet & exercise is the best thing for both body & mind- those sessions with @karlbrienpt seriously starting to show!! And sure I only wanted an excuse to show off my new @puma gear 😆 #positivevibes #trainingday #Pumaireland #gymgear #positvechanges #nutrition #feelgood #gymfit

Day 4!
Oh man today I am grateful that I got dressed up and did my hair! It felt so good to do something with my hair besides throwing it up in a bun and have a cute outfit on instead of workout clothes or pjs. Even tho they are great too. But it feels good to get dolled up once in awhile, even though we ended up having to deal with a flooded basement again, at least I looked GOOD for walmart😎🤣 #attitudeofgratitude #lookingonthebrightside #kickingdepressionsbutt👊 #refocusing #positvechanges #takingitdaybyday #surroundyourselfwiththosewhosupportyou #laugheveryday

Whooo its always exciting when my order gets here
#thriver #whosready #positvechanges #weightlossjourney

Celebrating small progress! I can do more than 3 push-ups👏🏻 I am feeling stronger everyday.Day 11 ✅
#healthy #inspiring_others365 #fitfam #positivevibes #happyhealthyhumble #80dayobsession #aaa✅ #positvechanges #myjourney #gratitude

Being You is so important, not being moulded by other people's opinions of you.
@wildwomansisterhoodofficial thank you for the image, I couldn't have said it better my self
#BU is about encouraging people of all ages , races and genders to stand in their truth and their power and encourage others to do the same.
Moving forward and encouraging others to raise the vibrations, through positive steps and random acts of kindness.
#randomactsofkindness #raisevibrations #positivevibes #positvechanges #smallsteps #loveyourself #smile #helpingothers #positivethoughts

One of the biggest things to adjust too while changing my lifestyle habits is the amount of water I need to drink. The formula is 0.03 times your weight plus a litre for each hour of exercise you do. So much water, so many trips to the loo. I am drinking 4 litres a day without adding water for exercise which equates to a lot of h2o. It’s hard to drink so much but for change to happen, this is something I am not allowed to skimp on. Are you drinking enough? #healthylifestyle #somuchwater #tripstotheloo #positvechanges #waterforlife #fullbladder #fitandhealthy

Please join me tonight at our art exhibit. I'm a featured artist at this event. I'm displaying my "Dreamer in Motion" piece... I'm sooo nervous... #artist #iloveart #supportlocalartists #positivevibes #positivelife #positvechanges

🌿 LEARNING CURVE 🌿 It’s definitely a learning curve becoming a Mum of two and I am not going to lie I have found it pretty tough at times already. My little squares may paint a story that says otherwise but this is one tough job being a Mum. My husband and I have just sat down and we both felt awful it’s been a truly testing day and my goodness we feel terrible, definitely not our finest day as parents. We have lots of things that we need to improve on and we know we have to change for everybody. I am hoping with some positive changes that things will be better in time all I know is after today that things can’t continue the way they are. I am pleased we have acknowledged these problems and are making changes, it really is a steep learning curve. Every day despite our mistakes we are trying so hard just like I know all parents are and we really are doing our best and my goodness these 2 when I calm down and reflect, I love them more than words can say they are truly beautiful and I am so so lucky to have them both, I hope they can forgive their Mummy for the bad parenting days! I do love you both I truly do and tomorrow is the start of making a change and going forward in a much more positive way! #mumlife #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodunfiltered #makingachange #positvechanges #parentingfail #parenting #itstough #lovethemsomuch #mychildren #ellis #florence #love #unconditionallove #myworld #siblings #itsokaynottobeokay #tomorrowisanotherday #posiitvethinking #enjoyeveryday #lucky

Its not always what you eat, but how much you eat. I say this because that little salad right there is leftover from my dinner last night, and there’s STILL another serving left! Just because it’s a salad doesn’t always mean it’s healthy. There are things to know and things to look out for. Such as, serving size (you DO NOT need to eat a family style sized bowl of salad), nuts (leave ‘em cuz 99.9% it’s more than you need), dressing (on the side baby. I like to dip my fork in the dressing then grab my greens), what kind of greens (romain has the least nutrients, so if you’re going to go for the green go for nutrient dense greens like baby kale or spinach), hidden carbs (beans, quinoa, chickpeas). I won’t even try to lie, my nutrition during this program was maybe 60% on point. And that’s going to be my BIG FOCUS next round. Meal prep, plan and dial it in. I’m not going for 100% but I’d like to bump it up to 80-90%. Anyone else interested in taking his on with me, and staying accountable to your goal. Doesn’t have to be the same as mine but when you commit to something to someone other than yourself you’re more inclined to stick with it.

New blog getting written right now... it’s amazing how you can get inspired to write at any time of the day... it’s nearly midnight and my laptop just called out to be used... hope you enjoy the read once published!!! Watch this space... #positvechanges #positivity #music #changes #midnightwriting #insipration #friends #dreaming #family #macbookpro #loveappleproducts

Needing a little Spring today? Try this amazing blend in your diffuser and let me know what you think. #sweetsouthernoils #sweetoilsocial #debraraybern #spring

A fabulous lady shared this nugget with me this morning and it couldn’t have been more timely🙌🏾. Starting with a clear understanding of your destination enables you to take steps in the right direction💫 #positvechanges #beintentional #walkwithpurpose #mindsetiseverything💯 #stevencovey7habitsofhighlyeffectivepeople

Love this! ❤️🙏🏽👍🏽#itsastart#positvechanges#goodnewsfeed

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