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Say hello to the latest 991.2 GT3 to hit the streets of San Diego... and a racetrack near you!

Miami Blue Dot Two GT3

Late night detail work, wrapping these center caps. #porsche #porscheclub #porschewrap #kistudios #porschesandiego

We had so much fun fitting the beautiful models for #HeartforFashion charity fashion show!
#mckenzieraedresses #hamiltonsheartfoundation #radyschildrenshospital

Swipe 👉👉. Another Porsche Boxster Spyder with our custom #porschesandiego stripes | #powdercoat wheels and #modernimage #clearbra done ! 👌🏼

Supporting my buddies with @pololineok at their beach polo exhibition today. Its important to expand your net, try something new and different and explore the breadth of your reach. #HoffmanInternationalProperties #porschesandiego #hoteldelcoronado

With the wonderful and beautiful, Denise Bush ( #ReggieBush 's mom). It was great having her as a special guest, and model at the Hamilton's Heart Foundation - Heart For Fashion NFL Charity and Fashion Show event two Sundays ago.
Photo Credit: @NormanArroyoPhotography

#heartforfashion #hamiltonsheartfoundation #porschesandiego #radychildrenshospital


Miami Blue Dot Two GT3

Say hello to the latest 991.2 GT3 to hit the streets of San Diego... and a racetrack near you!

After a long day of holiday shopping, eating and some more shopping with the woman; I decided to jump in my Porsche (solo) and go West towards the ocean 🌊 ...fast (I do this time to time. I think it’s the animal in me that wants to be free or something). I ended up in North Torrey Pines state beach. South of Del Mar; just in time for this freaking beautiful #SoCalSunset. I believe the sunset had every color in it, including pinks, blues and every shade of purple... You should have seen how the light was reflecting off of my beautiful white #986. It was truly mesmerizing... Anyway, here’s a few pictures of this evenings sunset with my sexy white stallion. You really had to see the sunset in person to appreciate the ‘real’ beauty and time the sun took to set. Regardless, I’m sure you can definitely appreciate my awesome evening.
I hope your weekend is also going great! And remember; love your older Porsche, don’t drink & drive and always drive safe 👍

A beautiful day to haul sum ass (safely) in the back canyons of San Diego county. Ramona’s terrific for a cruise if you’re looking for some really windee tight roads. They’re everywhere! Anyway, I thought I’d pull over to stretch my legs really quick and take a couple of pictures of my beautiful white stallion. #2002porsche986 Baby! 🤟
On a sidenote, I can’t believe some people are freezing right now in some parts of this world & I have the top down enjoying the 75° weather.
Did you take your fun drive Rx today? Where?

“I really like the jacket, dad but please don’t pick me up from school in it. I’m just being honest with you. But I really like that jacket but seriously, don’t pick me up wearing that jacket.” -Son (11 yo. Youngest) ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ (wtf, I really think this jacket is cool...)
-Dad (46 yo)

What do you all think? YAY or NAY? Can’t be rolling around San Diego uncool....

We took a short drive up to the Los Angeles Auto Show to check out some amazing new Porsche's! Pictured here are the 718 Cayman/ Boxster GTS, Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo, and 911 Carrera T! We can't wait to see these at our store!

We had a very special guest stop by the dealership today, what a beauty! @singervehicledesign

Man, do I love hand cleaning my Porsche! Makes me happy (mentally decompressing) cleaning every sexy square inch of my baby white stallion!
Spent the early evening micro-detailing my beautiful 18” #porschewheels. What do you think?! Spent about 30 minutes hand restoring each wheel; & man, do they look great! I got super anal... Took cotton swabs and alcohol to each bolt and crevice. After my diligent cleaning; each wheel was waxed to perfection and finished with wet tire shine 😉

Anyway, I hope everyone’s having a great weekend. Take care of your old(er) Porsche’s and I hope to see you on the road soon🤘👊

A quick #throwbackthursday to HRE open house two years ago and saw one of the most badass track weapons out there, the Porsche 918 Spyder!! #carsandcoffee #carlife #carlifestyle #porscheusa #porsche #porsche918 #porschesandiego #hrewheels #hreopenhouse #cupgang

Drove about 25 miles today and ended up at Mount Soledad at one point. What a priceless breathtaking view. You can see for miles and all of La Jolla. If you look closely, you will see one of the most expensive zip codes in San Diego.
#SanDiegoFunFact: Mt. Soledad aka National Veterans Memorial is considered one of the most unique veterans memorials in America. The only memorial that honors veterans, living or deceased, from the revolutionary war to the current war on terror, with an image of the veteran.
That said, I hope you’re having a great Porsche week like me! 👊

The big red bows are back! Swipe left to pick out which one you would like to receive this holiday season!

It’s good to have my #porsche986 back home. Remembering how my Boxster ‘all of the sudden’ shut down on me a few days ago was a bit concerning but my faith was in Porsche. And of coarse, the auto surgeons at @EscondidoGermanAuto They pinpointed the Issue to be my cv axel joint and fixed it ASAP.
This visit to EGA also gave me the opportunity to replace my dash cluster. And now I have a working clock & odometer. I guess everything happens the way it supposed to happen 🙏
Anyway, driving her home from EGA was so much fun. If you saw my IG Story, you’d say I was a bit giddy!
I also found it funny that a few days with out my white stallion seemed like eternity. Also a big shout out to my Porsche community. 🤘 You all were so supportive and gave me the best advice (thank you @emd_porsche_specialist 👊). Anyway, I only have to go into the office for a couple of hours tomorrow. The rest of the day; Canyon Carving and a quick stop for cherry pie & coffee!!!

Confucius says; “do not leave favorite sunglasses in #frunk where they may get smashed.” 😂

Just a quick peek inside the Birch Green Porsche 911R!!! The combo of the chocolate brown leather seats, grey seat belts, carbon fiber trim, and birch green air vents makes this one of the most unique and interesting builds we've seen in a while.

👉 BREAKING NEWS - JUST IN!!!! I just received an email from Master Porsche Technician at EGA, Derek; “CJ,
Good news and good news. The issue with the car was just the cv axle joint, all we had to do was reinstall it, torque it and were good to go...” Yeahhhhh Baby!!!! What a fantastic email to receive on a Monday! Made my week! Love Monday’s again!!!! Yeeeeee Haw!!!!! Whoop, Whoop!

All said and done, this was exactly what I needed to hear today. 😁 Now, the agony of anticipation while waiting to get my baby back into my arms. lol
A huge shout out to Derek and the experts at Escondido German Auto @escondidogermanauto These are really stand up guys. Thank you EGA 🤘👍👊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Oh no, what could’ve happened to my beautiful white unicorn today?!!! Anyway, picture this; I’m driving down the road, enjoying the beautiful San Diego day (78-80 degrees out) and ALL OF THE SUDDEN, I hear the most terrible sound in the world!!! It sounds like metal twisting and banging… Just an aweful clanging coming from the underside.
Anyway I pulled over immediately, turn off my engine and paused.... just sat there in silence for a bit. I think I held my breath and said a prayer.
I then took a another deep breath & turned the ignition, and the engines sounded good. Whew.... Which I hope is a good sign.
Then I put my baby in 1st gear and nothing... Tried the 2nd gear and nothing. Even tried the car in reverse and nothing. The car feels like it’s in neutral.
The engine seems to be purring perfectly however the car will just not go into any gear. Weird!
Note that the new short shifter (installed a couple weeks ago) seems to feel good and it slides into each gear perfectly. But it doesn’t seem to catch any gears. It’s like the straight six is in neutral. No matter what gear I put my baby in.....nothing.
Please also consider that I just had the clutch & the IMS bearing replaced a couple of weeks ago.
What could this issue be (worried)? Calling Escondido German Auto @escondidogermanauto, Dustie (I bet the owner regrets giving me his cell phone number LOL) and Derek immediately came to my rescue even though they were closed. Now get this, this is all happening on a Saturday. Thanksgiving weekend also. This is going beyond great customer service!!! Derek even handed over a very nice 3 Series courtesy car to ensure I got home safely. How great is that? The team at EGA is really fantastic!
Anyway, I’m a bit disappointed in my 1st ‘Porsche Expirience’ because with the amount of money and time I’ve put into this 2002 Boxster. I think I could’ve purchased two or three 986 Boxster’s by now. Ughhh!
All said and done; I’m not sure what to do now… I guess I’ll have to wait you hear from Derek and Dustie before I put more emotions (or $$$) into this car. WWYD (What would you do)? To be continued... 😒

Here it is everyone!! We finished up this amazing Porsche 911R in Birch Green. She got a full custom @xpeltech Ultimate paint protection package done as well as a full CarPro Reload sealant applied!!! Now this thing REALLY pops!!!

Wishing all of our fellow Porsche enthusiasts a very happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday! 🦃🍂

I just wanted to take a moment today to let everyone know how thankful I am for my dear family, my close friends, my great business and my thriving life. And let me not forget about my sweet baby doll Porsche #986.
Anyway, I am so happy right now as I am in a very good place in my life. Happy Thanksgiving and may you also have an awesome weekend and long life of happiness and good health. Here’s a little thanksgiving humor from @flatsixes flatsixes.com. Made me chuckle... -Chris @SanDiegoPorsche

Hood Latch Plastic Trim Cover just came in! This piece places right under the Frunk (front trunk) of the #986. The current one is breaking apart from old age unfortunately!
Really enjoying fixing my old Porsche. This car is pretty inexpensive to maintain and fun as hell to drive. As much as I would love a GT3, I’m having way too much fun with this Porsche. Being an 2002 986, this car is pretty reasonable to fix up/maintain. Anyway it’s Thanksgiving Eve and I’m definitely ready to take my Holiday Drive!!!

#wingwednesday featuring our GT2, GT3, and GT4! Which one would you pick?

A Wise Man once told me, “if you replace the broken parts, your automobile will last forever.” That said, my brand new #WindowCowl for my #PorscheBoxster was just delivered to my office!!!!! Perfect timing. Delivered right before my 5-day holiday Thanksgiving weekend.
FYI: This is the plastic piece that goes under the windshield-wipers. Half of this cowl is under the hood and the other half is exposed right below the #windshield of the #986
The current one is grey and old (like me). Initially I tried plastic treatment (similar to ArmorAll) but it just looked old and greasy. Also, the weathered plastic really stood out when walking up to the car. The weathers look gives me the feeling of ‘old’ and you know what? I want to feel Tony The Tiger Grrrreat! owning this Porsche. So I’m going to do what I want (wow, I sound like a child. lol)! Anyway, my friend thinks I’m crazy replacing something that’s not broken. Well, I think the older cowl ‘breaks’ up the aesthetics... so there; it’s visually broken and needs replacement (there’s that child in me again. Ha)! That said, the new plastic cowl is pitch black and I am super-duper stoked!!! Can’t wait to install it on my baby girl. Is it time to leave the office yet???

We've been working hard on an awesome project and we're finally finished!!! But before we show you the whole car, can anyone guess what it is!!!

It's #turbotuesday, get out and drive!

Good news today; my Passport, Solo 4 just came in for my #986 I ordered this awesome radar detector from #BestBuy just in case... you know why...😏
Having the Solo 3 in my 428i, it has saved me from the Law Man in several situations. The first time it saves your ass, the radar detector pays for itself. Simple.
Anyway, having a lead foot (& now driving Porsche on the weekends like a kid with a go cart), I researched all the radar detectors to ensure I was up to date with today’s radar technologies. It was choice between the Valentine One (fugly) and Cincinnati Microwaves, Solo 4. And I decided to stick with the Solo 4 because it’s aesthetics, it’s wireless, and it has a phenomenal track record (personal experience). Cincinnati microwave makes an array of different radar detectors however I have always loved the wireless feature of the Solo . Anyway, I can’t wait to place this technology on my (new) windshield!
Has anyone had a great experience with a different radar detector? Got a crazy story where the radar detector saved your butt?

Welcome Miami Blue to streets of San Diego/La Jolla. Custom ordered 2018 911 Turbo S Cabriolet that I delivered this past Friday. It's always an enjoyable experience helping my clients design & create something unique and exclusive! Racing Yellow accents throughout (seat belts, stitching, gauges, air grille slats, etc. in Yellow) with seat centers in Chalk leather. #porsche #porschesandiego #porsche911 #porschelife #porsche911turbos #porsche991 #porscheexclusive #porscheeveryday #porschepix #porscheworld #thereisnosubstitute #miamiblue #racingyellow #sandiego #sandiegolife #lajolla

Hauling ass up the coast on the 5 to Long Beach from San Diego (my sisters visiting from Ohio!!!!), I noticed my wonderful #986 vibrating... shimmering... What?! I’ve only had my car back for 1 day! Anyway, the last time I felt something like this was in my 2017 4 Series BMW. Upon further investigation, there was my evidence! A tear in my tread; back passenger tire. Upon inspecting my other tires, I noticed that my tires were just in unacceptable from a safety POV. All bald, like my dad (Ha! He’s gonna kill me!) Anyway, being in #SealBeach I headed to Circle Porsche @circleporsche in Long Beach. Unfortunately they didn’t have my tire size but oh my gosh, checking out the new 2017-2018 Porsche’s on the showroom floor... Made me want to… Escaping the dealership bling high, it made me realize the primitive feeling & the love I have driving my generation one 986. Anyway, Circle Porsche called around town for me, found a set at another place, and sent me to America’s Tire (Thank You CP! Awesome customer service). Made it to America’s Tire (I was told they were are part of the Discount Tire chain) and they had only one set for me. No choices in tires there unfortunately. They only had one set that would fit my baby, so bought their only and final set. A set of Michelin’s (225/40ZR18 & 265/35ZR18 Pilot Sport A/S 3+). Not sure if these were the right rubbers for my baby but let’s try them out since I really don’t have a choice.
Wow, I’m quite surprised... these Michelin’s @michelin feel great! Now my baby drives perfect. Ok need to drop it off at EGA @escondidogermanauto for an alignment. And to get my instrument cluster L.E.D. replaced.
That all said and done, today was a good day. I am completely in love with this car. Love upgrading her! Love fixing her up! Love repairing her... I even love the older 2002 986 interior. Love everything about her. Don’t get me wrong; I love the modern Porsche’s and today’s German cars (like my 428i) but can’t get over the fact that everything in this Porsche is basic, simple and awesome. Anyway, heading back to San Diego this evening. Going to take my 1st evening ride w/ the top down. It’s definitely been a great day 👊

Check out this very rare Paint-to-Sample Gulf Blue Macan GTS. A classic color for a modern car. Gulf Blue stems from the era of the Porsche 917 which won Le Mans in 1970-1971 and Steve McQueen!

Thirsty 991 GT3 RS in Lava Orange in for a routine fill up! 😉

Just got my baby ‘home delivered’ to my front door (Thank you Matt. Really? My front door?!!!! Wow, I’m so excited. I’m feeling very VIP) by Escondido German Auto @escondidogermanauto Derek, Dustie and the team took VERY good care of me and my #classic986 I cannot get over on how great the straight six sounds now on the #Boxster. The #BorlaExhaust they installed gives my baby such a nice tone! Don’t get me wrong, I loved how she sounded before. But now, she sounds BAD ASS. I don’t want to stop driving this machine. I don’t want to stop revving her! I can’t stop smiling! I have a grin ear to ear! In my mind, I feel like a kid in a go cart. A backyard road racer; especially with the new short shifter (LOL)… I can also sleep calm at night now knowing that the IMS bearing (& clutch) has been replaced. Seeing sooooo many IMS horror videos on YouTube, this was definitely on the list of todos. And now it’s done!
We also did a full service (liquids, filters, everything) and they even fixed and replaced my windshield perfectly! The guys took out the old crappy windshield & replaced it with a OEM Porsche windshield. The gasket around the new windshield looks perfect just like it did when the Boxster was brand new (When I originally purchased the #986, the prior owner used silicone sealant around the edges. Terrible for the windshield and aesthetically very unattractive). EGA really did a great job servicing my new (to me) Porsche. Anyway, I’ve been driving this bad boy non stop for an hour now on some crazy curvy #SanDiego backroads in #Ramona... I don’t think I’m going to go home anytime soon. Know the feeling? (Swipe Left to check out my new exhaust!)

Will the 911R retain its value? Or will it decrease with the new manual models recently released?
#porsche #911r #porschesandiego #seriousquestion #deepthoughtswith2k_media


PRINT | WRAP | PROTECT Work in progress. #porsche #porschesandiego #vinylwrap #avery #stripe #livery #rsr #996 #uae

I believe this is the smallest Porsche emblem in the world! LOL
Unfortunately my Porsche key was handed down to me without a Porsche emblem/logo. Being 15-year-old car, the original emblem must’ve fell out while flying down the highway with the top down on a beautiful summers day... Anyway, here’s my replacement. Now, where’s my super glue???? 🧐

I’m the proud new owner of a beautiful white 2002 Porsche Boxster 986. The Boxster was privately purchased 3 weeks ago 100% stock but old. She’s currently at Escondido German Auto @escondidogermanauto getting some expert love. A new ims bearing, clutch, cat back exhaust, smog, rear view mirror, wiper pump, windshield repair, short shifter, and the big service. Brakes & suspension are next... That said, this is my first Porsche and I am very excited. Here’s a few pictures of the 986 where she was originally picked up.....in a dirt parking lot. And a few more pix of her all cleaned up by the beautiful ladies of J & M Mobile Detailing. They did such a great job on the car, especially restoring the old headlights. What do you think about my new 986? Any upgrade suggestions? Comment below 👇👇👇👊

The perfect car for open roads.
#porsche #gt3rs #silver #porschemoment #porschesandiego

It's a beautiful thing. #porschesandiego classic car division

#targatrophy German Car Festival. #porschesandiego

On October 8 Porsche San Diego threw a delightful brunch and speakers panel featuring Margie Smith-Haas, the first American woman to race the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Margie is a racing pioneer and idol to many.

#porschesandiego launch event

Paint or clear bra?? That's what we like to have our customers wondering when they pick up their cars from us. Being able to leave our customers in awe and leave them wondering "how was that done" is something that will always puts a smile on our faces!!!

First 2018 GT3 delivered today!!
#porschesandiego #porsche #gt3 #racecar #sportscar #wing #fast #2018

A perfectly done 570s.
#mclaren #570s #targatrophy

What a georgous photo by:
@j.daniel_lewis_exclusive ・・・
San Diego Porsche sunsets!!! #porsche #porschesandiego #sandiego #911 #sunset @porschesandiego #holman

Many thanks to Daniel and his coworkers (sorry I didn't catch names!) at #porschesandiego for making an incredible memory for this #carguy / #porschelover (and his mama!) He got an amazing #porschehat , #testdrive and some killer #porsche posters for his room. 😊😊😊😊😊. One #memorableday ! ❤️ #exoticcars #carenthusiast #porschegram #carlover

Porsche Boxster Spyder looking good in the #porschesandiego booth at the Porsche Club of America Concours @c4krally @porschesandiego

Swipe 👉👉. Another Porsche Boxster Spyder with our custom #porschesandiego stripes | #powdercoat wheels and #modernimage #clearbra done ! 👌🏼

We have been slamming out Porsche's lately and quite honestly we never get tired of working on them!!! This Chalk Grey GTS from @porschesandiego got Auto Armour's full front paint protection package as well as 3M's Color Stable 50% window tint on all the windows.
#porsche #porschesandiego #porschecarreragts #3m #3mwindowfilm #3mcolorstable #autoarmour #armourcarcare #sdwrap #elitefinishdetailing #carlife #cars #carlifestyle #carsofinstagram #xpeltech #xpelultimate #ppf #clearbrasandiego
@porsche @porschesandiego @porscheclub @armourcarcare @sdwrap @elitefinishdetailing @xpeltech @3mwindowfilmusa

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