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Love yourself & embrace your body🙏🏻💕🌴🌞🌊 #selflove #virginislands #beach #neverwanttoleave #positivevibes #behappy #loveyourself #embraceyourself #dowhatyoulove #thankful #travel #adventure #happysaturday #myraswim & btw thank you soo much @myraswim for this swimsuit I'm so obsessed😍👙💖

News semalam 🙁... Well ramai yang sudah baca dan aware tentang ini.. Tapi masih juga ramai yang tidak boleh terima. Ada yang sampai tak nak tengok #HeroSeorangCinderella nanti.

Guys, kita hanyalah supporters. Tak kisah you support siapa tapi ini adalah keputusannya. Siapa kita yang nak tetapkan. Siapa kita yang nak memujuk... Sedih memang sedih tapi berbatas. Sebab kadang-kadang tengok ramai yang beri comments dgn bahasa kesat. Jangan okay.

As of now heroin HSC masih lagi belum announce.. Kita nantikan okay.... Tak lama lagi akan announce la ni. Kita sama-sama nantikan.

I love you!!! Have a great Sunday okay 💙💙 Igs @alvinchong123

YOU DON'T, "See it to Believe it" You Gotta "BELIEVE IT UNTIL YOU SEE IT!!"
Unfortunately, Many of us want the MOST out of life, while facing the LEAST amount of resistance!
We don't take the time out to first Dream for Something, and we wont write out a plan that will bring forth our dream to produce rare, unique, unseen type of results that have never been done. We no longer live in the generation where inventors invent. Those who have achieved UNBELIEVABLE things were "just that" to others during the process. "Unthinkable" & "Unbelievable."
If you wish for your impact in life to be huge, you must execute those two "U's."
How can you create the Unthinkable, & the Unbelievable if you're busy trying to get approval from others to believe in your vision, gifts & ideas?
DO NOT duplicate your idea from something someone else did, DO NOT have fear of assuming something not working only because it hasn't been done. WE AS PEOPLE SUBCONSCIOUSLY ASSUME IF IT ACTUALLY WORKS, THEN IT WOULD'VE ALREADY BEEN DONE BY SOMEONE ELSE. AND most think, because we are just so organically amazing, whatever we're doing @ the pace were going, it's o.k We going to be huge real soon.. NEGATIVE!! Then.. We try to force others to persuade us with why our plans for our dreams just might work.
Most live in that Complacent, safe zone where their mind will only stretch to the capacity of what they've seen, NOT their imagination.
REMEMBER, those who have created & accomplished the most were doubted, judged & ridiculed the most along their journey of implementing their vision. DO NOT SEARCH FOR PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IN YOU & YOUR DREAMS, EVEN IF THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON AROUND WHO BELIEVES IN YOUR VISION You keep implementing, You Keep Being Bold, Courageous, Creative & Hungry!!

To Get Your Own Transformation Plan, Go To:

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➡Q : Where do you find motivation? A : Through my life I've experienced quite a lot of hardship.. this got me to a point of enough is enough. The only one that can make life worth living is me. I never want to go back to constant struggle. I rather Feel tired, overwhelmed and exhausted knowing it's serving a purpose and taking me higher. We all feel like that at times. Step aside and assess what's causing your hardship. This is the first step. Circumstances you can control! 💯You can change your surroundings, you can educate yourself on how to conquer fears and dig out of the hole you feel yourself drowning in. It takes work ... that's the hardest part. Motivation is work. ➡Unless you are working in every aspect of your life ..working hard in your personal life to work to relationships .. this will make MOTIVATION so much easier to access when it comes to your health goals.

Hope you are having a well deserved rest during this weekend, because I'm certainly not resting! Working on new projects and working out. Btw, tomorrow BIG leg day with my husband!...But HEY! Here's a nice photo of a pool day with my fam @ohrangutang and the beautiful @cristinapilo

Beautiful! Tag someone who would love this 💕

I have been playing in airports all day. I'm also flippin tired. And there's still so much travel ahead. On the plus side, practicing this press on people has conditioned me to feeling comfortable with only a couple fingers for forward stability 👍 And I kept missing the damn planes taking off, so I decided to hold a handstand for a while in hopes of catching one in the back ground, but the best I caught was one taxiing up to the terminal. Still fun 😜 Sweet inversion tank is from @dontmesswithganesh 👌🙌💛 #dontmesswithganesh #yawn #realtime #letired #airportshenanigans #mountains 😍


Don't let age be an excuse, great one from @entrepreneurs_quotes. 💯 #progrowthacademy

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We love both @neelofa & @fattahaminz equally regardless no matter whatever happens in the future . All that matters ❤️ .

I've been eating so much junk food today 😂 #positivity #positivevibes #kitkat #fitness

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present. Don't hide from the negativity. Face them but not accept them. You attract them energy that you give off. Spread good vibes. Think positively. Enjoy life😊🙌🏻 #morning #morningvibes #morningmotivation #gooday #goodquote #goodvibes #positivity #positivevibes #positivequotes #positivethinking #spreadvibes #inspireothers #enjoylife @amazing_quotes007 @great_quotes @morningdubai @_morning_quotes @morning.quotes @goodvibes.uae @goodvibes7070 @powerofpositivity @dailymotivation

Positive energy ❤️

GETUP,Don't giveup.
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