Well friends - I’m back at the vet. I’ve been getting sick since yesterday morning. Auntie tried giving me pumpkin and then fasting me. Still threw up. But my poop is fine! She thinks maybe I’m having a bad reaction to the antibiotics I was given to clear up the rash I got after my dental extractions. Whew. She fears someone is going to report her for munchausen by proxy. 😂 I don’t really know what that means. 🤷‍♀️ #oneeyedpug #oneeyeddog

Mygge sæson + allergisk= Quasimodo 😑😑 lægen mente ikke det var nødvendigt at give ham antihistamin, øhm okaaay😒😒😓 #allergicreaction #mosquieto #myggestik #allergiskreaktion #quasimodo #poordexter #notcool #allergi

So the cat that has always looked like toothless from how to train your dragon, has today indeed become toothless 😢 Have you ever seen a sadder cat? 😿😿 #poordexter #sadcat #toothless #hatecalucivirus

Showing off his pearly whites after a long day at the vet. They thought he was whiney because he was tired. #alwayswhiney #biggestbaby #poordexter

Poor dexter 😂😂

What’s this in the lost property at the Pool Hut?! Anyone claiming this poor Mutt? #PoorDexter #AnyClaimants #MakeShiftBed #BluePeterMoment #WaifsAndStrays #SnoozingWiener

Fifteen minutes of peace, where I traded a sick brat for a sick pug. @mercylamech

#neverboringwithapug #puglife #poorDexter #tradedtheBrat #funread #takingaBreather

I may look like I’m excited to be here, but I’m not. I didn’t respond well to the blood serum last night. I cried and couldn’t open my eye for an hour. Auntie cried too but she got great advice and encouragement from so many of you! We are back at the eye doctor to try the serum with my blood instead of a donor’s blood. Wish me luck and thank you for all your positive thoughts! 🙏🤞😘 #dexter

Well 3 vets in 3 days! Grateful the eye specialist had a cancellation and fit us in today. Dex is now on an aggressive treatment of eye drops, some sort of blood serum and antibiotics. I have a feeling we are in for a long healing process though. #eyeulcer #dexter #poordexter

Well guess who has an ulcer in his good eye? Sigh. Paws crossed we get through this one. #dexter #poordexter #eyeulcer #stressed #wecantwin #notagain

A guide to stealing your brother’s bed - by Sasha
1. Push your way into his personal space by resting your paws on his back
2. Wait patiently
3. Success!
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I am very worried about Dexter. I took him to the Cat Clinic and he was diagnosed with a single spot of ringworm right below has right ear. As for the rest of this stuff all over him she wasn't sure but said it was probably just fungal and the ringworm medicine would take care of it. This has spread so quickly on him. 3 of his paws are affected. At least one toe on each paw is swollen and the hair is all stuck together and his nail will not extend. They're extremely painful. We shaved the spot where they said he had ringworm to prevent his hair sticking to the store. I have never had to deal with this before and I have no clue how could he could have gotten this since all of my cats are indoor cats. His paws have white sticky gunk beside the sore toes. Now both of his ears are extremely sore with crust all inside of them and it looks like they're ringworm Maybe around the top edges of his ears. He is taking an oral antifungal and has shampoo for a bath every 7 days but I was told by the groomer I can't use this on his head because it can cause blindness! I've been using apple cider vinegar with mother on the ringworm but it burns all of the other places. I went to our mobile vet yesterday and got some medicated ear wash since his ears are so crusted and he won't let me touch them but it burns so bad that he wanted to bite me. He is secluded in a space I made for him but honestly he was hiding in one spot and not moving anyway. I don't know what to look for to know if things are getting better. Am I supposed to flake off all of the crust everyday? If you have any information please comment.

Note- all blood work and urine test are normal. I also told her to test for thyroid diabetes liver kidneys and anything else. He is still FIV felv negative.

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