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Much like Kumail Nanjiani’s stand-up and his popular Twitter account, ‘The Big Sick’ has a sweet, sincere sense of humor. Nanjiani spoke with us about defying romantic comedy clichés, the future of ‘Silicon Valley’ and why society is lost without empathy. Head to RollingStone.com to read the full interview. Photograph by Brinson+Banks

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Des avis 😍😍😍
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#nepal. Street portrait captured in Nepal

Gorgeous !! Nice shot 😍🙌
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I recently took a portrait of this well known tattoo model. Using one light I am okay with the lighting and the technical aspect of the shot. No retouching has been performed on the image.
The portrait has opened up another debate in my mind and I'd be interested in people's opinion.
On the one hand it can be seen as a young lady expressing her independence in how she wants to portray herself perhaps even inspiring others. This is her right.
On the other hand it may be seen as sexualising her look perhaps for attention. Perhaps creating false expectation or even a pressure on others to strive to match and achieve a similar look.
But then we all seek attention in some way don't we? I am not sure how we define that, whether we should or where the location of those ‘lines’ are. Attention may be uncomfortable for us to admit, yet hard to deny?

I was keen to use this particular portrait where she looks at peace and is tightly cropped to preserve her dignity and create a sense of calm, even serenity.
Interestingly whilst I was shooting her I talked about her life and how she saw herself. She was naturally guarded but did let me in a little to say that she wakes up some mornings and sees herself as she really is but also sees her Photoshopped self and almost craves that. That was quite revealing. She has invested significantly to get to that look. Again, that is her right.
I decided to not reveal her identity. There is an easy get out of jail card for me here because that is what is behind The Anonymous Human project. But it feels in a way that this portrait has created a different rhythm to the project and I am not sure how I feel about that at the moment. My fall back is we are all unique and different and diversity is a positive thing. I am not saying this dilemma is a bad thing and ‘art’ (whatever that is) should provoke us, make us react. What I am saying is that it has raised questions in me. Questions around fragility, vulnerability and our personal trajectories.
I am still torn between the conflicts of freedom versus exploitation. #fujifilm_xseries #fujifilm #portrait #portraitphotography

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