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I went a touch overboard today for #tot but when momma's making dinner & dropping treats can you blame me??!!

Pom-by-association, Cap is ready for bed! #pomposse #pompack #pompawty

Only time I can get a decent pic of Tucky is when he's sleeping... #pomposse #pompack #pompawty #pomeranian

Tucky Pom Pom secures his spot I'm front of his fan... He's spoiled, has his own fan! #pompawty #pomposse #pompack

Misha cooling off on our walk #pomposse #pompack #pompawty

These are some tired dogs! Misha sleeps under the bed so she couldn't be included. #pompawty #pomposse #pompack

Boo and Tuck bring up the rear! #pompawty #pompack #pomposse

Misha is passed out! #pompawty #pomposse #pompack

You know what time it is when you see this face! That's right, Pom Pawty time!!! Our sisters Boo and Misha are staying with us for a few days of pawtying! #pompawty #pomposse #pompack


I went a touch overboard today for #tot but when momma's making dinner & dropping treats can you blame me??!!

Happy 10th day of advent. Borrowing a stocking today. Hopefully mimi can find mine to hang up for Santa paws to fill up with lots of treats. πŸŒπŸ“πŸ—πŸ–πŸ§€πŸŸ #advent #christmas #adventcalendar #dogadventcalendar #adventcalendarfordogs

It's the 9th day of advent & I'm borrowing a Xmas tree since momma & daddy haven't put one up at our house. πŸ˜’ get it together already! #christmas #christmastree #adventcalendar #advent #dogadventcalendar

Got my hair all done up for the holidays & now I'm off to @misstootiebug birthday pawty tonight. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆ #tootiebugturns5

Luci seems to be enjoying the snow in Louisiana. #snowday #firstsnow #luci #lulu #louisianasnow #snowinlouisiana

My first snow! Lot's of 1st this year - 1st hurricane & now 1st snow. The most we got was an inch on the balcony the rest melted on the ground. I wasn't too much of a fan of this cold white stuff. #firstsnow #snowintexas #snowday #texassnow

Yay! It is day 5 & 6 of advent. Getting closer to when santa paws comes to visit. Momma has been busy at work so we are having to double days. πŸ˜•. Luckily I got to show off my Rudolph sweater today as it is much more fashionable. . #advent
#christmas #adventcalendarfordogs #dogadventcalendar
We will try and catch up on likes tomorrow. Sorry guys for the tardiness. Momma has to pay the bills & keep a roof over my head & treats in my belly. 😁

Happy day 3 & day 4 of advent. Momma was tired after almost 6 hours of meal prep last night & forgot about my treat. So I got 2 today in exchange for just 1 night in the ugly sweater. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. #advent #christmas #dogadventcalendar #treat #uglysweater

Sorry monday, its not gonna happen. If anyone needs me, I'll be right here till the weekend comes back around. πŸ˜΄πŸ˜‚

Advent day number two. Not so sure about all this. Momma & daddy corner me by the couch with this paper thing and grab their cameras. I just don't get it. I play along for the treat. Sometimes I sit, sometimes I lay, today i did both & gave one of my dirty looks. Wonder when the nonsense will end. πŸ˜‚ .
. #advent #dogadventcalendar #christmas

πŸŽ…πŸ€Ά Christmas season is here! Momma tried real hard to find a way to get me my own advent calendar like @god_gutten_domino today but she could only find it in the UK and it will take too long to get here. So daddy & I are sharing his. He eats the 🍫 & then momma puts in a gator treat for me & I get to find it. 😁
#christmas #advent #dogadventcalendar #treat #thanksdad

Pom meeting @bldhtx today!! There seems to be a yorkie in the back trying to eaves drop. 🀣 so glad to hang out. I ❀ Luci but I missed out a little. Next time she visits I'll bring her with me. Get some of that energy out of her. πŸ˜‚

#tot & #blackandwhitechallenge photo 6/7
I am going to invite @bearbearandlucky & @beau_theboss to join in if they haven't already.

Momma had these photos pop up in her time hop yesterday and she had to share. It is my first weekend with momma & daddy & my 1st trip to the vet. I was not too pleased with momma. πŸ˜‚

Giving out dirty looks cause I got no πŸ• on family date night. 😑

#fbf 7 years ago when I got to go home to my momma & daddy with my sister Maggie. ❀❀❀ Such a fun day but i wasn't so sure about this travel crate they put me in. 🀣

Happy thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒπŸ— #blackandwhitechallenge day 5

#blackandwhitechallenge day 4 😁. Tagging @pony.the.pom to join in the fun.

#blackandwhitechallenge day 3 πŸ˜‚ we are inviting @miss_chewie_shihtzu & @carolynstebbins to join in the fun!!

#blackandwhitechallenge day 2. Tagging my friend @superpupbenny to join in on this fun 7 day challenge!

Luci sits politely at the table but I get all up in daddy's lap. It prevents him from sneaking ANY food in his mouth without paying his fair share of puppy tax. 1 bite for daddy, 1 (very very tiny) bite for me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I can't manage to get momma trained properly so she just takes my photos. πŸ˜‰. #familydatenight #familyfun

Omgawd guys! It's family date night! We haven't had one of these in a few weeks cause momma & daddy had to make weight for their meet last weekend. Whatever that means. I'm cool with salads. We could have still gone out. Instead we stayed home & watched LivePD. Tonight was a surprise & Luci got to enjoy it. Too bad she leaves Sunday. πŸ™

Hmmpf momma's shirt doesn't quite fit me @wagsandweights any chance I can be a dog model & get a shirt of my own? How about matching shorts @beast_worx ? πŸ˜πŸ‹πŸΌ #WAGSANDBEAST #dogmodel #pickme

After seeing @bertiethetibetan tp challenge photo (boy is he tall!!) I told momma that I needed to do it too. Since Luci is visiting we made her participate. We cheated for extra height & put up our ears. 😁 It gained me an extra 1/2 roll to be 3 1/2 rolls tall & Luci is 4 rolls tall. Read on for more on these photos. πŸ˜…
Luci is a wild child so poor momma had quite the time getting us both sitting & looking at her. Here is the final photo & some outtakes. Poor Luci was scared of the tower & kept jumping in the shower. We had to pull the curtain to block her. Then we decided to stand. Then Luci sat and I decided to lay down. Poor momma. πŸ˜‚ But after what felt like forever we both sat and smiled. #toiletpaperchallenge

Happy #tot friends. Get that πŸ‘… going to get some treats πŸ˜‰

Nope. Not doing this Monday thing. You go do your work thing momma & daddy and I'm just gonna lay here. If you could bring my steps up from the couch so I can get some water later that would be helpful. πŸ˜‰

Two paws up for this brown ale. Definitely one of the better beers I've tried lately. If you find yourself in Louisiana (or nearby) look for Turbo Dog by Abita. Momma promised that in the Spring she and daddy will take a long weekend off so we can go see my Popi (& Mimi & Luci) & he can bring us to Abita for some fresh beer. Momma's favorite is Andygator. It is hoppy (like πŸ‡πŸ˜‚).

Abby would love nothing more than to be a doggie model for two of her momma's favorite workout gear brands - @wagsandweights & @beast_worx The idea of being printed on some spandex is super exciting πŸ˜‰
She's here hanging out in the garage gym during #hurricaneharvey back in August. If only she could lift all the weights too rather than just watch everyone else. πŸ‹πŸΌ 😁 .
#wagsandweights #beastworx #WAGSANDBEAST #dogmodel #weightlifting #pickme

#tbt to this past weekend. Momma is still playing catch up after her cold. Momma & daddy hooked my car seat up to daddy's big car and we went to a long 2 hour ride to Louisiana. We sat down at this cool brew pub & then my Mimi, Popi, & sister Luci walked up. I was so excited to see them! We ate lots of snacks & then Luci got in the car with me & came to my house for a vacation. 😊

Blowing kisses in the wind this morning. Luci is visiting so I get to go outside more.

This is how we watched the parade for the #astros today. While we are happy they won, it was way too crowded downtown & momma wasn't feeling all that hot. Luckily momma & daddy's offices closed early so they could escape the madness & we could start our weekend early!! #worldseriesbandwagon #Houston #houtx #houstontx

Astros win! I wasn't around during the disaster of a trip to the world series in 2005 πŸ™„ but I enjoyed watching this world series. I'll admit it, I am a total #bandwagon fan #sorrynotsorry πŸ˜‚ #astros #worldseriesbandwagon #Houston #houtx #houstonstrong

Bottom of the 9th. I can breathe a bit better & moved a bit closer. πŸ˜‚βšΎ #houtx #Houston #astros #bandwagon #worldseriesbandwagon

Nervous cause this game has been sooo long and it still isn't over. Just win already Astros. #worldseriesbandwagon #houtx #Houston #astros #houstonstrong #bandwagon

Aren't I an adorable fairy?! Happy Halloween everybody! πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ. Thank you @bldhtx for the pretty photos!! Next time I ask momma not to put the hat on over my ears. 😑

Alright momma let's get a move on it! These wings make sitting a tad difficult so the sooner we leave the sooner we get to daycare & I can run free!

This year for #halloweencostumes we went with a Peter Pan theme! Momma was Tinkerbell, daddy was Peter Pan, I was a fairy, and Uncle Brian was Captain Hook. We had a lot of fun wearing our costumes out & about. I can't wait for my #Halloween party at daycare tomorrow. I hope I win a prize for best costume. Fingers crossed. 😁

Find someone that looks at you the way Abby looks at food.

Happy Fri-YAY everybody. Hanging at the bar with daddy before the Astros game. 😁⚾ We are jumping on the bandwagon this weekend. πŸ˜‚ #houston #astros #worldseriesbandwagon

This is me and my momma last year for Halloween! We were both Batgirl! What do you think we'll be this year?? #halloween #halloweencostumes

Daycare day! Momma has a halloween party at work and threw on some orange & black to wear & decided I should match. So I'm being festive today too. #daycare #halloween

Testing out #halloweencostumes before the big party next Monday @bldhtx not sure what I want to be. Tonight I was a mermaid to celebrate @byron_bordercollie birthday. I don't have a #hoctopus costume or toy but I thought mermaids were from the sea so close enough. #byronshoctopawty

80s 🌑 in the day 50s ❄ at night. Just a little too warm to turn on the heat. Momma bought me these pajamas things for my birthday last month. I'm still not sure why all 4 legs must go in them. πŸ˜• I tend to kick the back ones off at night. But they are pretty with πŸ¦„ & 🌈 so at least her fashion sense is still on point. 😁

@harlowthepomeranian asked me to join her in turning Instagram pink for Breast Cancer Awareness! πŸ’–πŸ’–@Social_Native will donate $5 (up to $5,000) to @SusanGKomen for every post that uses #socialnative β€’ @Chevrolet will donate $5 to the @AmericanCancerSociety for every post that uses #idrivefor β€’ My mom will join in & donate some $$ to @ZTAFraternity Foundation for every like! πŸ‘‘ LET’S TURN IG PINK!!! #ZTAThinkPink #ZLAM #gozeta πŸ“πŸ°πŸ‘‘ #lsu

Happy #tot everybody! I had a boomerang to share for today but since getting a photo with my πŸ‘… out is so difficult we'll use the time hop for today (taking it old school) and save boomerang for next week. Smart thinking huh?! πŸ˜‰.

12 men on the field! Got my flag out. 😁 Go steelers! #steelers #gameday #onsundayswewatchfootball #flagontheplay #cutestrefever

You have to bury it first, dig it back out, then go sit & proudly show off the treat you got at 9 am but didn't want till 12 hours later. πŸ˜‚

I present to you... dead flamingo! He snuck in wearing his santa hat & tried to set up shop in my toy basket. Well I death shook him by the neck till he was neutralized. My family is safe & order has been restored in the house.

So much fun today playing @bldhtx 😊. I played my heart out then went to happy hour and got to smell new things (no tasting cause momma's still trying to lose vacation weight πŸ˜•). She said we can go back cause the menu looked good.

Heading down to New Zealand to celebrate with @portia_the_shih_tzu her 2nd birthday. I am hoping i can go see some snow capped mountains while I'm there as I've never seen snow or a mountain. This photo was a little harder to do. πŸ˜‚#NZMustDo #portiaturns2

Heading to @threeamigodogs99 pawty for birthday girl Aurora. Momma's never watched the Nightmare Before Christmas so she hopes my outfit will be on point. Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!! #auroras7thbdaypawty

Thank you @miss_chewie_shihtzu for the pretty πŸŽ€s. Momma got side tracked with work and just checked the mail. Luckily the mail was for me!! Took a few tries but she got the pretty bow in. I ❀ it! Can't wait to wear them all!!!

This was an outtake from our visit to the dog park this weekend. As I am terrible at #tot posts, this one seems to work. So yay!! Happy πŸ‘… out tuesday!! I woke up to 56Β°f weather this morning. Hoping the 🌞 comes out and does its thing today. How is your weather? This is rather chilly for me.

Hope you are having a tail-wagging good sunday!!

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