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also this is not more than a low budget version of @brqandechart's art work
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Me whenever I see a dog🐶

||NONE OF THIS HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE, THIS WAS JUST FOR FUN.|| [black and white clips are flashbacks btw] Backstory|| Felix just got home from shooting a video with his friends and he goes to greet Marzia in their kitchen. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her about the video he had just made. After that, he tells her goodnight and heads to his room. The next day Marzia wakes him up with Felix’s phone in his hand, “who’s Emma?” says Marzia. Felix sits up and rubs his eyes saying, w-what do you mean?” Marzia gives Felix the phone, showing him all of the notifications of Emma texting him things like “babe, I miss you”. Felix looks at her in shock and hesitates. Marzia breaks down into tears and tells Felix to get out of the house. “W-What? Marzia please, I can expla-“ “get out, Felix..” Marzia says cutting Felix off. Felix does what he is told and leaves. He goes in his car and drives away. About 20 minuets have past and Felix zones out for a split second and gets a memory of him and Marzia together. He immediately snaps out of it and parks his car somewhere. Memories of them are racing his head. “It hasn’t even been that long.. and I’m already getting memories..” Said Felix. Felix realizes that he could have fixed all of this and he still could, so he turned on his car and looks at how much gas he has, and he had none left. Felix, banged his fist on his car in disbelief and got out of the car. Felix tried running over to their house but, very soon realized it was pointless. He has a breakdown on the floor and memories of them are going through his mind faster than lighting. He gets up and sits in his car and realizes the mistake he has done, then breaks down into tears.


From Felix's video 'My favourite author'
Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold
Goodreads: 4.3/5
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"Pensava avrei voluto nascere armadillo
O in alternativa alpaca"
Ph: @__rosebud
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📹 - Winning at Pokemon Stadium
⭐️ - @pewdiepie + @itsmarziapie
i wanted to post a few days ago, but idk man i forgot. the last couple of days i’m kinda messy and i get distracted easily skdj
qotp: favorite youtube couple?
aotp: melix all the way

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R. Kelly’s Alleged Gay Lover Exposed by Sex Cult Victim
R. Kelly is being exposed once again. This time, a girl named Jerhonda is saying she was one of the singer’s “sex captives.” She previously shared her story on The Real talk show but went into more depth during this radio interview.
She says she met him right before she turned 15, and they first engaged in sex when she was 16. He allegedly forced her to sign a series of contracts and non-disclosure agreements. One of the contracts said she was there to please him, even if it meant she had to pleasure someone else, another contract was a work contract that labeled her position as an “assistant.” The girl also claims she witnessed his alleged gay lover, Bubba, giving the singer head. She also claims she was forced to use a nine-inch sex toy on the singer’s butt during their intimate activities. She also allegedly contracted herpes from him.
He was paying her $5,000 a month in hush money, but he stopped paying once she went public with her story. 🤾‍♂️ #realitytv

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