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1. How do you feel about the foods you eat?
2. What are your thoughts when you hear the word diet?
3. What words do you associate with exercise?
The links between thoughts on food, diet and exercise, can be at polar opposites in each individual. If you're programmed to feel negative associations to the above, such as, failure, difficult and boring... then guess what your success rate in achieving a positive result will be!!!
To create a successful transformation, you need to create positive associations to your goal.
Recognising smaller achievements towards the overall aim is one way to go about this. If you reward behaviours mentally, like not snacking between meals, drinking plenty of water or going for a walk then you are going to create more positive associations to your overall target, therefore you will make it easier and more enjoyable to be successful!
#teamphysique #nutrition #health #mindset #positiveassociation

"Why does anything exist?"
"It's so there can be an exchange of love. That's what makes anything worthwhile." #conversationswithfriends #positiveassociation

We're out to teach girls it's okay if you can or CANT fit into glass slippers, the more important challenge is shattering glass ceilings 馃拕馃捈 馃摳: @charliecouch
@iamiconicbeauty #positiveassociation

Week 3 of Leadership Development Academy!!! @feelgoodmama24 and Kris Valley rocking this session!!! So grateful for these amazing leaders!!! 馃憦馃檹馃徎馃檶 Who needs positive people to surround themselves! We can help you with that?!?!? #personalgrowth

Sometimes you need a reminder to brush in the AM. #positiveassociation #gayboyproblems

Did this for about 5 minutes and he's STILL not tired 馃槱 I am though. #puppy #positiveassociation #chihuahua #terrier

Place was on fireeeeeee... some of the greatest lessons taught in creating an asset ... #mentorship #positiveassociation #assets #wwdb

Go to where the people are places / SAT, SEP 10, Nashville TN, live - Et Al. Poetry Readings presents Joshua Moore, Bill Brown as our Nashville poets, & Kristi Maxwell is our visiting poet! Plus Lain York provides the visual milieu. Free. 8pm. Wine. #nashvillepoetryscene #payvisitingpoets #promoteunorthodoxy


Creating positive associations with wearing a muzzle is important. While muzzles are used for aggressive dogs, they are also useful for perfectly behaved dogs that might occasionally bite because they are stressed or in pain, for example, during vet visits or grooming. Hence, we want the dog to associate wearing it with relaxation and fun. Check out Singapore Special Winter getting rewarded as he is coaxed to put his snout into the basket muzzle on his own terms. This is his first session. Muzzle conditioning takes time and the process involves a few steps so do start the conditioning process way before your dog ever needs to use one. #muzzleconditioning #dogmuzzle

Dogs are not born loving clothes. So if you are planning on dressing up your dog for Halloween, practice with them first. By using food, and going slowly, we can help dogs learn to like this type of body handling. #bodyhandling #foodforthewin #positiveassociation #dogsofminnesota #fearfree

Reconocidos por la Asociaci贸n Internacional de Psicolog铆a Positiva (IPPA) #ippa #positiveassociation

Reconocidos por la Asociaci贸n Internacional de Psicolog铆a Positiva (IPPA) #ippa #positiveassociation

Oreo's a little worried about the piano. This is an early session where I'm creating a positive association with it. Piano = yummy treats! #positiveassociation #rainingtreats #pianosarecool #traininghard

Colony cats V Catahoula
Part of the family now.. It helps they get to lick out the bowl.. #positiveassociation #positivereinforcement

Mom introduced me to another dog, a 5 month old pocket pit who is in training to become a service dog. #positiveassociation #imprinting #loveatfirstsight

It鈥檚 time to recognize productive procrastination for what it is: an avoidance technique 鈥 with a silver lining.
If you ever catch yourself getting everything done but the one thing that really needs doing, remember this:
If you can be productive in the quest to avoid one thing, then you can harness that ability to do the thing you鈥檙e avoiding.
Set a timer and rally your willpower to do that anxiety producing thing you鈥檙e avoiding for 5 minutes (or 10 or 15, as long as you think you can tolerate without creating a negative experience).
Then immediately after do something fun or relaxing. You will form a new positive association with doing the dreaded thing, and start to make some progress, which is inherently motivation. Achieving gradual progress builds confidence too!

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