Katie & Agnes from Tradycja came into the office today to give us menus! We talked with them forever and by the time they left we were so excited to try this restaurant that we came right here after work!! Omg this food is outstanding! Everything is made fresh and the flavor is perfect!! Thank you ladies for coming into our today! Tradycja is truly a GEM!! The food, service and decor is truly 5 star! #eatlocal #supportlocalbusiness #polishcuisine #thosepierogis #orlandpark

Wina w naszej Restauracji pochodz膮 z najlepszych polskich winnic. O staranny dob贸r producent贸w tego trunku dba jeden z naszych sommelier贸w - Tomek Marczak, kt贸ry odwiedzi艂 Winnic臋 Turnau. W 100% mo偶ecie zaufa膰 jego wyczuciu smaku oraz w臋chu w doborze wina do potraw.
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we鈥檝e reached the end of our polish trip! i鈥檓 typing this from the airport where we鈥檙e waiting at the gate to fly home. overall it鈥檚 been a great trip but not without some challenges (馃檭馃檭馃泜馃泜). we tried a LOT of amazing food, a lot of which was totally new to us. i think we鈥檙e both feeling super lucky to have had this opportunity where we both learnt a lot and were super inspired by the people we met there. we also totally treated ourselves and ate loads of food we usually wouldn鈥檛 which was very exciting. however i think we鈥檙e both feeling the effects of all this indulgence now and are very bloated + feeling a bit gross (but happy). i guess that鈥檚 to be expected when you order for three every meal lmao. we鈥檙e both really excited to go home and cook and get back to being a little healthier. we really really really hope you all enjoyed seeing what we ate in krakow and hopefully our reviews were okay! once we鈥檙e home we will of course be going back to sharing home cooking and recipes, plus maybe some food reviews if we ever eat out. anyway - this evening in the airport we stopped to grab some snacks. as you can see we weren鈥檛 exactly spoilt for choice but we managed to make do. the pretzel was amazing, the bar was pretty boring but ok, and the chocolate blackcurrants were tasty but nothing special. hopefully in the future vegan options in airports will improve a little, but for now we鈥檒l take what we can get. hope everyone is well - and goodbye poland !!! - jess 鈽

During our detour to Warsaw on the day of our flight to pick up my emergency passport, we had a vegan take on traditional Polish cuisine at @vegebistro ! A small bistro that is around 25 minutes walking from the train station. This almost made the trip to Warsaw worth it, although we didn鈥檛 get to see anything else of the capital city. To share, we had; the kale and veggie pancakes topped with chanterelle-cream sauce and served with greens and currant vinaigrette (first pic), fava bean pierogis (second pic), the potato schnitzel stuffed with spinach and cheese, topped with mustard sauce and served with buckwheat groats and a salad of dill-pickle, red onion and bell pepper (third pic) and the tofu espresso cake (fourth pic) with lemonade (obv last pic). I am really glad that in the end we had proper Polish food before we left Poland. In the end, we couldn鈥檛 even finish it because there was so much which is unusual for us. Warsaw seems to have many more vegan/veggie restaurants than Krakow from what I seen when I was researching places to eat and if you go to Poland and specifically want Polish cuisine, you HAVE to eat here!!! 10/10. Now I can鈥檛 wait to go home and do my own cooking - Court


艢wieczki s膮 nieod艂膮cznym elementem wystroju naszej restauracji 馃憖 Ocieplaj膮 wn臋trze oraz nadaj膮 niepowtarzalny klimat, prawda? 馃槉 Je艣li nie chcecie sp臋dzi膰 pochmurnego dnia w domu, to zapraszamy! Nasi kucharze zadbaj膮 o Wasze podniebienia, a obs艂uga o fantastyczn膮 atmosfer臋. Do zobaczenia! 馃槆
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呕eby tak kto艣 na mnie patrzy艂 z takim uczuciem jak ja na t膮 rybk臋 馃槏馃槑馃槀
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