• Baby Daddy • Part 2 •
Ugh so this guy I used to love for like four years is in love with another girl and Im honestly so heart broken when I shouldn't be
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Ivys POV: Ponyboy stayed with me that night at the hospital, while the rest went home to get some sleep. “Ivy? Who were you on the phone with?” Pony asked as he opened the curtains so we could see the stars out the hospital window. “It was um my gang, the snakes. From New York, I’ve been in the gang since I was 6 it was the first time I ran away from home. They took me in as there own and Taught me there ways, the taught me to steal, cheat, lie, and kill to get what I want. Penny is like a brother to me you’ll like him” I said “oh” pony said he seemed disappointed “what’s up pony?” I asked “I don’t know I guess it’s just hard to believe that your a part of a gang, and that you got a tattoo especially because your afraid of needles” he said with a grin “haha very funny” I squeeze his hand a little “hey I’m just being truthful” we both laughed a little it felt good, to just have fun for a bit. This is when I knew that I was in love with Ponyboy Curtis, the good boy, the smart one, the dreamer. “Ivy, I really do like you and-“ “pony, I love you” I said under my breath. Pony stoped talking and looked at me dead in the eyes, with a shocked expression. “Y-you love m-me!?” He stuttered on the words “Ivy Leigh Westin loves someone?” He said “yes ok, it’s true I love you Ponyboy Curtis. I’ve never loved someone. I hate my parents and the gang, well that’s different there my gang. I smiled at his perfect green eyes. “ I love you too, Ivy” he said. I sat up a bit so I could reach pony, them I kissed him on the cheek. He turned as red as a cherry, i later back down and snuggled into his side. For once in my life I felt needed, and loved. He ran his fingers through my hair, while softly reading me a book. I started to feel tired from all that the day brought me, I knew right then that I ha to live for Ponyboy. I loved him and I was willing to do anything to be with him. He makes me feel safe, and innocent lie a little child. “Ivy!” I felt someone shaking me awake. I opened my eyes and...

Ivys POV: I asked Darry for his phone so I could call the people who have always been there for me, my gang. The snakes, we got our name bc were the worst of the worst. The gang found me on the streets I think I was like 5 I don’t really know, right now I can’t remember a lot. They found me the first time that I ran away from home. I know I’m gonna die, I can feel it. They have to be here when I take my last breath. I kinda wanted to die life is stupid and just throws you on the ground over and over as you try to stand well, I’m done trying to stand I’d rather just let it crush me. I called the warehouse phone, knowing that someone is always there. The boys were obviously confused on who I was calling they don’t know about the gang, I don’t know if I want them to. “Hello?” A voice said “penny?” I asked the boy in a raspy voice. “Golly, Ivy you sound like crap. What’s going on” he replied “I’m going to die soon, penny I need you to bring the gang down to Tulsa I need to say goodbye, ok?” There was hesitation in his voice when he answered me “y-yeah” he sounded like he was gonna cry me and him have always been super close he’s like my older brother “don’t die on me o-ok? We’re coming as soon as we can!” I heard him mumble this last part as I went to hang up “omg my baby is leaving me” I could tell he was crying. I hung up real fast I couldn’t stand to hear him like that. I looked up at pony, who I didn’t even notice was here. He was crying like crazy into soda’s shoulder who stroked his hair pushing back the tears. “Pony I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have been being stupid. I mean, I’m just like that sometimes an-“ pony cut me off “ Ivy this isn’t your fault.” He came over and sat on my side of my bed, he grabbed my hand and held it softly. He thought about something for a moment, then he continued “Ivy we all love you and although we haven’t known each other for that long, I feel like I’ve known you for forever. And I’m telling you right now that your not gonna die your going to love a long life, go to the country like you’ve always wanted to.” “Or go on a date with pony because it’s clear you both really like each other” soda budded in. “Haha, maybe” I said.

I made this for one of my best friends because she’s been feeling down and I thought I’d make this for her to let her know she’s loved uwu -
Audio: @wolfhardaudios -
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