Doing my best unicorn impression! I love that all this green grass has finally shown up this spring, it offsets my white coat quite nicely don't you think? 🦄🐶🦄

I'm keeping an eye on this salty seabird today. I think he might try and steal all my treasure when I'm not looking! Keep a weather eye out all you barkaneers! #barkboxday ☠️🐶☠️

I sniffed out some buried treasure today on #barkboxday and felt pretty proud of myself - then mom tried to claim SHE'D found it first! Might have to make her walk the plank tomorrow as punishment ☠️🐶☠️

😁Podemos amar a nuestros perros de muchas formas, pero sólo aprenderemos realmente a respetarlos cuando consigamos entenderlos como perros.
(Brújula Canina)
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“Mommy please carry me across the scary metal floor. Meanwhile I will claw you to death as we walk.” - #geoffreyklepac

Yesterday was the anniversary of my adoption day! I think I'm pretty lucky to have ended up with my parents - I'll admit I was a handful at first (I nommed quite a few mattresses and pillows in my day) but I've grown into the best dog in the world according to them! I celebrated with some fancy steak and relaxed on the bed after a good tug a war session. I really hope all shelter dogs end up as fortunate as me someday, I have a feeling they are all very good dogs too. ❤️🐶❤️ #adoptdontshop

That thin piece of material called a leash is more than just a physical connection between you and your dog. It is an open line of gentle communication and a bit of a visual representation of your bond... at least, that's what I believe.
Check yourself before you clip that leash on, for everything you feel (whether you know you are feeling it or not) travels down that leash.

When Willow first came to live with us, she was so afraid of new environments. It was only through her big brother Corbin, with his calm, unshakable demeanor, that we learned how to help her feel safe walking on leash, especially in a new place. I was afraid of everything that would scare her, and unbeknownst to me, she likely sensed that. So, I tied her leash to Corbin, and his magic worked on us both. I relaxed seeing Willow instantly relax and follow Corbin's lead: sniffing where he sniffed, and start to show curiosity for her surroundings while feeling safe and comfortable.

Today, I can walk Willow holding her leash lightly with one finger. We are so attuned to one another, we can communicate physically through that little chord that connects us. I still need to remind myself to check in, and channel Corbin's energy. Though I'll never be able to control the environment we walk in, the part I can control is my reaction to it, on behalf of my special-needs girl.

If leashes are a necessary thing (and they are), then let them be tools for positivity and something dogs feel joyful about when you reach for it.
Anyone else with a special needs dog here? 🙋🏻‍♀️🐺 (Willow is shy of human strangers, not a fan of loud, bustling environments or crowded places)
Leash by @zippypaws and collar by @dublindogco
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Ready to take on another week 💪🏻

Doing my best Easter Bunny impersonation, even though my mom says I don't get any of the chocolate eggs...how rude!

Finally stopped being rainy in Bay and enjoying some rays 😎🕶☀️

Reflecting on how all that dirt got caked onto her @whistlelabs

🤔Algunas personas quieren un perro con Obediencia robótica.
Yo personalmente prefiero a un perro con un espíritu inquebrantable, espontáneo y alegre.😉
❤️Kahlúa. 💦Cuando se da vuelo entre los aspersores.
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