Sleepy Sunday

Long day at the studio, and what a difference a day makes. Thanks so much to @believeinmagic.dog for some brilliant help with canine teen sibling rivalry. Today the terrible twins opted to settle their differences and share a bed even though there were several other options available... Thanks Eryn for great advice and support.

The Ivey Bean can blend into any background, allowing the clueless gecko to wander in with zero chance of survival.
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Snoozing in the backseat while I have my private chauffeur drive me around. I've even got a sweet @kurgo doggy seat belt to keep me safe!
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Trying to manifest a refill 🍸

Do I have enough toys? No, the answer is no I do not!
Thanks to @barkbox for providing me with this cozy blanket of fluff and squeakers! Keep 'em coming mom!
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Happy #adoptaversary little bear! Here's to many more years of stuffed Kongs, mouth breathing on the couch, and enjoying the outdoors! ❤️

Side eye and smooshy face.

Auntie Aryn @strangeherdthings came to visit today to teach us how to teach Willow (who loves her so much) and Corbin to volunteer to get their nails filed with a dremel. 👩🏼❤️🐺
I’ve been wanting to learn this from Aryn for a long time, since Miss Wild is no fan of the nail clippers and I am terrified of hurting her. In the past, Bill and I had been tag-teaming and I fed her cookies while he clipped her nails much like a horse getting his feet cleaned. Though Willow did well, it will be nice to have nail time be a lot more fun and less stressful.
This is step one, which we’ll be working on for a little while.
The Bucket Game, aka pile of cookies in sight, if Willow chooses to come lay down, she gets a cookie🍪. Gradually work up to touch and handle paws (🍪), introduce the dremel sight (🍪) and sound (🍪). Always remember to release her after a few cookies, so she can move away from her mat or bed. If she chooses to come back reward and start over. 😌
The whole point here is -choice- that she has the choice to walk away if she wants or voluntarily work. This will be wonderful to stay under threshold and hopefully make vet visits less stressy too.
Leeloo is stellar with her nail trims, but was game to learn too 😆
Later on, we had Bill 🧔🏻 try it, since he’s been the nail trimmer and though she adores her daddy, Willow still needs warming up to more invasive handling by him.
You can see him introduce sight, sound and brief touches in the second video.
In the third, you see 🧔🏻keep working with Corbie and Willow choosing to come back to the bed for more work. It may have been slightly prompted by fear of missing out, but it was still her choice, which is in itself a big step! ❤️
Thank you @strangeherdthings for the lesson, the visit and for being such a great buddy to us!
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Just snuggling with my doppelganger. My parents brought it back from the @montereybayaquarium and told me not to eat it. I'll just wait until they aren't looking....there can be only ONE cute, fluffy, white pup in THIS household! #highlanderpup

My first taste of peanut butter! .
I’m only 12 weeks old but I have a cool job in the pottery studio! 🐾 I get to practice my sit, stay, & lay down. Then I get a nap. 💤 .
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Derek always says that #geoffreyklepac is a mamas boy, but I don’t see it. Whenever Olivia is sleeping this is where he is. It makes getting work done much harder but puppy snuggles are totally worth it.

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