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Today's delivery ! Can't wait to open these up, also had to stock up on some more top loaders 😎. Will post a video on my YouTube channel opening up these packs

Sorting through my cousins old Pokemon card collection! Some nice surprises! Nostalgia! Thanks for the donation 👍😍

A lot of code cards to give away! Support this channel and stay tuned for free give always !

My Pokémon PS4 Custom Controller 😍

Ampharos! 🐑 Where's mareep at!!?

Ditto! Epic art work, cute Pokemon!

Blaines charizard 😍🔥🔥

Sylveon! Eeveelution !

Leafeon! EX! Cute card ! Can't hate any of the eeveelutions! Even the new gen ones! 😍

Dragonite Promo! Pokemon The First Movie promos! 😍

Pokemon & Pizza! 🍕 📺 watching more jhoto journeys and having a break from recording

Pokemon the first movie promos! MewTwo and Pikachu!

Finally did a video of opening this vintage gym heros pack! Check it out!! (Link in description) follow this page, subscribe to my YouTube for more pack openings and other stuff! Click the link in the page description to visit my channel !

The best pulls from the generations packs! Wait till the end 😍

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, it's Minirindy! It evolves into Treamur with high friendship inside caves!

Jolteon! ⚡️ One of tonight's pulls! Generations set. Nice art work!

Mega Zara! Epic pull. What a beast

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