Weight drop... (yes I just went there 😅🎤) because week 1 is over and it’s the weekend!

And this is me being cheesy, awkward and sharing my weird sense of humor so that is all. I’m damn proud of it 🤣

Choose the people you like to spend your time with...surround yourself with positive like-minded people who will accelerate your success. This holds true not only in your daily life but in business as well.
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A lot of people will be quick to say something negative about people chasing their dreams without showing any support. My only question to those people is: fuck you thinking?

Yes!!🙌🏼 I can honestly say that the last few years have brought SO many of these people into my life and I am going to hold onto them with all I’ve got!! Thanks @valeriehasse for sharing this!😘•

If you have these people in your life lean into them and love them hard! If you don’t...you better go find your tribe! #findyourtribe

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Righty-o William ready to go!!! 😍 And he was sporting his lovely straw hat, kindly gifted to us by one of the nicest family’s we have ever met!! ❤️ We feel really sad to say goodbye today to Nick, Sarah and their 2 beautiful, polite, amazing boys, Luke & Johnny. Who we really loved spending time with, getting to know ❤️ The kids loved them and really struck up a connection with the boys too. I do feel sad that we never got a picture 📸 We were just feeling so engaged in their wonderful company that time just passed by so freely and effortlessly that we did not even think about phones !!! Sarah so kindly did take a picture on our last day together this morning (I didn’t have my phone on me!! 🤦‍♀️) so I’m hoping and wishing that we can stay in touch with both Nick and Sarah ❤️ It would be a tragedy not too, and I hope you guys and the boys had a safe flight home ✈️ xxx #magical #makingmemories #kindpeople #thatsmyboy @nickmesser1800 @luxurybrandsshowcase

I truly believe in this day of time the majority of men and women cheat, lie, and play games etc... It’s getting to the point where cheating is being advertised, and marketing. I still believe not all men cheat and not all women cheat so don’t be offended because I’m only talking about the ones that do that! So please don’t come on my page with an attitude because that only means you are guilty and you are in your feelings! Now both men and women have to be very careful now days when they meet someone! You got to pray, meditate, ask God for guidance, and take your time when getting to a man or woman because people now days will put on a false perception aka they being fake just to make you think they’re a good man or woman and will put on a fake role for months or years! I know that sounds scary but it’s true! #facts #truthhurtsonlytheguilty #handsome_black_king #positivepeople #goodvibes #positiveenergy #prayer #havefaith #takeitslow #intelligenceissexy #relationshipgoals #fashion #gymmotivation #makeuptutorial #message #blackisbeautiful #melaninpoppin #blacklove #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlrock #beautiful #model

Naam ha charandaas kam ha choriii dono ko mila k charandaas chor...
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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway was written by Susan Jeffers.
In the book, she teaches you:
how to stop the negative thinking patterns
how to reeducate your mind to think positively
how to risk a little every day
10 vital step process to positive thinking
I like her book because it's crucial that we think and also look at things in a positive ways.

Hey Lovelies!
Here are a few tips to think positively
1♡Eliminate unnecessary negativity
2♡Count your blessings
3♡Associate with positive people
4♡Talk to yourself positively
All easier said than done but it's a journey we are all on

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