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Set up for a relaxing day! 📸 @thearmanihouse #ourlovelygarden

Our surly creative director, Bubba.

Sunrise bathing the goldenrod and joe pye this morning at the #gardenfarm. #nativeplants #pollinatorgarden #iamajoegardener

The monarchs are migrating! The monarchs are migrating! Recently, the team at Smithsonian Gardens has been busy tagging monarchs for the Monarch Watch project (monarchwatch.org). While the monarchs are feasting in our gardens, we gently catch them with a butterfly net. We then carefully place a tiny numbered tag on their wing and record when + where we found it, as seen in this image with Sylvia Schmeichel, lead horticulturist for the Pollinator Garden and Urban Bird Habitat. Once all the information has been collected we release the monarch to continue its journey (don’t worry, the tag doesn’t impact its ability to fly). By contributing to these international scientific efforts we can better understand monarch numbers, timing of migration and how we can support their population. #GardenSpotlight #PollinatorGarden #UrbanBirdHabitat

Crazy busy Passiflora in the garden of John Kuzma.
#passifloraflower #passiflorabluevelvet #beemagnet #pollinatorgarden #notmygarden

Preferred plants are milkweed and lantana at the moment. #butterflymigration2017 #pollinatorgarden

​In Great Smoky Mountains National Park, pollinators are responsible for creating and maintaining a variety of ecosystems and habitats that many animals rely on for food and shelter. More than 1,500 species of flowering plants thrive within the boundaries of the park, and the vast majority of them depend on pollinators to reproduce. Bees are perhaps the most well-known pollinators (did you know there are more than 4,000 species in North America?), but other pollinators include beetles, ants, flies, wasps, and both butterflies and moths. At the Sugarlands Visitor Center, pollinators have been given a helping hand thanks to a new pollinator garden that has been created and maintained by a dedicated group of park staff and volunteers. Download the e-book entitled The Pollinator Experience, which tells the story of the pollinator garden and the pollinators that depend on it.
#pollinators #pollinatorgarden
Photo Credit: Todd Amacker Conservation Visuals​

Good morning and hello weekend! I'm doing an IG takeover @modfarm this weekend so be sure to follow along! It's gonna be fun! Here's a look at our flower garden for our bee friends. It is beautiful but also so important to incorporate some pollinator food in our garden. There's also some coreopsis mixed in there to dye our wool. 🌻
#beegarden #pollinatorgarden #flowers #fallflowers #happyweekend


The white kale is like a shining light in the garden. I've planted more because I love the contrast.

Our surly creative director, Bubba.

Fall garden.

Released our 5th monarch of the last two weeks. 2 more in chrysalis and one fat cat. Then we'll take a break in the habitat to clean before we collect any more eggs.
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Hi Everyone!

I'm gathering some business research and would LOVE LOVE LOVE IT if you could fill out my new Survey (link in Profile!) If you enjoy these posts, I would love your feedback!
I'm also looking for people who: -Love connecting to nature and are interested in gardening in an ecological way- but aren’t exactly sure how! -Want to experience beauty, luxury and radiant health in their lives, but they also want to feel confident that their purchases and landscaping decisions protect the planet -Care deeply for the health of the planet, and also about their own health and wellness -Already on on a wellness journey and feel like something is missing (You already practice yoga, meditation or plant-based eating)
If any of this resonates with you, I would LOVE it if you could answer a few questions or SHARE with someone who sounds like this (go to Survey link in profile) :)))
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A big bed of Hellebores in the grounds of Kings College campus.
Not just a pretty face, but also good winter forage. .
. #hellebore #christmasrose #plantingforhoneybees #successionalplanting #wintergarden #feedthebees #pollinatorgarden

Anigozanthos 'Bush Ranger' aka Kangaroo Paw. An improved variety of an Australian native that the hummingbirds love. .
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I'm a rudbeckia aficionado. 3 of 3

I'm a rudbeckia aficionado. 2 of 3

I'm a rudbeckia aficionado. 1 of 3

We call it The Gardens... the ‘s’ at the end makes it plural! So it’s time to start another garden, actually this will be two... the front half will be a pollinator/wild flower/tall grass prairie planting and the back half will be a native forest restoration... maple, oak, and ironwood. The forest restoration will utilize a #hugelkultur to support the ferns and flora... each will be about 12K sq. ft. Winter can wait a little longer... for the love of design!
#gardendesign #gardendesigner #forestrestoration #prairie #pollinatorgarden #TheGardensofCR #ThisisNorthfield #NorthfieldMN

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