One from before it was actually mine 😍.
Shame summers over and it’ll be going away for winter 😭

Ooftttttt 😍. Always an event when driving this thing. Need to get it ceramic coated ASAP! Who rates have your car coated ?

Before the PS4S went on.
Also 20” wheels making the 4 pot rear brakes look like miniatures 🤔👀.

Instagram killing the quality, but luckily not the sound 😍. Missing this place and the roads like nothing else! See you soon 🇩🇪.

Changed up the look and name of my IG over the past few days, listing a few previously owned cars of mine as well as changing my profile to my number plate as I thought it would make it a littler more pleasing to the eye. What do you think ?
📷 @emilybacon91

Views 😍 see you soon Deutschland 🇩🇪.
Not just about the Nurburgring here, it was a truly stunning place as well, which all contributes to wanting to go back

Getting all arty and stuff 🤷🏻‍♂️ sits so pretty though 😍

My favourite photo from our trip, leading up to the carousel 😍😍

Trying to find that Apex, it’s there somewhere 👀. Buzzing to go back out next year already! E46 will be going with me next time.

So much content from Nürburgring to post, but I’ll spread it out instead of bombarding you all! Here’s one from an Esso garage where I had my pants pulled down at £1.62 a litre 😱good job it’s sitting nice and pretty for a photo 🤙🏻

What do u think anout this gt3rs ? 👍🏼 or 👎🏼 follow @boostersunited for more awesome videos !
📸: @championporsche
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Porsche coming down some of the amazing German roads. .
Plans in action to get back out to the ring next Easter, which gives me 7 months to sort the 46 to put in some serious laps 🤙🏻🇩🇪

1,087 miles later, around 20 hours total drive time £250 in fuel and we’re home. What an awesome trip, such a mega place and can’t wait to put some plans in place to get the M3 out there for some serious laps! Nice to meet some cracking people too. Until next year #nurburgring it was a pleasure 🤙🏻 .
photo credit @epbilder

This place 😍 the dream. The views, the roads, the cars. It’s just epic. I’ll certainly be seeing this place a lot more. Hooked.

My absolute dream car, in my dream spec. Boy boy. No words 😍😍

First few hours done at the #nurburgring what a place. I’m like a kid in a candy shop. Going to get some awesome photos over the coming few days. Can’t wait for tomorrow 😍😱

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