🎭🌸🌸• 2018 MASQUERADE Ultra Deluxe •🌸• PERFORMANCE+SKIT Division Finalists •🌸🌸🎭 [Retrogram]

👁👀•Behold•👀👁 all the finalists from my SKITS+PERFORMANCE Division - EVERY-one of them gave such heartfelt, passionate performances - just LIT the stage on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!

⬅️SWIPE to see all my 2018 finalists in the PERFORMANCE-SKITS Division⬅️

⬅️SLIDE 1⬅️ - Left to right, top to bottom

🎭Allison + Juliana as Nozomi Tojo, Eli Ayase - Love Live! "Garasu no Hanazono"

🎭Elliott Glick as Lord Death - Soul Eater

🎭Katrina + Alfonso as Yukihira Soma, Ryo Kurokiba - Shokugeki no Soma

🎭MIRACLE BEAT dance-group - Love Live! "Snow Halation"


🎭Casiona as Akagi - Azur Lane

🎭Maria as Leah Kazuno - Love Live! - "Self-control"

🎭Cherrie as Sakura - Cardcaptor Sakura

⬅️SLIDE 2⬅️ - Left to right, top to bottom

🎭Christine as Princess Daisy - Mario Kart

🎭Mereiah, Elizabeth, Stacy as Haruka, Miki, Chihaya - Idolm@ster

🎭Eva as Lumi the Childhood Core - Portal 2

🎭DARLING IDOLS dance-group - Love Live "Winder Zone!"

🎭Lydia as D.Va in her Kpop debut!!

🎭Abegail + Kade as Minato Arisato, Mitsuru Kirijo - Persona 3 "Dancing Moon Night"

🎭Cassidy + Elizabeth Rococo Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask - Sailor Moon

🎭Ari as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Crazy Party Night MV

CONGRATS for putting your ❤❤❤ and souls into your performances - it was a GREAT evening and I am so proud of all of YOU!!! Until 2019 😘😘😘

🎭💮• 2018 MASQUERADE Ultra Deluxe •💮• WALK-ON Division Finalists •💮🎭 [Retrogram]

And..now..ladies and gents, please give it up for my fierce finalists of our WALK-ON Division who each took the stage fully embodying their character - the portrayals were electrifying and ⚡FANTASTIC⚡!!

⬅️SWIPE to see all my FABULOUS 2018 finalists in the WALK-ON Division⬅️

⬅️SLIDE 1⬅️ - Left to right, top to bottom

🎭Mimi as Princess Serenity - Sailor Moon

🎭Joycelyn as Zero Two - Darling in the Franxx

🎭Bridget as Padme Amidala - STAR WARS

🎭Karla as Octoling Girl - Splatoon 2

🎭Tora Neko as Amaterasu Okami - Okami

🎭Ariane as Ann Takamaki - Persona 5

🎭Alex as Alluka Zolduck - Hunter × Hunter

🎭Genevieve as Cotton Candy Garnet - Steven Universe

🎭Hayro as Seth - Five Emblem: The Sacred Stones

⬅️SLIDE 2⬅️ Left to right, top to bottom

🎭Shelby+Li-Li as Sora and Shiro - No Game No Life

🎭Justin as Beach Jesse McCree - Overwatch

🎭Alessandra as Fem! Ichigo Kurosaki - BLEACH

🎭Michael as Violet Evergarden - Violet Evergarden

🎭Miss Otome as Konan - Naruto Shippuden

🎭Christian as John Cena

🎭Yuxia as Dark Magician Girl - Yugioh

🎭Aaisha as Sakura - Cardcaptors Sakura

⬅️SLIDE 3⬅️ Left to right, top to bottom

🎭Distracted Cosplay as Rin Tohsaka - Fate Extra Last Encore

🎭Alyssa as Hela - Thor Ragnarok

🎭Artistic Rose as Infinite - Sonic the Hedgehog

🎭Mary as Himari - Mawaru Penguindrum

🎭Jasmine as Asta - Black Clover

🎭J. Noel as Oscar Francois de Jarjayes - Rose of Versailles

🎭Amanda as Samus Aran - Metroid

🎭Michael as Felix Argyle - RE: Zero

CONGRATULATIONS to all my fearless strutters - who capped-off a truly entertaining and exciting evening!! Proud of you all...see you in 2019 ❤❤❤😘

She is the beauty
She is the beauty of my eyes,
her eyes like beautifull round on the wing of butterflies,
when she speaks she's like,
the honey of my life,
she is born under the magic wand's light,
her presence always make me delight,
her every word is truth's order,
she's my love she's my daughter,
when she kisses on my cheeks,
my all stress is gone what ever it is,
i just want to be the reason,
behind her every smile in every season,
her tears breaks my heart,
i miss her even when she's one hand  apart,
with her i am the happiest person forever,
she's my love she's my daughter,
now i understand how precious i am for the girl,
she's my reason to smile she's my world,
her curly  long hairs if gets wet,
she look like a princess under the rain i bet,
beauty with truth she's the angel,
she loves me the most i know it very well,
her selection is of love & being soulful girl she prefer,
she's my love she's my daughter
She is the beauty-Akash Mazumdar

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There is lots of #articles that has disappeared. But you can find them on the #fansite Here sharing a piece of one - Throwback :
It not just his ability to play real #character but his charm is that he is #versatile . He has played negative characters with equal aura and with his trademark that you can’t help but notice the antagonist. His #portrayal has made us fear him, laugh with him and sometimes made the fans cry along with him.

His expressive eyes and prompt way of delivering dialogue is one of the qualities he is best known for. Also called as King of Expression; Kunal has managed to slay the screen all the time with his crisp yet deep emotions.In addition what makes the fans even more proud is that this growth in him can be so evident from the start. In left right left he played an insecure cadet and the last role he did was of Shaurya where he played the dutiful boy also fighting the scars of his past.
Telly Tadka Shreya.P
#kunalkarankapoor 💕 #talented and #inspirational #artist #passionate and #intense actor #bestactor #travler #photographer #tellywood #wohapnasa #zeetv #diamilikku #antv #doliarmanonki Zee5 #liesoftheheart #zeeworld #sritijha #sonytv #starplus #sabtv #bollywood #colorstv Voot #naboletumnamainekuchkaha #reemsameershaikh

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