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Empezamos el día con #polespo de @olena_minina!!! No te pierdas su performance en CDMX este 1ro de septiembre!!! Qué te parece la transición de #pdChinesePhoenix a #pdInsideLegHang???

Photo taken as I was just about to start last night :) #poledancer #qpc #polespo #bringingsexyback

Strength and Flexibility is on at #uvcarlaw with @czarinamoshenko every Monday! 💜

Hoy toca el turno a @maddiesparkledancer inspirada en @siggybabe con outfit @shimmyandsparkle, de ser nuestra inspiración!!! #polespo #poledance #poledancer #poledancing #heels

🌺Working it out!🌺 I stopped training ayeshas for a few weeks due to a back injury. Still cautious, but slowly getting back into training them! 😃💜


Tuesday night lovelies! Come join Angie in Inversions and Flexibility to work your butterfly 🦋 then stretch out upper body! Drop by beforehand to hang with Elena for Spins and Basics. See you tonight! 💜🌺

🌺Flexi Tuesdays! After a long weekend of mostly rest it's back to handstands and flexibility training for me! Sheer determination got me into this move and it is almost perfect. Looking forward to starting our next Flexibility Workshop in November. 💜
Photo cred: @_dancingincircles_ thanks for taking a million until we got the right one. 😂😘

Welcome back! 🌺 We are open for business after a small break over the long weekend! Join our #uveglinton team for levels 1, 2, and 3 and Flexibility! Stick to the east side for practice, level 1/2 mixed, and choreo! See you there. 💜

When in doubt-use your head! Headstands in Strength and Flexibility every Wednesday at 7pm with @czarinamoshenko at #uveglinton ! See you there. 🌺

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our beautiful instructor and admin Angie! Best wishes for an incredibly lovely day and a fantastic year ahead! Can't wait to see what is in store. 🎉🎈
Photo cred: @mikeleighfield

So proud of my lovely Flexibility babes! You all did so amazing and I am always humbled by the work and effort you put into your fitness journey! Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey. 💜

Happy Sunday Bumday! Our Flexibility Workshop is filling up fast! We are looking forward to getting flexi with you in November! Sign up now to get early bird pricing of $95 plus tax for 6 sessions! Can't wait to hit all those benchmarks with you! 💜🌺

Hamstring things! Happy Friday! Warm after being stretched by @angiepolevibez 🌺💜 We are running another Flexibility Workshop in November! Email info@uvpolefitness.com to hold your spot. .
Photo cred: Angie 💜

Para este viernes de otoño, te traemos los colores cálidos y el talento de @tatarintsevatata!!! Ella es nuestra #polespo de hoy! ❤️❤️❤️
@winkdesigns #tata #tatarintseva #polemodel #spintricks #woman #nutritionist #fitnessmodel #poletricks #spinpole #poledancersofnstagramm

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