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Documenta 14 opens today in Kassel! Come and experience Pope.L's "Whispering Campaign" throughout the city. @documenta14 #documenta14 #popel #kassel

We're proud to announce that Chicago-based artist #PopeL is the recipient of the ninth Bucksbaum Award! The Award is presented to an artist selected from among the sixty-three participants in the 2017 #WhitneyBiennial. Pope.L is a visual artist and educator whose boundary-breaking practice spans nearly four decades and includes performance, painting, installation, video, sculpture, and theater. Best known for enacting arduous and provocative performances and interventions in public spaces, Pope.L addresses issues and themes ranging from language to gender, race, social struggle, and community. See his work in the 2017 Biennial through June 11!
[Pope.L aka William Pope.L, Claim, 2017. Acrylic paint, graphite pencil, pushpins, wood, framed document, fortified wine, and bologna with black-and-white photocopy portraits, 15 × 16 ¾ × 16 ¾ ft. (4.6 × 5.1 × 5.1 m). Collection of the artist; courtesy Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York. Photograph Bill Orcutt]

Jose Martos tonight in front of a work by Kayode Ojo in the (great) inaugural exhibition at the (great) new Martos Gallery on Elizabeth Street. Go see! @martos_gallery @shootthelobster @kayodeojo #jessicavaughn #popel #torkwasedyson

Pope.L's 'Flint Water Project' open today, 2-7pm! Then catch 'Reenactor' screening on the facade of the Detroit Historical Museum on loop all day and night, with live music scored by Marcus Elliot and Ben Willis. #flintwaterproject #popel #whatpipeline #reenactor #detroithistoricalmuseum

#PopeL 'Proto Skin Set' opens tonight at 1018 Madison Avenue from 5 to 7 pm.
Caption: Pope.L, 'Fuck Ooga Booga', 1989

i don't know who is gonna kiss you when I'm gone,
so I'm gonna love you now, like it's all I have.

One last round of hits from Documenta, this time super Pope.L heavy.
Pope.L’s dotting documenta Halle.
Romuald Karmakar’s stunning BYZANTION film of the Brothers Choir of Valaam Monastery in Kareliya, Russia at the Westpavillon (Orangerie). Ibrahim Mahama covering the Torwache in tattered jute sacks. The sacks—made in Asia, distributed around the world, and used in Ghana to package cocoa, coffee, rice, beans, and charcoal for export to the Americas and Europe—materialize a history of global trade. #documenta14 #popel

Current issue: Slaves to Meaning #JibadeKhalilHuffman in conversation with #PopeL (link in bio)


Oh du kleiner Popel. Nur Unsinn hast du im Kopf. Häufig abgeguckt von mir 😂 Seit Neuestem quatscht du alles nach und bringst uns dadurch zum Lachen. Du kleine Ulknudel weißt einfach, was uns aufheitert.
Oder wie ich zu sagen pflege: "Du hast Glück, dass du so süß bist, sonst hätte ich dich sicher mal an der Raststätte ausgesetzt." 😂 Wer sagt, diese Trotzphasen wären einfach, lügt ganz einfach. Und dennoch würde ich dich gegen nichts in der Welt eintauschen und hätte gegen noch ein paar solcher Frechdachse nichts einzuwenden ❤️
#paulregiertmeinherz #mutterliebe #popel #ulknudel #livingwithkids #lebenmitkindern #brille #fundstück #keller #einmalbesoffenguckenohnealkohol #werstragenkann #trex #cunda #grinsebacke #siewerdensoschnellgroß

Saw this on the door of a grad's studio yesterday #popel #williampopel #sculpture #mfa #tylerschoolofart #philly

Pope.L's "Flint Water Project" in Detroit. #popel #whatpipeline

Pope.L's "Flint Water Project" exhibition view. #flintwater #popel #williampopel

Pope.L's 'Flint Water Project' open today, 2-7pm! Then catch 'Reenactor' screening on the facade of the Detroit Historical Museum on loop all day and night, with live music scored by Marcus Elliot and Ben Willis. #flintwaterproject #popel #whatpipeline #reenactor #detroithistoricalmuseum

#Repost @ccs_exhibitions (@get_repost)
If you're heading to Dlectricity this weekend, don't miss Pope.L's film Reenactor at the Detroit Historical Museum. "The film depicts a small swarm of performers dressed in Confederate Civil War uniforms and white beards speckled with droplets of blood who wander the streets of a small southern city. The film begins in a bed and ends in a cemetery. The camera, like in a documentary, simply follows the performers as they enact various scenes: scrub a floor, bathe a child, climb stairs, wrestle in mud, hand out flyers and eat a mysterious red substance. The group invade a convenience store, haunt a mall, picnic in a junkyard and at times lie very still with trickles of blood flowing from their mouths. The pace of the film is unhurried and meditative using voice-over and music to create a tone which vacillates between the world we live in and the world that haunts our past. Reenactor is a film about how we costume and theatricalize time in order to make sense of our past, our mortality. We dress reality up in history, documentary, biography, or art to re-stage and re-order the chaos of getting from one side of life to the other. Reenactor is a three and half hour old timey dress up dream play. I call Reenactor my Civil War film but the war I’m referring to is any great trauma that marks the land and its people such that ghosts are spawned and made restless in memories that haunt our living landscape. Most of the film was shot in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, in 2009 and 2010. Footage of historical reenactments was shot in Pennsylvania and New Jersey," Pope.L, July 14, 2017. This exhibition is presented in conjunction with Flint Water, Pope.L's recent exhibition at What Pipeline. For more visit www.whatpipeline.com #popel #dlectricity #detroithistoricalmuseum #flintwater #whatpipeline

#popel Reenactor, 2017

The exhibition 'D-Electricity' opens tonight at 7pm - midnight at the Detroit Historical Museum, featuring #PopeL 's 'Reenactor' which will loop for 48 hours until midnight on September 23 @dlectricity

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