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Remember that you are the sunshine in someone else’s world ☀️☀️

I just love rituals!!! The power of rituals is so significant to success.

Really Alex, how?
Well let me share with you my fellow intrigued friend. 🤔

1. We are limited to only a few decent decisions a day (science has proven)! So having to decide what to do each morning will waste them up quickly. 🤓

2. What we do every day compounds! It maybe just one donut, but after 2 years you would of eaten a lot and probably start looking like one! 🤤

3. Once you've set up constructive habits that you ritualise and are conducive to your highest values (another subject completely) you won't need to decide, and this compounds to you having a base to build your success.

4. Start your day like this you will feel like a success before you've left the house.

Observe what you are currently doing! Ask is it constructive or destructive. Hhhmmmm.

If you need further assistance, you know where to find me!

Peace and love
Your Coach

There’s a few things that I’ve done that people don’t agree with or particularly like. Life is far too short to be worrying and judging other people’s decisions. We need to focus on our own lives, our goals and ambitions. If someone’s happy and working towards their own goals, who are we to step in and destroy that for them by saying a few harsh words. Live your happy life and remove any negative energy surrounding you. .
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