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Every connection is an opportunity. Every decision brings growth 🌴 #themasterplan

Have you ever been in situations where you have not done something because it could be difficult? I know I have, but what have you got to lose? You will only gain experience and skills and that's the biggest thing. Don't do things which are easy, do what is right for you even if it's challenging.
So you might be asking "How can I build confidence in doing things which could be difficult?" Here below are a few suggestions for you:
1.Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones - Examples include "I am going to try it" and "I can be successful if I keep working at it"
2. Maintain a positive support network - Think about the people in your life who support you, keep them close and make them proud!
3. Visualize the feeling of you achieving things - This should give you enough motivation to give it your best shot!
4. Skills and experience - Everything we do are new possibilities to increase our skill set. We only learn and improve so why not give it a try?
5. You will only grow by taking on challenges and opportunities which are difficult, if it was easy everyone would do it.
Start taking on difficulties today! #strongertogether

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, I'm so thankful for your time to comment and support me, you are amazing!
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Do things that you love ,workhard for your interests ,make sure you do what makes you happy ,what you enjoy doing ,and what converts into enough cash to make your life easy going. Fulfill your dreams ,donot get caught up in the stuffs that fills you with anger ,depression ,anxiety ,sadness and all the negative feelings.
Cause at the end you all will go to the grave taking none what you earned without happiness.
Make sure you live your life on your own terms and conditions.
Do good deeds ,give back to this world in any form ,be it monetary terms or human service.
Renew your heart and make it pure red before you leave this mortal form.

If u think you have no reasons to thank God, learn from what you see, maybe don't have money, houses, Cars, and any other things you always complain about, but look at you, you still have your legs, arms, eyes, ears, ... All the parts of your body, it's been a long time I haven't met this friend of mine Serugo, I met him again in Kenya when he has lost his 2 legs, but, he is still thankful to God. Thank you Lord! #positivityquotes #positivity #thnksgod

Learn to trust and embrace life’s journey, even if you don’t understand it. Everything will come to you at the right time.
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Stay inspired. Stay motivated.

One day you’re going to wake up and your heart won’t be beating out of your chest for all of the wrong reasons. One day you’re going to cook breakfast to your favourite song and you’re not going to feel like the walls are closing in on you. One day you’re going to look in the mirror and you’re not going to recognize the person looking back at you, because you changed. You changed, and that is the single greatest reality of moving forward; that is the incredible outcome of surviving the hardest parts of your journey.
And yes, sometimes life is going to kick your teeth in. Sometimes it is going to confuse you, sometimes nothing will make sense, and everything will be messy. But you’re going to learn. You’re going to fight tooth and nail, and you’re going to grow. Slowly but surely, you’re going to grow.
You’re going to find your people. You’re going to stay up until 5am on a random Tuesday and talk about your past with someone who enlivens you. You may even fall in love. You’re going to go to concerts that ring truth through your bones and make you feel like your cells are vibrating. You’re going to stop and stare at the ocean and you’re going to feel so small, yet so fucking big, and you’re going to finally, finally, feel like things are falling into place. You’re going to be moved by your life. You’re going to feel everything all at once — you’re going to feel complete.
Trust me when I say that one day it’s going to hit you — that you woke up happy, that you’re smiling for no reason, that your hands aren’t shaking anymore. One day, you’re going to remember what it was like to be you a year ago, or three years ago, or even a week ago, and you’re going to be so glad that you fought. You’re going to be so glad that you kept going. 🙇🏻‍♀️♥️
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Not all who wander are lost ✨
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Close some doors today . Not because of pride , arrogance or incapacity but simply because they lead you nowhere #quoteoftheday #positivityquotes

"Believe you can & you're halfway there". T.Roosevelt ✨🌹🌞 #positivityquotes


It has just become so hard for us to start our true selves because we have all become Wannabees.. But we should never forget who we really are in this mess of different personalities that we change every moment... In the practical world we need to adjust and that's fair enough but at the end of the day when you are sitting alone in front of the mirror, at least then you should be able to recognise the true shadow of your soul..... Good morning.... #quotes #quote #quotestagram #happy #happiness #beautiful #motivationquotes
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That candid camera moment when you lift your dress to show the photographer the rest of your costume;and you have another wardrobe on under it! How many layers until you peel a storyteller? On that particular day, we were lucky to have had an indoor presentation! #lovethesegirls ---------------
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It's time for #Vision17 with my girls!! 💜💜💜 So So fun!!! 💜💜💜 #LuLaRoeVision #llrwithsarah #teamsparkleandshine

This is so important!!

Dominick and I enjoyed our very first spirit rally 🎉at Avery's camp. If you think *I* have spirit, you should have seen these kids! 😬 It was so cute to see Avery hopping around on stage, performing and following choreography. She rocked it!! .
I made sure to bring my water to stay on track. Like we talked about in our Challenge Group, this is one thing that's easy to control. It's so easy to do but also easy not to do. Drinking plenty of water is VITAL to your health all year round but especially now bc it is HOT. ☀️ #ThatFloridaHeat If you forget just set the timer on your phone. Stay hydrated and energized, my friends!

On a totally random note, I just discovered #deliverydudes. This makes me a very happy human. 😍

Become the master of your craft, whatever it may be. Eat, sleep and breathe your passion. Be obsessed with it.
Be so good at it that everyone will want to know about it, not only will you thrive but you'll accomplish so many obstacles you always thought we're keeping you from succeeding.
Always seek what lures you in. It's healthy to be curious. #thevanityedit

Success requires hard work, not only knowledge. It is not enough to have the infrastructure ready; you have to build everything on it in order for it to work. Implement and succeed!

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