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Yes or yes...... Taking care of your skin will always be in vogue. Beautiful skin stays winning everyday. Good skin says alot about your overall health. Be beautiful, be healthy!!!

Today I will be sharing a review #Skinmiso Pore Corset Serum and Nose Pack. ❤️ (I find it really useful!)
You can find both products at @cosmetic_jolse 🔝
FACTS: Tightens large pores by 34%, pores visibly smaller in 20 minutes, reduce oil production, hydrates the skin. 👏🏻
Even if your skin doesn’t produce oil or pores, I recommend the Skinmiso Pore Corset Serum if you are looking for something to use all day instead of a primer. Because primers can be clogging and cause acne if you use it daily. And this treatment can be perfect to not balanced skins who need a “rescue” treatment as well.
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Skincare is a necessity...... Make time for your skin everyday. Call or WhatsApp 07017572356/ 08091380703.

Elizavecca Pore Solution 3-step Super Elastic Mask Pack 2ml x 2ml x 25ml (6pcs available)
Expiry date: 2020 Jun 02

Essence and gold bird's nest extract clear out pores and make the skin elastic.
It provides moisture, nutrition and brightening in one pack. It also has green tea extract, glacier milk, vitamin glutathione, EGF, and gold bird's nest extract that gives skin elasticity, whitening effect, and wrinkle improvement.

How to use:
1. Use the buble water foam cleanser to clear away dirt and oil.
2. Apply the playback water essence to nourish skin.
3. Place the black mask sheet on face, leaving it for 15-20 minutes. Then, remove mask and pat the left serum on face to absorb.
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Tender loving lotion for kids. Best lotion for kids,it's purely organic.

Silk olive natural soap is available at the store.....

These are the Intensive Dual Mask Pore Solution and the Intensive Dual Mask Soothing Solution from @scinic_official.
The @scinic_official Intensive Dual Mask Pore Solution help purify skin while it reduces the appearance of larger pores. Since it’s a dual sheet that includes masks for the T-Zone and V-Zone, it help absorb products more effectively. The mask is a little big for me and even after aligning properly to my face. I think it helps to fold the excess sheet towards the face. The V-Zone sheet mask was more manageable and I was able to align it easier to my neck and jaw area. After using this product for at least 20 minutes, I did not notice any redness or irritation, which is good. My skin felt moisturized and more smooth. Unfortunately, I did not see a big difference on the size of my pores.
The @scinic_official Intensive Dual Mask Soothing Solution soothes irritated, sensitive skin, and makes skin texture feel smooth and healthy. Like the Pore Solution mentioned above, this mask contains mask for both the T-Zone and V-Zone. I like how this mask adheres to my skin, however it is also a little bit big on my face . I used this mask help vitalized my tired skin after a long day. This mask does it job pretty well and I like how my skin felt so smooth, brightened and energized. I did not notice any redness or irritation on my skin...
Overall, I like how these are dual masks. Not only that I get to take care if my face, but also my neck area, which is also important in my routine. Although I like how the masks adheres to my skin, both are a little big for me. The pore mask didn’t necessarily reduce the size of my pores, but it moisturized my skin well. On the other hand, the soothing solution mask moisturized and vitalized my skin resulting to a more healthy looking skin.
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Make your skincare routine a priority. Right now I can’t live without my pore serum. It makes a huge difference in my pore size instantly and over time. My 72 hr moisture Surge keeps my skin hydrated all day so I don’t look like it fish out of water. Lastly adding Vitamin C to my routine changed my skin. I use the Fresh Pressed cleanser and a oil has my skin lookin face tuned in real life.
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pore solution ตัวนี้ของ #cutepress ใช้แล้วสิวอักเสบทุเลาลงจริง อันนี้เราทาทั้งหน้าเลยนะ (ส่วนตัวไม่ทำหน้าแห้งนะ) ใช้หลังจากลงพวกน้ำตบเซรั่ม ในไลน์สิวของคิวเพลสนี่ดีจริงๆนะ ชอบตั้งแต่แพคเกตเก่าแล้ว #skincare #poresolution

Healthy skin is beautiful skin.... Why are you covering your acne with makeup? Are you trying to make it worse? Do you have stretch marks? Do you know we can clear it? What's stopping you from fixing your skin? Our products are affordable and available,call or WhatsApp 07017572356 or 08091380703

1. Innisfree jeju volcanic blackhead out balm
- pernah pakai 2x
- Rp.50.000
2. Coty airspun translucent extra coverage - Hanya pernah pakai 1x dan hanya sedikit
- Rp.100.000
3. Pore tightening fresh toner
- Beli dari korea langsung
- Belum pernah dipakai hanya segel terbuka
- Rp.70.000
4. Bath&body works warm vanilla sugar diamond shimmer mist
- Wangi vanilla enak bgt & seri diamond shimmer lebih tahan lama dari mist biasa
- Kondisi 80%
- Rp.100.000
5. Esthetic house 4D pore&balance solution foam cleanser - Beli dari korea langsung
- Sama sekali beum dipakai masih segel
- Isi banyak bgt dibanding cleanser biasa
- Rp.70.000
6. Batiste stylist XXL volume spray
- Baru pakai 1x
- Rp.80.000
Pengiriman dari Bandung
Bni only
Whatsapp: 082144723716
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Have a blessed week 💕💕💕

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
Ultra Pore Solution 10 in 1 ₱80.00

EXP 2020
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We have all heard the saying "you are what you eat", it's true. Beauty is from inside out. Well here's another fact, using good skincare products keeps you safe and healthy. It takes 26 secs for ingredients in your beauty products to get into your system.... Good thing is your skin reports back to you either positively or negatively. Listen to your skin! So you see, healthy skin is healthy you.

I'm sure you all already know I love vitamin C, you should too...

Take care of your skin because it's all you got. Investing in good products is the best decision you can make for your skin. Know the difference between healthy skin and bleached skin. Keep your skin healthy.

Clean up your face..... Masking regularly keeps the skin healthy. It controls acne and brightens dull skin.

Passion is priceless and it's important to succeed in every aspect of life....

LANEIGE- Mini Pore Waterclay Mask
Mini Size IDR 80
Masker ini khususnya untuk mengatasi masalah pori" anda yang gede. Pori" yang membesar dapat menyebabkan hasil makeup berantakan, oily skin, timbulnya komedo" yang menyebalkan. so must take good care of it girls 😊 Gunakan waterclay mask ini pada seluruh wajah ataupun cumen pada bagian oily skin or bagian pori" gede. Masker ini akan membentuk pori" pada saat kering, yang dapat mengontrol produksi minyak yang berlebihan pada kulit anda. Rendamkan facial sponge dari laneige kedalam air hangat untuk membersihkan wajah.

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Aging is a fact regardless of what we do... sad yea😂... Well the good news is you don't have to look your age. You can be 45 and look 30💃... Organic skincare products can help you achieve that. Trust the process👌...

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