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Raj, if she's in love with you, she's gonna turn around. Also Raj, if you're a lucky one, she'll be in a bikini when she does that. Bahahahha thanks for this beaaaautyyy in the form of a bikini @amorecoutureofficial , love you guys!! As for the bikini, quoting poo "I LIKE IT. I, LIKE IT!(background music poo nanananana poo nanananana) #rajisaluckybaashhturrrrd #poonanana #imobsessed
CONTEST ALERT!!!- which is the one thing that makes you 'palat' with excitement and joyyy, it could be anything. Like ANYTHING. SPILL SPILL BINDAAS👇🏼

Its not the biggest one ive hooked into, but its the only one ive landed #firstpoon #poon #poonanana

Mean muggin' #poonanana

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