Unleash your creativity 🔥
🦄 Use the surroundings: in our case both vertical & horizontal poles, blocks) 🦄 Dress up in an unusual outfit (pareo/scarves, chiffon long skirts, pleesers/pointe etc)
🦄 Bring props (a rapier will be perfect 👌😂 or a hat)
🦄 Enjoy yourself

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@elliesteingraeber will be in Denmark on 22nd of July and will give contortion workshop for all levels students.
This workshop is for those looking to gain flexibility in their acrobatic training as well as aspiring contortionists. You’ll learn a variety of drills and sequences designed to safely shape, lengthen, and strengthen an acrobatic body. We’ll look at splits, over-splits, back-bending, and inversions such as forearm stands and handstands. The session will conclude with some individualized spotting on tricks and positions that are on your personal list of goals. You’re encouraged to bring your camera as a training tool.
When: 22nd of July from 12.00 till 13.30
Where: RebelStudio
Duration: 90 mins
Price: 285 dkk

To sign up, please, send an email to rebel@rebelstudio.dk
#contortion #poledk #copenhagen #copenhagendance #rebelstudio

Had fun with my favourite backbending beauties @mayamahler and @foldager_maria this weekend! We saw @bendy_kate do this trick and had to give it a try. #namethatpoletrick #rebelstudiodk #rebelarmy #polebuddies #poledancingdenmark #poledk #poletrick #poledancenation #poledancersofig #poledancingscandinavia

Ok, maybe it is time to make a post here as well. From July I am a new owner of wonderful pole dance studio in Denmark - @rebelstudiodk . It was started by very talented Danish poledancer, so studio is one year old already :) it is a big challenge for me, but I am happy and I will try to do my best, to make this place even better
В моей жизни новый интересный этап, я долго к этому шла и вот, неожиданно пришла. Теперь у меня есть своя пол дэнс студия :) это все случилось очень быстро и, до сих пор, это не просто осознать, но я уже полностью нырнула в это дело и надеюсь, что получится реализовать все задумки :) если вы живете в Дании, заходите ко мне в гости, если не в Дании, то всеравно обязательно приезжайте к нам потренить!

P.S.: аккуратнее загадывайте желания, они сбываются

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Our talanted and beautiful instructor Diana @dianaolsenpoledance will teach tricks and sexy basic on Tuesday from 18.00!
Don't forget to book your spot.
Drop in only 89 dkk

Let's dance 💃

#rebelstudio #danceyourway #danceclasses #copenhagen #poledancecopenhagen #pole_copenhagen #poledk #poledenmark

This time we talked to @tehpenguinofdoom - the girl with a rapier and ornate language from @houseofpolefrederiksberg 🦄1) When did you start pole dancing and why?
I started pole about 8 months ago. I was interested in pole for a while, but was a bit shy to go on my own and try it. A friend of mine introduced me and I was completely hooked. One of the big reason I like pole is that I'm really bad at dancing - never know where to put my hands, and that is one problem that is solved here 😝 🦄2) Your pictures pictures with a rapier are so out of ordinary! How do these hobbies affect your life? I've been doing historical fencing for something like 10 years now. And as you can imagine it is completely the opposite of pole - it is all about aggression, confrontation and hitting people. At the same time there are some similarities - both pole and fencing require a good degree of dexterity, endurance and coordination. I think pole has helped a lot with my fencing - thanks to all that new upper body strength and the flexibility. The other way around - well thanks to fencing bruises and pain are nothing new to me.
Though its kind of weird how in one you wear all these layers of protection and on the other - almost nothing - there must be something metaphorical here. 🦄3) Why did you decide to join us?
It was more of a whim ... and a challenge. Also those sweet, sweet instagram likes you get from good photos 😂 🦄4) What was your photoshoot experience this? What can you recommend to a person trying it for the first time?
It was a great and fun experience. I was a bit scared at first, because, believe it or not I'm actually kinda shy and self-conscious, so posing usually ends up being awkward.
One should definitely have an idea of what pictures you want to take, what tricks you want to do and try not to think about the camera.
#polearound_dk_individualpics #polearound_dk_urbanpole #houseofpolefrederiksberg #poledk #poledancedenmark #poledancingdenmark #urbanpole #streetpole #polephotoshoot

Sunday workout ☀️☀️ no music due to the copy right police 😜 #pole #poledance #split #polepassionesbjerg

Haven't tried this since I learned it at a workshop with @phoenixkazree some years ago.. There is still a lot of work to do, but I love it!😍🤩
-And I absolutely love my little cheerleader in the background @jannibredahl 👯‍♀️ #poleaddictfitnessstudio #pole #poledance #poledancenation #poleaddict #passionforpole #poledk #poledancingdenmark #workout #workhard #workinprogress #stronggirl #strongisthenewsexy #strongisthenewskinny #stronggirltakeover #esbjerg #danish

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