So excited to be featured on #polymerclaydaily . Thank you so much @ctinapple

Хорошая новость!! Моя брошь в Polymer Clay Daily✌️#olgaledneva #art #ольгаледнева #polymerclay #cernit #polymerclaydaily

Tiny house for a terrarium is done! I'm happy with this one! Just have to add names of the family members on top of the door. 🙂

Sneak peek of some of the pieces I made for my handmade alchemy showcase next week. Happy with this wood effect that I came up with! Pls also join us today and tomorrow @handmade.alchemy! We have a mixed sellers-quirky themed showcase going on.🙂

Hoy me encuentro muy emocionada y agradecida con Cynthia Hyslop Tinapple, por haber mencionado en su blog https://www.facebook.com/polymerclaydaily/ mi más reciente trabajo con las piezas de madera.

Este nuevo proyecto ha sido todo un gran descubrimiento y bendición y lo mejor es que ha tenido una gran acogida. Lo que me emociona es que las piezas de madera están hechas por artesanos del estado Lara en Venezuela y yo las intervengo con la arcilla polimérica.

Para quienes no la conozcan, la Sra. Tinnaple es una reconocida coleccionista de obras de arte y artesanías realizadas con arcilla polimérica en Estados Unidos http://polymerclaydaily.com/about/ -

_Today I am very excited and grateful to Cynthia Cynthia Hyslop Tinapple @ctinapple for mentioning in her blog https://www.facebook.com/polymerclaydaily/my most recent work with wood pieces.

This new project has been a great discovery and blessing and the best thing is that it has been very well received. The most beautiful thing is that the pieces of wood are made by artisans from Lara State in Venezuela and I cover them with polymer clay.

For those who do not know, Ms. Tinnaple is a renowned collector of works of art and crafts made with polymer clay in the United States, http://polymerclaydaily.com/about/
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Happy Mother's Day esp to Mama Ofelia and Mama Irene! 😘

I think I will not be using my kato liquid clay for the mean time. I use it to seal my painted polymer clay pieces. I found out that sculpey transparent/clear liquid clay does the job even better. Shorter time to cure and get very glossy under the heat gun(an industrial one not the one for scrapbooking). You can even cure until it just gets that matte finish. This pair was sealed using it and I made it really glossy. Thanks to @wendyleejewellery's experiments with it..I got curious and tried it on my pieces. One happy gal here! 😃😃😃

Two new boho style necklaces! I silk screened designs on the backs too. The tassels I made are also put too good use. 😉 They will be available tomorrow in my etsy shop. Lovely gift for Mums who love colour and bohemian style!

Flower bud beads! I made a lot. There are still some more on my work table waiting to be finished. I will turn some into earrings for my etsy shop and then some for my showcase next month. Finished two new necklaces too! Whew! It was a busy and productive day today. 😄👍🏻

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