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#pooping while taking a #selfie because why the fuxk not 😏💁🏼

The 🍔 went straight through him! 😂 #pooping #bunnybutt #notail

Her choice💙 #pooping

Caught in the act #poopface #pooping - so bad that I got cross-eyed 👀

#Pooping 102 - Canada

This little GHO isn’t #pooping no, no he’s getting ready to launch off the post. Another post post? I see a trend. Sorry I’m multithreaded so I digress.

Anyhooo so this lil juvie bugger wasn’t fond of me being in the area so he blew off the post and exploded into the air. You see how he compresses before he erupts into motion. No lack of intensity here.

I was surprised people liked my close up post yesterday, it was something i nearly deleted because it was so clipped but hey you guys like what you like. Apparently I have no clue.

So @mindshiftgear really blew my mind last week, I had been trying to buy the Moose Peterson MP-3 V2.0 for months, and its just not available here in Canada. I messaged them on their account and amazingly enough they made it happen.

I expect nothing from companies anymore in the customer experience space, but that is just off the charts over the top customer service.
So far the bag is everything I thought and more, the design work @moosepeterson put into this with Mindshiftgear is amazing. It just fits the wildlife photographers needs and the quality of the bag is better than any I’ve had before. The fine details in the zippers alone make this bag worth every penny but I’ll get more in depth as I go.

Its full now, I’m going to actually go shoot with it very soon and can’t wait. I’ll report back when I do.


I found where the devil handles business when he's at Comic-Con. #sdcc #comiccon #satan #pooping #pokez

Lovingly captured turd-nugget....just because I am me.

#pottytraining #pottyhumor #pooping #notouching #tastetest #whythefucknot

#Pooping 102 - Canada

That moment when you finally hang up the little plaque that you found in Friday Harbor and your back porch area seems complete.

Pineapple upside down cake Shake! Lemon Tea with Mandarin Aloe and Probiotics!!
Oh yes!!! #lunch #herbalife #herbalifenutrition #energy #digestion #probiotics #pooping

Gearing up for The Captain John Piper Championship Of The World Regatta hosted by the CYCA.
Unfortunately the Darwin dream team has been split up according to talent. With Eric and Cam sailing on the fast boat. And Tom being relegated to the development squad boat.
Make sure you recycle and reuse. .
#vegan #sustainable #altitude #training #fitspo #plantbased #plants #pingas #sailing #pooping #gronk

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