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As we get older, it seems less and less 'socially acceptable' to show our emotions. Yet part of processing is expressing, and we need to work through challenges to grow past them. You are allowed to feel. Honor your emotions and then move past what's holding you back. You've got this!! πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’•β˜€οΈ #yogiapproved #yogicthought #positiveliving #positivemindset #liveauthentically #selfawareness #selfaware #selfwork

A new month is just around the corner (πŸ™€ I can’t believe it) which means my team & I are busy planning the next challenge group πŸ™ŒπŸ» WHICH MEANS I am looking to add 5 ready-to-rock individuals to our team. πŸ’•

It’s no surprise Beachbody has completely changed my life over the past 10 months; from self-worth to nutrition to community to supplements to working out and everything in between. Now it is my turn to share this opportunity with others on a larger and more intentional scale. πŸ’ͺ🏻
πŸ‘‰πŸ»This opportunity has given me hope where I thought it was just going to be dark forever. πŸ‘‰πŸ»This opportunity has helped me dream dreams I never thought were possible. πŸ‘‰πŸ»This opportunity continues to help me remember that I CAN accomplish ANYTHING.
I am ecstatic to take on 5 (yes, 5!) individuals ready to INVEST in themselves by pressing play just 4 times a week (EVERYONE has time for that), fuel their bodies with a delicious superfoods shake, commit to an easy-to-follow meal plan and get REAL, long-lasting results. You will get everything (I promise😘) you need to completely transform your life in an authentic, clean and meaningful way.
If I can do this, YOU CAN TOO.
If you are ready to make a change, if you are ready to be apart of an extremely supportive community & ready to invest in yourself- direct message me ASAP, this offer is only available for a SHORT time because our group starts 7-30πŸ¦„βœ¨ {OH! I should mention this program & all its goodies are currently on promo for an unbeatable, discounted price πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»}

Therapy Tip Thursday. .
Find ways to love yourself. If you don't find value in yourself, then how else can you expect others to? Learn to do things to take care of yourself and better yourself. .
Mind. Body. Spirit. .
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Social media brought us all together - how freaking cool is that??? I’m looking for 15 ladies this summer who have a passion for health and fitness and want to get paid to motivate and inspire others with their wellness journeys on πŸ“² social media - if this sounds like something you'd like to do, read on sista friend!

Online wellness coaching fell into my lap while I was on my last maternity leave, and I went into it knowing NOTHING except the fact that I wanted to help make a difference that counted. And yes, I also wanted to help out with the finances at home! Hello - three kids can get expensive and being able to bring in a little extra income while being accountable to my own postpartum fitness goals - it was the perfect fit for me!! β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
I’ve been building my team of dreamers and I am searching for you. You do NOT need to be in perfect shape - you just need to have a heart for helping others πŸ’–πŸ’•, be on your own wellness journey, and have a drive to succeed!
β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
You can expect proven, step-by-step trainings, unlimited fitness support, the potential to earn a full time income πŸ’° working part time from 🏠, earn FREE tropical vacations πŸπŸ–πŸŒΊ and be surrounded by other dreamers and believers who are making an impact on the world! .
β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
No matter where you are on your personal fitness journey, you must be self- motivated and a go-getter with the desire to do more and be more! πŸ’―
πŸπŸ¦„ Leave your email below πŸ‘‡ WITHOUT the .com or if you prefer, email me at: coachwendy412@gmail.com πŸ¦„πŸ*Must live in the USπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦or UKπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§!
*Serious Applicants Only
*18+ Years Old Required
*No Experience Necessary

Just like the ripples on the water everything we do in our life has a ripple effect on everyone around us. Our actions, words, silence, everything we do or don’t do. We are all connected & we can send out positive or negative ripples, tell me what ripples are you sending out to the ones around you ? Are you a positive or negative person ? I would love to know so please COMMENT BELOW πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ’•
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He will always be a water baby πŸ’™

🎢 scales are cheats and liars, they’re such a big disgrace 🎢 .

Today is weigh in day. I weigh in every Friday. .
In the last two weeks I have not lost a thing.... I have actually gained 100grams 😳. What the actual deuce !!! .
I have exercised 5-6 times a week, I have eaten really well, and I have drunk a minimum of 3 litres of water a day!! Deflated is an understatement 😫. .

I can not stress enough, the need to use other means to track your progress!
Take measurements, take photos!!! I take my measurements every week πŸ‘Œ as of today from last week I am down: 2cm on my chest, down 1.5cm on my waist, down 2cm on my tummy, and down 1cm on my arms πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» .
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Whatever we do. Always start with an intention. An intention to be kind.

Have a fabulous Blessed Friday everyoneπŸ’œ

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Still missing you every single day Mr. Wonderful. You showed me so much and I hope you are proud of us. I love you so much. Thank you for opening our eyes and thank you for 18 beautiful years. #suicideisnevertheanswer #missingyou

Absolutely - Always πŸ’“
Then their are those that you try so hard to lift up, but they keep dragging you down, this is the time that you need to let them go with lots of love β™‘

25 years old now and I continue to brainstorm ways I can be of more service in this life. Always thinking of ways to grow #TCM and share the mindset. Facing challenges everyday but those won’t stop me. This is a mission. My theme for this year was #impact and I have every intention of making a big oneπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’™ #tcmentality #grateful #selflove #consistency #confidence #mentalperformance #positivemindset #goals #godspeed #tcm

I remember crying because my college pants didn't fit any more then crying more when I had to break down and buy the next two sizes up. I was tired all the time and so disappointed in myself. Then I found an amazing group of women to encourage me and a program I could fit into my crazy schedule. I feel comfortable in my own skin again and it feels so good. Monday I am starting a 3 week bootcamp! Drop me a message if you want to join 😊 I would love to be your biggest cheerleader! πŸ†πŸŽ‰
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Our team call Tuesday night was hella motivating and inspiring!! {Yup, I’m a bit late posting this πŸ™Š} I love connecting with these ladies because they always inspire me to do better! No matter how successful you are, there is always room for personal growth, and these calls remind me of that.
Coaching is a DECISION. This opportunity is possible for ANYONE. I didn’t have any special training or experience, just a big heart and a willingness to learn and do my best. You don’t have to do it alone though, we have an amazing community and all the tools you need to be successful!! DECIDE TO RISE to your best self πŸ’—
If you’d like to know more about coaching, please reach out. You can ask me anything. I love to share all the amazing ways this opportunity has changed my life. πŸ˜€πŸ’—

When I chose ME, I realized I wasn’t being selfish. In fact, it was the opposite. I started filling my cup so much that it spilled over and filled others’ cups as well.
When I realized this, I poured even more into myself so that I could keep giving to others. It’s a beautiful cycle.

It’s also what my online boot camps are all about. As women we forget to take care of ourselves. And by that I mean really investing in our hearts, our minds, and our health.

My current online challenge is filled and crushing it and my heart could not be happier. Sharing my joy with other women feels incredible. It’s not about weight loss or six packs, it’s about finding a lifestyle in which you feel happy, strong, confident, in control, and excited to live life instead of going through the motions.

So if you can relate to any of these feelings and could use an extra push in your life, shoot me a message girlfriend and I’ll share the deets. The journey is always better together. ✨

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