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The announcement stage's podium is, for the first time, filled by a small blue creature. It takes a while to prepare itself, before reaching forward for a broadcasting microphone. "H-hello? Alright... Ladies and gentlemen of the region, I thank you for choosing the first annual season of the Elements Pokégames. My name is Tazuna, the Dewott, and I'll serve as the alternate admin of the games. These games will play out as such; the 16 tributes will work and live in their faction's quarters, then set out on challenges, where one Pokémon from each participating faction is eliminated. When only one remains from each, the final four will be put to a last set of tests, until one winner rises. Thank you all for your attention, and I'll hope to talk to you again."
// hey again, it's @//goodracrew. I posted this to act like an introduction to my mascot Pokémon and what I'll serve as to this account. Basically, with Dewott as my mascot Pokémon, I'll be an alternate admin for the account; I'll do several more of the announcements and spacers in the run-up to the games, and other things for the events such as message groups for inquiries and other general talk and roleplay.
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I am pleased to announce a new area of details and participation for the upcoming Pokégames. The Games will see each of the 16 competitors set out into 4 factions of 4 Pokémon, where they will compete in challenges and battles until one challenger remains from each. The final competitors will then be put to the test against eachother in battles and challenges until the final one and winner is left.
The factions:
Northern faction - A faction that uses strategic thinking to advance ahead. Their personalities are mostly intuitive, intelligent, or a strong problem-solver, and their movesets may consist of status moves that put them at a strength advantage eventually, and healing moves and items for when things get tougher.
Western faction - The strongest fighters and hardest workers make up this faction. Their personalities may see them as eager, brave, and often long-lasting on the battle field, and they'll mostly use offensive moves to their advantage.
Eastern faction - This faction is made up of competitors that utilise their strong defences to hold out, then attack with great force. Their personalities are willing, stubborn, and prepared to take a few hits for someone, and, while they may not be the strongest, they use their attacks well after holding off an opponent.
Southern faction - Skilled rangers, snipers, and others who take their battle strategy into their weapon of choice sit here in the Southern faction. Their personalities are cunning, maybe a little secretive, and always prepared for, or always being the first to see, what lies ahead, and their movesets are mainly special moves that can harm without contact.
That about wraps it up. If you're signing up now, make sure you understand the factions and can choose and explain why you want to be a part of a certain faction. Current tributes, continue your signup by explaining which faction your Pokémon should fight as a part of.
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Sign up are now open just answer the question below ~Arcanine (edited by Dew)
Why you want to join the games :
Tag 3 users who might enjoy joining!: One extra Pokémon and their name (for if you can't use your first choice of Pokémon):
How active you are:
Your Pokemon's faction (see later post):
First come, first served!
These games are like a show. Four teams will do challenges against each other to try and win as the last person standing. The rules will be revealed once we have enough players.
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@x__pokegames__x is starting another PokeGames!! Follow if you want to join the games and get the party started!! #pokegames #pokegamesrp #joinpokegames #pokemonrp #pokemon #shoutoutrp #pocketmonster

{Sorry for random pic 😅} Hey future and current tributes, just letting you all know I'm still active and looking for tributes, so fill 'em up!
- @scyther_swings

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