Poor Poppy. Crazy running and playing = a torn ACL. Surgery today means a sad Pop. 😢 #poppylove #pittbullsofinstagram

#poppylove ❤ not one of my poppies have come up this year! I always plants seeds from the wildflowers packs I send you all with your orders and from my dear friend, Karina, of @sacredelements. Turns out, I may have planted them too late in the spring season this year, as poppy seeds do not like to get too warm. I'll try again in the fall! 🤞❤ this poppy will be available in the next collection release. Date and time TBa. So many of you showed an interest in rings for this collection, so I'll be pushing the update until next week to ensure I have enough studio time to create. I hope you all are having a beautiful week! .
#chromafusionjewelry #floraljewelry #flowermagic #silversmith

Die Popeline war ein paar Tage weg und jetzt hat sie auf unbestimmte Zeit Stubenarrest. Scheint aber nicht so schlimm zu sein. 😻 #poppylove #flauschhäufchen

Just the cutest girl in America.. and Africa .. and China and Canada... ❤️#poppylove

I wish to get a whole flowerbed of a variety of poppies! I just love their delicate beauty and how they grow from such an ugly hairy pod 😂

#poppylove #poppiesofinstagram #pinkpoppy #inmygarden

Tall Poppy Nelson is growing! Welcome to the team Simon!

🐶💕🐶💕🍼 Jeg troede ikke man kunne smelte mere i den her varme #hundemama #yrsa #skruk #poppylove #smelterindeni

Poppy meadow ❤️

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