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I am so tired.
Q; On a scale from 1 - 10, how tired are you?

#doubletap Show her 💛 Follow @yesiambella She thank God for saving her life because there was NO hope for her🙏. She's 33yrs old and has been suffering for years now. There was NO HOPE for her like many others, but God.....WON'T HE DO IT🙌
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what's your favorite lyrics? -
I know I am a handful.
I need reassurance and sometimes I’m emotionally empty. Everyone has their highs and lows. I’ve been to some dark places, but I’ve been to some heavenly places as well. But I just want someone who chooses me too.
I don’t love mediocrely or half-assed.
I want to love you unconditionally. I’ll always choose you, even if there are days or a time you can’t choose me. I want to love you on the good days, the bad days, even the days where you’re unsure. I’d stay with you at odd hours just to know you’re okay, it doesn’t matter the time, I’ll be patient with your soul. I’ll listen to you, if you’re crying, angry, even silence if you have nothing to say. I want you to be able to tell I love you, but if you need reassurance I want to be able to give you that too.
I want to show you that passion exists within the small things. I’ll fall in love with your little things. Your freckles beneath my fingertips that connect like constellations which forms you into my universe. The color of your eyes, the way they focus and watch me. The curve of your lips, that tell a story. I don’t want to fall in love with you, with the touch of my hand but in fact with my soul.
You’ll be cherished, regardless of your past.
And every spark, flame, or current has a chance to burn out, or to stop. Because love is anything but perfect. And neither are we.
but we can grow together. become better individuals. And if it ever comes to an end at least we took the risk to fall in love. And maybe we found a piece of ourselves.
And I believe you won’t need a holiday like valentine’s day to feel my love for you, because I’ll try my hardest every day to show you, maybe through ink spilled pages, love letters to you of whom I’ve yet to meet. And when we collide, I’ll try not to make it such a cliché.
— S.S. Ink stained pages of love letters to someone I haven’t met yet.

Do you like American horror story?

[halsey - strange love]
what is your favorite band?

have you ever tried canned water?🌊

how old are you?
things my mother taught me:
my skin is winterkin and my blood is thick with hard-earned brilliance; my bones are diamonds trapped in human form and my heritage whispers to me every night when the sky turns graphite gray.
the things she failed to tell me:
your throat will clog with your own darkness and you will choke on your own power and you will die at the hand of a sunlit goddess the shape of your heart. she carries your death tucked beneath her blouse and that will be the only time you will allow someone to hold your life in their hands. and you will give it to her willingly just like everything else; just like the moon eventually steps aside to let the sun shine. her light will stay with you until the very end and you will thank her with blood-stained lips for she will teach you the meaning of true love, how it claws and rips at you like a hawk digging into the soft flesh of your galloping heart. love, my mother failed to tell me, is warm fingers and liquid sunlight; it’s stubborn fists and naked cheeks and hair the color of snow and tears.

too bad, i think, that it’s just one dying breath in the space of eternity. — stay in the shadows where it’s safe / aleksander

🤗 Friendly reminder that there are so many reasons to be proud of yourself exactly as you are.


Trusting your instincts used in conjunction with logic (little hints and clues that can be used to prove your instincts right) can create efficient and positive changes in your life. Instincts are defined as, "a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking; an innate, typically fixed pattern of behavior in animals in response to certain stimuli" . If you get a bad feeling about a person and/or situation, remove yourself. We are guilty of keep the wrong people around for a long time in the name of loyalty; however, your loyalty shod be to yourself first. If someone and/or something is negative, complaining, or a constant source of negativity that is a sign that you need to remove something from your life to gain peace of mind.
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THE SPARKLEEEE😍✨🌸🌈💕I have nothing exciting to share right now because everything for my update is in the works!😂So enjoy these sparkling opal aura babes from @allthatshimmerzz 💚they will all be created into something super magical, I can't wait!😁🦄✨😍

{Hurricane - Halsey}

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