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Polation Competitor “Jessie” has been pole dancing for 1 1/2 years & loves that it challenges her & how it has built her confidence up.  Tickets $35 Now online at http://www.polation.com.au or $45 on the Day Saturday 25th August 2018 - Doors Open at 5.30pm Show Starts at 6.00pm

Thank you for coming❤️❤️❤️ Pole Theatre Japan2018✨✨

Congratulations to all the competitors ✨👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Result of the Pole Theatre Japan 2018🏆🏆🏆

Pro Over all Winner
Rania pole angel

Pro pole art Winner
Rania pole angel

Pro pole drama Winner

Pro pole comedy Winner

Pro pole classique Winner
Suen Lee

Semi pro Over all winner

Semi pro pole art
yui... Semi pro pole drama

Semi pro pole comedy

Semi pro pole classique

Thank you for the judge‼︎✨
@greshilovevgeny @marioncrampe @mario.turco
See you next pole Theatre Japan...💓
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Polation Competitor “Lainie Salome” loves pole dancing because of the people she has met & it’s helped her achieve her fitness goals. Tickets $35 Now online at http://www.polation.com.au or $45 on the Day Saturday 25th August 2018 - Doors Open at 5.30pm Show Starts at 6.00pm

Photos by the amazing @natashabarberphotography from Ignite. She photograph my first pole shoot and she now also photograph my first competition and first time doings silks as well 🤗 so happy with them!
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OPENINGS LEFT in all divisions. No submission required: just sign up at OGPOLE.CO
Frequently Asked Questions for the OG Pole Fitness Open at @legionsportsfest:
Q: What are the divisions?
A: We have 4: Women’s Novice, Women’s Advanced, Co-Ed Masters, and Men’s Division.
Q: Is this a qualifier for the Olympia?
A: Yes! The top 3 Women’s Advanced will qualify for our 2019 @mrolympiallc show.
Q: Is this a qualifier for the Arnold?
A: Yes! The Women’s Advanced winner will qualify for the @polechampionshipseries at the 2019 @arnoldsports.
Q: What is the Legion Sports Fest?
A: It’s a weekend-long multi-sport festival, with Powerlifting, Roller Derby, Armwrestling, Strongest Man, Bodybuilding, Figure/Bikini/Fitness, and Pole Fitness.
Q: How long are routines?
A: Routines are 2:30 for all divisions except Novice, which are 2:00.
Q: How are routines scored?
A: Routines are scored out of 100 points, with 25 allocated to 4 sub-scores: Artistic, Technical, Stage, and Physique.
Q: Who are the judges?
A: There are 4 judges, one for each sub-score:
– Artistic: @jazzy.alix
– Technical: @alik_tsiupa
– Stage: @sweetmscandace
– Physique: @vladimir_russianbear
Q: Will there be guest performances?
A: Yes! On Friday night, our media partner @polepress is presenting a Showcase of the world’s top pole athletes, including:
– Tara Meyer (@tmeyer29)
– Dimitrii Staev (@mityastaev)
– Phoenix Kazree (@phoenixkazree)
– Jazzy Alix (@jazzy.alix)
– Greta Pontarelli (@aerialzen)
– Paige Olson (@paigeolson5)
– Nina Zamora (@ninapoleartist)
– Nyancy Ly (@nyancers)
– Jessica Anderson-Gwin (@jaggasaurus)
– Alik Tsiupa (@alik_tsiupa)
– Candace Cane (@sweetmscandace)
Q: Should I be in Advanced or Novice?
A: As a rule of thumb, the Advanced Division is for those who have been competing for 2+ years — it’s a qualifier for both the Olympia and the Arnold, so it will be VERY competitive!
📷 Photo by @borisivanovog
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Polation Competitor “Brielle” has been pole dancing for 2 years & loves it because of the accepting atmosphere. Tickets $35 Now online at http://www.polation.com.au or $45 on the Day Saturday 25th August 2018 - Doors Open at 5.30pm Show Starts at 6.00pm

Calling all national/international semipro/pro pole dancers to submit your entries!
Pole Theatre Hong Kong
20 January 2019
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Submission link in bio 👆🏼
Video credits and thanks for the support of:

Congratulations to all our amazing fembody competitors in the 2018 PSO Nationals! Fantastic job!
And Congrats to our winners: Alyssa 4th, Taylor 4th, Krista 4th, Alicia 3rd, Edith 2nd, Lisa 2nd, and Amber 1st!! 🎉 @polekisses @polethug @eggysammich @aj.holidayy @thedancingchiro @karousclues @taylormariee1 and Victoria!
#fembodyfitness #fembodyfamily #pole #polecompetition #pso #psonationals2018

Hermosas personas que me acompañan... (faltan algunas!) GRACIAS!!🙏🏼.
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Interested in competing in a pole dance competition??? Then this workshop series is for you!
Learn all of the ins and outs of competing in the Pole Sport Organization Competition from our resident PSO Unicorn- Milkshake!

Join us for the following sessions:
Info Session (Workshop 1)- Rules (Performance, Music, Costume)
Workshop 2- Routine preparation/structure and breakdown, musicality, flow, transitions
Workshop 3- Costumes and make-up, stage presence and making contact with the judges
Workshop 4- Character/ 30 second routine critique

Check out our website (link in bio) for full details and to register

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3 podios más para casa ♥️ @aylen_alfieri 1er puesto infantil
@_aaalmendra 2do puesto infantil
@antonellaferragut 2do puesto profesional
#yogginifit #yogginiteam #poledance #polesport #polecompetition ##polechamp

Polation Competitor “Double Velvet” Tickets $35 Now online at http://www.polation.com.au or $45 on the Day Saturday 25th August 2018 - Doors Open at 5.30pm Show Starts at 6.00pm

#Repost @ecuadorpolechampionship (@get_repost)
¡¡¡La fecha de registro online y video para la inscripción de competidores al EPC2018 se extiende hasta el 31 de Agosto!!!
En respuesta a algunas solicitudes recibidas al correo del EPC y con el fin de ofrecer un mejor servicio para los competidores que deseen mejorar su video de aplicación, la organización del campeonato junto a la red @pole_champ_network ha decidido extender la fecha de inscripción y permitir el registro de nuevos competidores que no hayan alcanzado a registrarse y quisieran ser parte de esta gran experiencia.
. ⬇️
¡¡El EPC trabajando por el crecimiento del pole en nuestro país 🇪🇨!!
#epc #epc2018 #ecuadorpolechampionship #polecompetition

C: Can we all just take a minute to honour and celebrate this amazingly talented woman Shelly Murdock- Pole dancer, Athlete, Choreographer and Business owner @exoticworkouts
The female form is so beautiful when it is expressed through dance and movement😍 I hope after watching this that you all understand why I love Poling so much. It can be sexy and sultry for sure, but it is also a Sport, A form of Exercise and Art! 😍🙌🏾 Who agrees?✋🏾
* *
Please follow and help us support Shelly @XpoleUS as she makes her way to the PSO Pro Nationals (Pole competition ) after coming first place in her region 👏🏾🙌🏾😍
Well done beautiful lady👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Your strength, determination and skill inspires me to continue to get better 😘 You look so graceful 😍😍😍😍 I will be back to class soon 💪🏾
*Follow Shelly’s personal page and
development @ewoshelly

Beautiful #backbendy combo learned in @tempestuousdance ‘s class 😅 @twilla87 📸💛 @luscious_maven

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