Uma polaroid de agosto de 1977. Juventude reluzia sobre ela. Feliz Dia das Mães 📷🍃

camera: polaroid 680 / film: impossible 600 #polaroidbar_thailand #polaroid680 #impossible600

Happy, Happier, Happiest Birthday Femke! 🎂♥️😍😘🌟✨

camera: polaroid 680 / film: impossible 600 bw blackframe #contaxg2 #polaroid680 #impossible600 #bw #polaroidbar_thailand


We wanted to begin life as a Visual Podcast with a bang. We’re proud to have officially partnered with the iconic @Polaroid‭ for our first event of the year. To learn more about the event, please read our blog post - link in bio.

The seventh Polaroid photograph we present from the event is of @joyoladokun, taken by 7x7 photographer, @sam_frawley. Joy is a combines the sounds of roots rock with folk songwriting and a voice that oozes with soul and honesty. When Joy writes and sings, you hear the voice of someone who has lived the song and is willing to re-live it again and again every time she performs it. We *highly* recommend you mark June 22nd in your calendar as that’s when she releases her incredible next single, “Sober”(we’ve heard it, it’s amazing)!

Following her experience at the event, we asked Joy for her thoughts on 7x7…“7x7 was a beautifully shot and curated event. I moved to Nashville a few months ago so it was cool to meet some new artists and collaborate with awesome visual artists to create something that I feel like reflected all the unique personalities in the room.”

Location: @laymandrugcompany via 7x7 sponsor @avvayhq
Film sponsor: @polaroid @polaroidoriginals
Additional event sponsor @theothernashvillesociety

L & V, New Orleans | 2018

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