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As I precariously posed for this shot and my glitter gang cheered me on, it dawned on me that this might be the strangest thing I'd done in my life but hey you only live once right! I'd highly recommend getting naked with some awesome people, scaling a fence and balancing on barb wire for a photo by @jillkerswillphoto Ticked off bucket list ✔️ 😉 #glittergang #precariouslybalanced #positivelyglittered #glitter4lyfe #artnude

Three amazing bodies, three amazing sizes, three amazing shapes, three equally beautiful women celebrating their bodies #positivelyglittered 📷 @jillkerswillphoto

Glitter bums! With @takemymoneylingerie and @sometimesiunderwear. Thanks for the photo @busty_diaries 😊. #positivelyglittered

I'm still finding glitter in all sorts of surprise places. On the nose of my taxidermy skunk would be the most unusual. #positivelyglittered 📸@jillkerswillphoto 🎆 @amberandindigo

READ ME if body image matters to you 👉
It is easy to think of the body acceptance journey as a hike to the summit of a mountain.
When you are feeling positive, you can imagine planting your flag, boldly and solidly in the ground. You can see yourself looking out upon a beautiful view that stretches out before you, all the way to the horizon. You can hear yourself utter the words, 'I made it.' But the summit can also seem treacherous. Your journey to the peak is threatened by oxygen so thin your lungs threaten to collapse. The steps are so steep and so unsteady that you can't find your footing. Your baggage weighs more upon you with every moment, threatening to tumble you down the mountain.
From base camp, you wonder if the view will be clouded. You imagine your flag falling under the weight of the snow on the peak. You consider that even if you make it to the top, it is only momentary.
You tell yourself, 'I don't have the legs for this. The stamina. The courage. I think I'll just stay here, at the bottom.' And disheartened, you decide never to ascend. Sound familiar?
Perhaps it is helpful to shake off that analogy and instead, think of body acceptance as something more familiar. More attainable. Something like a savings plan.
When you begin, your deposits are small and infrequent. You wonder if your balance will ever grow into something worthwhile.
But you keep at it, investing small, as and when you can. You chip in the passing compliments in the toilet queue, the good hair days, the moments when you feel strong, fierce, powerful, meaningful.
There are bills and fines and blowouts, cropping up and subtracting from your balance. And some weeks, investing in your account will feel impossible.
But one day, perhaps sooner than you expect, you look at your balance and think 'wow. I didn't realise. This is really growing into something.' >>CONTINUES>>

Last year, I met a beautiful group of girls on Instagram. We met up to watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show and eat cheese. The second time ever that I met them, we did a nude glitter photo shoot on a beach. I actually hadn't felt that comfortable in a very long time. I got to know these beautiful humans more and make amazing new friendships and memories. I feel so lucky to be a part of this group of women celebrating their bodies.. our differences and similarities. The third Glitter day was our best yet. FIFTEEN! beautiful girls pranced around rural QLD, covered head to toe in shiny colours - laughing and enjoying each other's company and just being ourselves. We were incredibly lucky to have the perfect person to join us and photograph this. I've been fortunate enough to shoot with her outside of this day and I love getting to know this amazing, inspiring, talented and strong woman. @jillkerswillphoto - I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for being you. .
A lot of people looked on our Glitter shoot last time around calling for more diversity - believe me, all are welcome here. Get in touch. We are just a group of like minded friends from Australia and this is who we are, in all our dorky glory. Some were saying that women shouldn't be stripping off their clothes to make a point about body positivity, some judged our motives and some even judged our intelligence. You do you. I'm doing me. I give people things to talk about and I'm not stopping.

If you have followed me for even a few posts worth - you will know that I struggle. I don't love my body every single day. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do. But I suffer a lot in my mind and in my body due to illness. I find it necessary and enjoyable to express myself - and I do this through things like this photo shoot, lingerie, art nude and music. It's my life. And it's a goal reset each day for me to learn to love what I have. This body has seen me through everything. I'm thankful for that. And this shoot and the one before it (and frankly every single shoot I'm involved with) reiterates that for me. It helps me more than I know how to say.

Thank you and love to each and every person involved❤

What’s better than a group of women coming together to celebrate their bodies? A group of women coming together to celebrate their bodies by dousing themselves in glitter and having a super fun photoshoot! ✨“Our focus is encouraging women everywhere to embrace the bodies they have, regardless of what they have been told is acceptable by mass media," said one of the participants. #PositivelyGlittered (📷: @jillkerswillphoto)

If you go out into the woods today you're going to get a surprise... Imagine if someone random walked in on our #positivelyglittered #glitterextravaganza, I would have loved to see their face. 15 naked women, covered in glitter running around, it definitely would have been a sight to see! 📷 @jillkerswillphoto


Reminiscing on a day where all of our bodies were one, there was no judgement, no comparisons and no jealousy, we were all different shapes but all beautiful, all comfortable and all happy 💖

Cruising into my weekend feeling as great and glittery as I did on this day. This is by far my favourite photo from the day. I love how all our arms are linked and look like a wave, for some reason it makes me calm 📷 @jillkerswillphoto #positivelyglittered

Realities of sex. What's something no one told you about sex that actually happens? Did it mortify you or did you giggle? Is it the best thing ever or something you hope never to experience again? What's something you wish you were told about sex that was omitted in your sexual upbringing?
LUBE!! Fuck I love lube. Why does no one tell you about this stuff?? Genital non-concordance is a thing that happens. I was told that if I wasn't wet, I wasn't enjoying it or I wasn't ready. Often times I'm mentally there but my vagina isn't lubricated enough for sexual intercourse, as can there be times when I'm thinking 'woah there Nelly calm down, we aren't preparing for anything right now!'. I was told if I wasn't wet, he wasn't doing a good enough job, and partner's of females can believe that if she isn't wet then you're not doing it right. Listen to what your partner is saying, their other physical responses, the genitals are not always a good gauge of how they're feeling. Other examples of this is morning wood, or erectile dysfunction. 📸 is a flashback to my first glitter extravaganza by @nocturne_images with @nipnipss

Some days are boring day job days, and some days and amazing horse petting naked covered in glitter days...
@lingerie.rosee is #positivelyglittered Www.jillkerswill.com

I'm still finding glitter in all sorts of surprise places. On the nose of my taxidermy skunk would be the most unusual. #positivelyglittered 📸@jillkerswillphoto 🎆 @amberandindigo

My mum is and has always been a shining star in my world. She is such a strong, beautiful and caring human who as a parent was everything any kid would need. Tough when she had to be, caring, nurturing and loving, funny and a trouble maker, a mum who can literally do anything from cook bloody well to service a car. I idolise my mum a lot and some of my best traits come directly from her and I know those will be the ones I parent with too. My mum has crazy hair like me, came and got her nose pierced when I got my tongue done and also got a tattoo after I got my first. She has her own style and is just an all round awesome person to be around. I crave those people in my life now and in posting this pic I'm giving a shout out to those women, only newly part of my world, who have already made such an amazing impression on me with their open hearts and joy at living life!! Special mentions to the women in the pic @kittenlebow @nipnipss @theharmonysky and some more mentions @mylingerieaddiction @un.apologetically.me @busty_diaries @pointdalencon @pennysterlingsyd @j_inlingerie @lingerie.rosee @kattiebl @jillkerswillphoto who took this little BTS shot, capturing perfectly the cheeky nature of these wonderful people I'm proud to call friends. #glittermemories #mumsrule #cheeky #positivelyglittered

Free range booty Thursday! Still can't believe that the photos from our glitter extravaganza have gone international. Still one of the funniest and funnest days of my life. This world we live in is amazing 📷 @jillkerswillphoto #positivelyglittered

How I feel when I'm naked... 😆

As I precariously posed for this shot and my glitter gang cheered me on, it dawned on me that this might be the strangest thing I'd done in my life but hey you only live once right! I'd highly recommend getting naked with some awesome people, scaling a fence and balancing on barb wire for a photo by @jillkerswillphoto Ticked off bucket list ✔️ 😉 #glittergang #precariouslybalanced #positivelyglittered #glitter4lyfe #artnude

I've had such an emotional week. I've been down for obvious reasons but I've also been lifted up by the kindness and generosity of my amazing friends and even complete strangers ❤❤❤
Thank you to everyone who has reached out, booked a shoot or offered support or assistance!
Here's some more glitter awesomeness from our #positivelyglittered shoot featuring @lingerie.rosee and @kittenlebow 😍😍😍 Www.jillkerswill.com .
#brisbane #brisbanephotographer #qldphotographer #naturallightphotographer #naturallight #model #glitter #artnude #nudemodel #brisbanemodel #melbournemodel

Can we just take a second to appreciate this incredible woman? @kittenlebow gave me such an open armed welcome from day 1 and is a constant light in our community. She always supports others and brings such joy to every room she walks into. I forever want to cuddle into her 🤗 Inclusive is her middle name (or is it donut... the jury is still out on this one) Everyone go send her your love in the comments ❤️❤️❤️
📸 by @jillkerswillphoto #positivelyglittered (Also I may have totally fallen off this fence after this shot and nearly ran through a barbed wire fence.. nothing compares to the gasp of 14 glittered women in fear and anticipation 😂)

Positively glittered 🙏🙌🌈 #Repost @publicop3 with @repostapp
Nuas, cobertas de glitter da cabeça aos pés, elas posam para fotografias com uma intenção clara: celebrar os seus corpos. Todos diferentes, todos iguais, todos igualmente belos em tons de arco-íris. É este o espírito por trás do tag #positivelyglittered
#positivelyglittered #love #celebrate #celebrateyourbody #naked #weareone #divinefeminine #loveyourbody #womenpower

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