Polizeihund in Bogotá- er hat mein Mitgefühl 😳😔policedog in Bogotá 😟 I do wonder if this is really necessary?
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Buddy has always wanted to join the #policedogs 😁 #dressupdog #fun #buddy #buddy1111 🐶👮

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Hats off to my former fellow colleagues for bringing awareness to what it takes to purchase, train, and provide veterinary care to K9s. Today my wife @rachael_lucero and I visited the BCSO tent that was set up outside near our gym at @anytimefitness.nw.abq. We got to meet two 5 month old Belgian Malinois pups training to be Sheriff K9s. A lot of people don't know that it costs up to $20,000 to actually purchase and train a police dog. Many K9 units receive no department or government funding of any kind which also leads to low funds to help with any specialized veterinary care that these animals need to stay in top condition. Even when these animals retire from their K9 duties all the costs fall onto the handler, who typically buys the dog from their respective departments. Because of what these animals experience during their years of service they continually need vet care, specialized diets plus other costs not commonly incurred with regular pets. That's why the National Police Dog Foundation was established to bring the awareness of helping these animals and handlers out. If you love these animals and can understand the commitment and dedication it truly takes for a K9 to perform their jobs then check out the #nationalpolicedogfoundation.org for more info and how to donate to help out all these pups to be the best of the best. #policek9 #sheriffsdepartment #policedogs #handlers #lawenforcement #pups #belgianmalinois #policedepartments #training #heroes #protectors #doglover #animallover

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😍Meet the cutest and newest recruits for Chile's national police force. 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 These nine golden retriever puppies took part in an annual military parade alongside their grown-up counterparts, who all wore little boots. Some were clearly worn out by all the excitement and had little naps in their little sacks! Aaaw! #toocute #puppies #Chile #policedogs #bbcnews #englishforlife #weloveenglish #welovepuppies 🐶

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