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"Polite Conversation"- I guess this the result of drawing on an airplane ✈️

Gathering up spheres from around town and heading over to @screamingskypdx for install!
Come by Screaming Sky tmrw from 5-8pm and check out all six of Charlie Haughey's wooden spheres alongside the stunning paintings of Hickory Mertsching.

#woodensculpture #portlandart #artpdx #worktogether

New pins that get you! Just arrived from the brilliant @adamjk also if you're a big fan of his work like we are make sure to visit our awesome neighbors space @outletpdx for their drink & draw event on 5/30 5-8pm 😊✌🏽

The Hermit, from my major arcana series a couple of years ago. This is still one of my favorite color palettes AND tarot cards. It's also the only tapestry I kept from that collection, (If you don't count The World 😉), I just couldn't let it go!

And there she is. My last tattoo towards my license exam. Make'n it legit and official. 🤘🏻🤙🏻 @cindyraepdx thank you so much. This was a ton of fun. [not my design but my take 🙏🏻]

Finally finished with the inking portion. And now I can start coloring it. #pdx #portlandnw #portlandartist #portlandnw #portlandart #portland #gothic #gallery #gallerywork #gothicartist #pdxart #pdxart #pdxartist #horror

Omg Portland friends! I'm so excited that @interrobangbang is coming to visit next month AND doing a multimedia art show at @champagneroompdx while she's here! ✨✨✨✨MANIC MUNDANE opening night art show and pop-up! Saturday June 10th 5-8pm! at Champagne Room Gallery 5300 SE FOSTER RD PDX ✨✨✨✨ I'm so excited for this insaneo accessory line she's made with tons of hand drawn fabric prints (like the set in this picture) that you can see more of at @interrobangbangshop! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Also her amazing custom haircolor is by me #ameliaharthairandmakeup 😘). Wow truly so stoked tho so see ya there!!!!!


Tell me about what keeps you inspired? How do you keep yourself checked in with the creative muse?

that song in that commercial

Sneak Peek: RR2017 Featured Artist @robertaaylward! RR 2017 Opens Saturday June 3rd 6-9pm | Ford Gallery PDX. Art by over 30 artists!

Thank you to our Raindrops! We had a great time with the kids at Sellwood Park and Rec. Make sure to check out their painting at in our Raindrops Gallery as part of the show! RR 2017 Opens Saturday June 3rd 6-9pm | Ford Gallery PDX. Art by over 30 artists!

Don't judge #squishy

Hey there Lil fish friends!

Whew! Intense session. I have one more #tight3 to go before my first box is empty. It's been a crazy year for experimentation and testing the versatility of #stippling in #tattooart. I know I'm not the only one who needs a hand massage. . .

Thank you so much for bringing me this project, @em0party - you made my week.

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How could I not visit North Africa and adventure through Morocco and the Sahara when this is just a peak at what is in store for me?! 📷: @carlaypage .
This weekend studio sale and I mean the art and the studio and the whole kitchen sink. I'm settling into my new home art space and am not using the larger studio so it just needs to be purged from my life. Help me? Help you to some art and organizing goodies?! 😍🎉
🎉Check Insta Stories on Friday and Saturday for the address!! 🎉

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