back to the future, Biennale di Architettura 2016 While waiting for the opening of the new Biennale we share a few pictures of our proposal for Porto Marghera, Padiglione Venezia 2016
A vision that starts from mapping, analyzing and cataloging the existing material heritage with a renewed attention. Following a strategy based on some design actions (redeem the soil, connect the margins, domesticate the built volumes), the project proposes a mapping of the opportunities that is not summed up in a single image, but rather in a series of territorial frames that tell different spatial configurations and transformation scenarios.
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Part of our year-long research and education program, last week we were hosted by IUAV for a 7 days intensive workshop on possible paths forward for Porto Marghera, exploring 4 interfaces: 1. Port–Airport; 2. Port-City; 3. Port-Regional Production/Città Diffusa; 4. Port-Lagoon. The workshop was part of our IED Infrastructure and Environmental Design Course/Annotation, counting with 20 MSc students from different faculties/ departments at TUDelft and Post-MSc EMU students. .
During the week we had 4 distinctive lectures on the history, environmental economics, urban programming and forms of labor, and the territorial project of Porto Marghera. As a special guest, we had the honor of having the President of Port of Venice, dott. Pino Mussolino, together with the Head of Planning Department, dott. Antonio Revedin, discussing Port of Venice’s future vision and development strategy. The outcomes of this intensive week are now being further develop by our students and will be discussed during our upcoming Symposium at the Dutch Pavillion on June 14th. Stay tuned for more updates! .
In close collaboration with prof. Paola Viganò (Urbanism IUAV), prof. Maria Chiara Tosi (Urbanism IUAV), and the Port of Venice. With support of TUDelft-DIMI Delft Deltas, Infrastructure, and Mobility Initiative.

Emporio Sali & Tabacchi, #Portomarghera, prima zona industriale. Enorme, vuoto. Tutto ciò che di bello potrebbe diventare, e che chissà se mai diventerà. .
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Last night in #portomarghera

I N D U S T R I A L #marghera

Had to say goodbye to this one!
A week of exploring the city not as a tourist (also tourist), but with a critical eye on the issues it's facing.. reflecting on many things that make a place and our role in it. deep questions.. will be missed for sure!
And the people I got to know from it, is amasing!
Don't know if I'll ever go back, but this place will be close to my heart.
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