PORCINE MEAT: CARCASES [sic] AND CUTS. Fantastic reading material from @un_ece, only available through the magic of #libraries! #pork #porcine #carcasses #weirdbooks

Pasta Cake! The dinner prep game is strong tonight. I have made a Syn Free spicy pork ragu with porcine mushrooms and stuffed some lovely pasta! Ready for the oven once the boys are bed! 🤤 #pasta #ragu #porcine #food #foodie #foodporn #foodblogger #carbs #weightlossjourney #slimmingworld #swuk #pastaalforno #mumlife #dinner #eat #eatclean #foodoptimising #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #synfree #italian

Oh my ‘Stella’, such a beauty of a kunekune. Stella is due in a few weeks. Improving the breed one generation at a time. #kunekune #wilsonsgina #sow #cantgetmuchbetter #conformation #heritagebreed #porcine perfection at #belcantofarm


Maurice has 4 slices of grilled pork belly. He eats all 4. What does Maurice have now? Happiness. Maurice has happiness! #PorkBelly #Porcine #WeOutchea 🐖🐷🐽😋🤪🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

Love this post from @erin.coonan. It brings us immense joy and pride to see how folks experience the Sanctuary when they visit. We are open today for tours, so come see us!
Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu - May all beings, everywhere, be happy and free. 🐔
Grateful to spend time with these beautiful beings at the @catskill_animal_sanctuary. 🐷
To look into their deep, soulful eyes is to see love and peace. 🐮
Thank you @npt_healthworks for gifting us this experience!

1️⃣ Because of the shortage of available donor organs, death rates from liver failure remain high. Therefore, several temporary liver-assisting therapies have been developed. One of the episodes in season one of the show ‘House MD’ highlights the use of xenogenic perfusion in the management of fulminant hepatic failure. In English, it introduces the concept of perfusing one’s blood through a liver from another person or a member of another species such as a pig to stabilize the condition of some patients with acute liver failure.
2️⃣ Looking into this interesting approach, I learned that only a few patients survived and that studies have shown that it carried no significant advantage over the conventional treatment used at the time. This method was abandoned in the early 1970s because of the successful development of orthotopic liver transplantation and awareness of the possible immunological implications.

3️⃣ At present, the consensus is that the multiple and complex functions of the liver can be replaced only by using the biologic substrate (ie. hepatocytes), whether in a whole liver or in combination with artificial material. This has led researchers to be increasingly interested in the development of a bioartificial liver along with extracorporeal liver perfusion. An artificial liver to be used outside the body, combining metabolically active pig hepatocytes and synthetic materials within a mechanical support structure, is under development.

4️⃣ Although many scientists have diligently worked to develop such a device, the complexity of the liver has continued to serve as a daunting road block. Contrary to the liver, organs such as the heart, lung, kidney and pancreas can be characterized using a simplistic description: the heart pumps, the kidney filters, the lungs are membranes and the pancreas produces insulin. However, a simplistic description of the liver is much harder to portray as it is a filter, a detoxification plant and a synthetic factory, not to mention all of the other obvious yet unclassified functions for which it is responsible.

Oink! And all the porcine goodness. #jamon #jabugo #lechon #jamonjamon #porcine

Downtown Greenville, SC. Il Porcellino - friends of Florence. #publicart #sculpture #wildboar #porcine @greenvillenc

Spent the morning makin bacon 🐷

I don't have any pictures on my phone of him but got Best Of Breed with a 6 month old basset this weekend, so a pretty great weekend all around. Here's a young stewie for your viewing pleasure!

Hopefully yours was just as great!

Desde éste jueves... #PorElCine en Microteatro Lima @microteatrolima . En estelar interpretaréa Norman Bates en PSICOSIS de Ludovico Maquiavelo @mr_maquiavelo y en golfa dirigiréa Angélica Arteaga @angeactriz en A TARANTINO CON AMOR de @greymarhp .
El cine se translada al teatro. Los esperamos.
Neopolis Producciones @neopolisproducciones

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