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Love Trumps Hate: Pittsburghers unite to fight President-elect Donald Trump. (photo by Rebecca Addison) Read more on our Politicrap blog — link in bio > blogs > politicrap.

A man yells to the crowd during the anti-sharia protests in Denver on Saturday, June 10. The rally in Denver was mostly non-violent, though some scuffles erupted between protestors and liberal counter-demonstrators in other cities. These events reflect a growth of Islamophobia in the country. For instance, the number of explicitly anti-Muslim groups in the U.S. nearly tripled from 2015 to the end of 2016, to over 100 nationwide. ⠀

Read more about the weekend's protests and what it means at hcn.org. ⠀

Photo by Tristan Ahtone.⠀

#antisharia #islamophobia #politicalprotest #nationalism #politicaldivide

5 more restraints and I'll be on the naughty step #politicalprotest

30 years and still touring for a purpose. #politicalprotest Beautiful evening of love and protest. Great crowd, decent IPA, top notch company and the icing on the cake was the short convo and squeeze with #billybragg #choosehope

In 1963, a protestor scrawled the words “End White Supremacy” onto a sign and carried it during a civil rights march in New York. Over 50 years have passed and, disgracefully, the message pleading for the most essential of human rights remains just as relevant. ⠀

In 2008, digging through archival photographs, artist Sam Durant found an image of the ‘60s sign. Durant creates large-scale lightboxes featuring language culled from various protests and demonstrations throughout history, often focusing on the Civil Rights Movement and Black Panther protests. He gravitates towards words whose relevance is not bound up with any one time or event, whose message resounds regardless.⠀

The artist scanned and cropped the sign’s language to create one such text-based artwork, which was mounted on the exterior of New York’s Paula Cooper Gallery just around the time America elected its first black president until 2009.⠀

On Nov. 29, however, the piece was restored to the Paula Cooper Gallery facade. The sign’s return is a response to the recent election of Donald Trump, who, as a candidate, was widely accused of feeding off the racism, misogyny and xenophobia lingering on the fringes of the American psyche, giving bigotry a platform and ushering it into the mainstream... ( 📷 via SAM DURANT COURTESY PAULA COOPER GALLERY NEW YORK)⠀
Read the full article about this sign. Link in our bio.

NO CHILL!!! 🚫🔫🚫YAS Christine Quinn!! & THANK YOU Democrats for this ridiculously important Congressional sit-in 🙏🏽 Enjoy your🍕!!! #politicalprotest #endgunviolence #nobillnobreak #occupythehouse #yaskween 👑

I've created a second Instagram account, @dunningrb_ce, to share my photographs from important events. Please follow if you are interested. In this photo, counter-protestors burn the Confederate flag at the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA, on Saturday, August 12, 2017. #charlottesville #confederateflag #altright #politicalprotest #unitetheright

#EFFZuma1 - An E.F.F supporter with a fake gun prowls the outside of the heavily guarded Union Buildings in #Pretoria, South Africa’s official seat of government. This #protester is one of hundreds of thousands of people who protested against President Jacob #Zuma this week. Zuma is increasingly an autocrat mired in mass allegations of corruptions leveled against him, the complicit super-wealthy Gupta family and his ANC inner circle. It is likely that violence will be inevitable in South Africa if the opposition is to unseat Zuma and his far reaching influence within the South African government.
#jacobzuma #presidentzuma #eff #pretoria #unionbuildings #government #politicalprotest #protest #SouthAfrica

Another late 60's Protest Poster. Maybe relevant today?? #politicalprotest #poster #1969 #americana


Protest back in 2014 against the barbaric Israeli military operation dubbed 'Operation Defensive Edge'. #FreePalestine

This image is so powerful. As a Black Person in Amerikkka, it does not matter how you protest, they will never respect it. Any act of protest by our people is inherently "radical", "unpatriotic" and "anti-American" because this country was built by us and structured against us. Never forget Slavery was legal, apartheid was legal, Jim Crow laws were legal and institutionalized racism exists today ONLY through the support of govt institutions. They hated MLK then just like they hate Kaepernick now, except now they identify MLK as a humanitarian. Never forget why you're fighting for change and don't let government resistance shock or stop you. ----------------------------------------------------
#freeroots #problack #racism #blacklivesmatter #melaninbloggers #womanist #melanin #melaninpoppin #protest #politicalprotest #MLK #martinlutherking #collinkaepernick #kaepernick #takeaknee #takeakneemovement #segregation #jimcrow #apartheid #boycottnfl #boycottthenfl #boycottdove #dove #dovead

"NO!" A protest against Japan's prime minister, Abe #poster #streetactivity #tokyolife #graphics #kanji #japanese

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