If you opt for a physiological (natural) third stage waiting for your body to deliver the placenta can take time.
This mumma had her baby with her for an hour while she experienced surges which continued the flow of oxytocin as she experienced skin to skin and baby's first attempt to breast crawl / establish breastfeeding.
I have learnt so much in my birth work journey (including that a natural third stage is even possible) I saw in this particular birth the knowledge a doula can bring to a birth space even once a baby is born.

This mothers Doula played a crucial role in ensuring this mummas wants and instincts were protected and valued.
The benefits of a peaceful and respectful birthing space seriously seemed to radiate from this mummas face as she was constantly smiling and laughing (obviously during surges it was bizness time) and she was definitely ready for her Hypnobirthing Princess leaving the hospital photo shoot 😋

Cudos to the mums out there who are going natural and waiting to deliver their placenta without injections :)

We love a good birth affirmation in hypnobirthing and this is possibly my favourite!
How many times do we hear negative birth stories? Our friends warning us "its going to hurt!"? "Let me tell you how bad my birth experience was"...
Telling these stories is one of THE MOST damaging things others can do to pregnant Mamas. ...
If I tell you not to think of Boris Johnson tap dancing with the Queen, what glorious image immediately jumps to mind???
Guess what happens when someone says to you “Don’t worry” or “Don’t panic”? 🚨🚨🚨
...Our brains don’t register the “don’t” part of those sentences & we immediately focus on all the negatives, setting our bodies up to fail before labour even begins 👎🏻 ...
Never underestimate the power of the mind 💕
If you’re pregnant & are considering Hypnobirthing, you have absolutely nothing to lose from getting a FREE information pack 📚
Either drop me a direct message or an email & your information pack will be winging it’s way over to you within 24 hours 😘💕
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What happens if we do nothing? - In most situations you don’t need to react immediately.  You have time to think, way up your options and take a moment to discuss.  If there is not emergency then what if we wait a bit longer? .
Using BRAIN to asses a situation and make the best decision for you. If you’re currently going past 40 weeks you may be offered an induction. Less than 4% of babies arrive on their due date. So you may think about the option of doing NOTHING in this situation and waiting. Follow the posts tonight to see how else you could way up your options in an induction scenario. .
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Confidence. It’s such an important part of birth, and life. Believing that you can do it, that you have the courage and the balls. Whether it be another surge, another Monday morning or another sleepless night. Self-doubt, fear and negativity are the enemy - they creep in when we’re not looking, and whisper their sweet nothings in our ears. Don’t listen. Tell them to ‘b*gger off’, that you’re not interesting in what they’re pedalling. Put on your favourite power song, stand up tall and repeat ‘I am strong and fearless’ 💪🏼👊🏼💃🏼🦁 #strongandfearless #affirmation #selfbelief
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Spent the morning with some Surrey Mums @surreymama_meetups @medicinegardencobham, and had a sneaky peek in on our beautiful space for next week’s group course. The Medicine Garden is the perfect space to relax, take a break from busy day to day life and they do a GREAT cake! If you want to join us for the next group Antenatal and hypnobirthing course, there are a few spaces left for our August group! Have you been before? Do you love it?


Pregnancy can lead to some pretty heavy fears and anxiety coming to the surface. A doula (or @positivebirthmovement group!) can look at those fears with you. When we talk about our fears with someone we trust, we free them... and that's really amazing! 💕
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So here is my latest read, I’m going to be getting stuck into over the next few days.
It is so so important to have all of the available information to hand should you be ‘offered’ induction at any point in your pregnancy.

Many women don’t realise that it is just an offer, the choice is always yours and whilst I am not suggesting you decline and Induction that is for a really good reason, I would totally recommend you understand the reasons for it and most importantly that you have prepared in pregnancy to cope with your birth whatever twists and turns it may take.

I have supported many women who have chosen Induction and found that their Hypnobirthing practice and techniques have enabled them to stay calm and in control during the potential increased challenge that an Induction can bring.

I have also talked to many women who were unprepared for how to best support themselves through an induction and sadly didn’t have the most positive of experiences.

Informing yourself for birth is really so important 😘

Here is an up to and informative update on Ten things you should know about Induction from the awesome Sara Wickham http://www.sarawickham.com/articles-2/ten-things-i-wish-every-woman-knew-about-induction-of-labour-the-article/


I'm spending some time in the evenings focussing on my own birth preparation and part of this is reading #thepositivebirthbook by @milli.hill
This line struck a cord with me- why is it we are encouraged to be a boss at work and a boss in the bedroom (let's face it, we are in both anyway right?) But the active encouragement to take charge of our pregnancies and births is severely lacking? White coat syndrome? The curse of one born every minute?
Whatever it Is, all birth workers should be encouraging women to take back their volition and be in control of this very important life changing event- no matter whether it's your 1st or your 10th baby.

Come on gals- you can do it!

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WOW another 5 star review from one of the birthing mums who finished the term last week. Lovely words about me but most importantly is how she now feels after a term of Daisy Birthing, as she prepares to meet her baby. This is the most important thing for me #empoweringwomen #empoweringmums #activeantenatal #daisybirthing #positivebirth #positivebirthglasgow #positivebirthmovement #pregnancyrelaxation #glasgow #glasgowwestend #glasgowcity #glasgowcitycentre #mumssupportingmums #womensupportingwomen #5starreview #fivestarreview #miba #mumsinbusinessassociation

My hypnobirthing journey

When I moved to Scotland and became pregnant with our first born I stumbled across hypnoses and relaxation as a type of pain relief during labour and birth. The folder I was reading was very detailed; however on this bit there was only one line of information. I decided to look into it and discovered something called ‘hypnobirthing’. It was like a whole new world that suddenly opened its doors for me. It was amazing! Suddenly women could give birth! I could give birth! I wasn’t just an illness that had to be subjected to protocols and checklists. No, I was a woman and this is what women do; give birth to our next generation. Pieces were falling together and I was starting to understand there is a different way to give birth.

Having a degree in Earth Science and being specialised in human behaviour in extreme circumstances, I am fully aware of the cultural believes we all have and ‘suffer’ from. But, I wasn’t aware that I was part of such a big one myself: birth is painful and dangerous. The more I read, the more I understood. Yes, there are risk of being pregnant and giving birth, but being alive and doing things in the mean time always caries a risk, of course. However, that birth is meant to be painful wasn’t always one of them. I kept reading more and more reports of women that experienced an amazing, powerful, and in some of those cases pain free birth. I know, right?! I gave birth in May 2014 to a lovely little girl Hannah using the hypnobirthing techniques. It was a wonderful and powerful experience. It was so amazing I decided to become a teacher so I could share this knowledge with women around me who deserve, just like me, this option for her birth experience. I received my training at the Katherine Graves Institute. The course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives as proof of the standard of training.
Susanne Grant BSc MA DipHB(KG)

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We're brainwashed into thinking birth is unpleasant and painful. It can be true but it doesn't have to be. Hypnobirthing can give you so many more possibilities. How would you choose differently for your birth if a fearless, comfortable birth was your 'birthright'?

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