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Un po’ malinconica
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My crush in middle school told me to “smile smaller” I’m glad I didn’t listen to him.
Another rad shot from @jocelynboldphotography wearing my @marsquest sunnies!

Two top percussionists of Dadadadan Tenko, Akira and Kanako, are in the Netherlands for 10 days for performances and workshops. Sunday they were the guests of the Dojo Kyôchô in Delfzijl to give a Taiko drumming workshop. Freely Translated Kyôchô means: working together in unity under harmony. A motto that goes well together with the aim to “sound together as one” with Taiko drumming. It was great to see with how much pleasure, enthusiasm and energy the members of the Dojo participated in the three-hour long workshop. After the intensive warm up they practiced the posture, the holding of the drumsticks, the batting technique and the rhythm to eventually conclude the afternoon with a mini-concert.

For the followers who are in the Netherlands at the moment: Tonight Kanako and Akira will perform together with the folkpunkband Circle J in Roodkapje Rotterdam. Doors are open at 20.30u and the entrance is €8,-. Also see: https://www.facebook.com/events/266178090674979/

Thank you very much Akira, Kanako, Maria, Quintus and the Dojo Kyôchô for the great afternoon!


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