“La forme de la femme a été créee pour l’expression la plus sublime de la beauté composée, beauté du corps et beauté de l’âme..”Alphonse Toussenel.
📷: @positivelyglittered
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We were spectacular, shiney
Many a sparkling hiney
And nudey glittery giney
Radiant and oh so fine - we
Found a freedom together
In windy wintery weather
To be warmed forever
By this experience, clever
In how it draws a new gaze
Grows, changes by the days
Heals us in so many ways
#positivelyglittered with praise
Behold, beauty in all forms
Break down unhealthy fake norms
Sisterhood shapes and reforms
Shows us how noone conforms
We are each our own goddess
Each worthy, wonderful, no less
For imperfections we confess
Apologise to dare possess
To be countered, with a passion
Complimented without ration
Sent a message you can cash on
Being yourself is in fashion.
@positivelyglittered @lizwilsonphotography_boudoir
#poetry #selflove #bodypositivity

The thing I did with the most sparkly wonderful bunch of babes a few sundays ago. Only regret was that it went by so quickly and I wish I'd had more time to speak with more of the girls.

Celebrate who you are & where you are, regardless of whether it's where you want to be or where you think you should be at this stage... and do it in glitter.

Thanks to the amazing @positivelyglittered team including brilliant photographers @lizwilsonphotography_boudoir & @nocturne_images
I cannot wait to do this again 😍❤💋 #positivelyglittered #fundaysunday

Nothing, absolutely nothing, okay...maybe there are some other things BUT when looking back on #Positivelyglittered photos it kicks off my self love journey all over again. @positivelyglittered photos are the only photos I can look at of myself and not one judge mental thought comes in to my head 📸 @lizwilsonphotography_boudoir

On a cold windy Sunday afternoon in a paddock at Mt Mee just north of Brisbane, 20 women lost their clothes and found themselves.
Another beautiful uplifting afternoon was spent watching and capturing amazing women glitter up for the latest @positivelyglittered event.
It’s a blessing to be a part of these shoots and to capture them in all their natural beauty.

▪Let your inner strength shine▪

Someone once told me you have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable to see change within yourself. I said these same words when I did #positivelyglittered but for different reasons. I say these same words again as I reflect over the last few weeks. My goal was to have the confidence to do a boudoir shoot. To see a different side of me. To take back control of who I am and my self worth. I didn't stop going for my goals even when I was going through a difficult time. I kept moving forward. One step at a time. It was slower than normal but a step was a step.
I was very grateful to be photographed by @sarakiyorkboudoir. She has captured me and my deep beauty. She is an amazing women who has helped me along my journey. In this photo, I am vulnerable but I am resilient. I am grieving but taking each day as it comes and seeing the glimer of happiness in front of me. I am beautiful even though I am societies standard of beauty but most of all I am me.
Don't stop going for your goals because you can miss out on amazing experiences. What are your goals for this year? 📷 @sarakiyorkboudoir

This time last week I did a thing. I stripped off and covered myself in glitter with 19 other woman. That was easy, it was seeing the photos that was the hard part.

I, myself, like many other women struggle with self confidence and loving my skin that I am in and this experience was AH-MAZING. I felt so strong and empowered by doing this and now I know exactly how my clients feel.

Trust me when I say, “I know how you feel lovely!” Was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again!
📷 by @nocturne_images ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

So last Sunday I participated in a beautiful yet confronting expereince. I shared this alongside 19 other women, all with the same desires and faced with same same but different insecurities. What I gained from it was a lot of encouragement, acceptance, love & positivity... I suppose this is why it is called positively glittered after all. Insercurities occur with anyone weither it be physically or mentally, but just remember everyone has felt that, but never forget you are beautiful and loved. Sometimes we need to do something out of the ordinary to feel alive, thank you ladies! 💕✨
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A week ago, I met up with a bunch of inspirational ladies for my 2nd time being involved with @positivelyglittered. I stripped down & covered myself from head to toe in blue glitter & we all frolicked naked around a paddock. It was magical. Photo by @nocturne_images. #positivelyglittered #bodypositive #bodyconfidence #bopo #nocturneimages

✨✨ One week ago today I got to be apart of something pretty darn magical with @positivelyglittered ✨ I spent an afternoon frolicking with these gorgeous sparkly babes and put any negative thoughts I had for the day straight into the bin ✨ I came away feeling only courageous, strong, beautiful, completely empowered and love. Love for others who plunged into the deep end with me on this journey, but most of all, love for myself 💕 📷 by amazing @lizwilsonphotography_boudoir #positivelyglittered #bodypositivity #bodypositivewomen #positivejourney #selflove #glitter #womenempoweringwomen #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen

A week ago today, these 20 women joined us for another #positivelyglittered photoshoot. They stripped back their insecurities, embraced themselves for who they are & celebrated what their bodies can do.
We are so proud of every single one of them. It is an honour to be trusted to go on this journey with so many women. We love you all. 📷: @lizwilsonphotography_boudoir
#positivebodyimage #proud #freedom #discovery #selflove #strippedback #embrace #ihaveembraced #mybody

• life is great - especially when you get to spend an afternoon with a bunch of amazing ladies covered in glitter • 📸 @lizwilsonphotography_boudoir@positivelyglittered #positivelyglittered #glittertitsandbits #glitterbutt #glitter #sunset #amazing #bodypositivity

A gorgeous shot from when we did a joint project with @positivelyglittered ✨✨
Don’t you just love it when glitter and body positivity combine?!💕💕
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I forgot to share this sweet snap of @kittenlebow and i from that time we played with glitter and jiggled our bits to invisible music ♡ she is seriously one of my role models and is so so kind and inspiring with her words and she makes my 4'11 self look tiny 💖 please go give her hella follows i love her to bits 💖 📸 by the ever splendid @camattreephoto 💕 @glitter_au_gogo @positivelyglittered #glitter #fairy #bodyposiart #boudoir #sg #sgh #suicidegirls #bodypositivity #bodyisart #redhead #altgirl #positivelyglittered #bodyart #model

Your Story
Today’s submission comes from @spennyruh who got her friends together & took this amazing picture. Here’s a quote from her we wanted you to read.
“To my thick thighs I love you.
My little back rolls I love you.
My bubbly tummy I love you.
My exuberant arms I love you!!
Thank you body for working everyday.
I will hold my head high, I will move forward and I will love this body I have been gifted.” - @spennyruh
We love seeing your pictures & getting to know you. Thank you!
#positivelyglittered #inspired #selflove #bodypositive #gift #yourstory #sandiego

I forgot to share this sweet snap of @kittenlebow and i from that time we played with glitter and jiggled our bits to invisible music ♡ she is seriously one of my role models and is so so kind and inspiring with her words and she makes my 4'11 self look tiny 💖 please go give her hella follows i love her to bits 💖 📸 by the ever splendid @camattreephoto 💕 @glitter_au_gogo @positivelyglittered #glitter #fairy #bodyposiart #boudoir #sg #sgh #suicidegirls #bodypositivity #bodyisart #redhead #altgirl #positivelyglittered #bodyart #model

I bloody love this woman 💗

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A few days ago, I did a thing.
I stripped down.
All my clothing.
All my insecurities.
All my fears.
All my inhibitions.
And covered myself in a shield .
A sparkly, shiny beautiful shield.

I was always one of those girls.
Who hid away her body.
Whether it was in a cubicle in the school changeroom.
Or a dark room with her husband.
Body image has never been my friend.
So, in a bid to conquer a long time fear.
I did this.
This crazy, beautiful thing.
For no one else.
But myself.

I will talk more about it one day.
But for now, I’ll leave it at that.
Thank you to the team at @positivelyglittered for allowing me this opportunity. Although not one a lot of people understand, it was an incredibly powerful one for me.
#bodypositivity #selfimage #selfesteem #glitter #positivelyglittered #shinebright #bodyimage #loveyourself #sorrymumthatmybuttisontheinternet #effyourbeautystandards #ihaveembraced

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