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Qotd: What's your first priority?

"I brought down every star for you,
my clumsy hands tripping
on dark clouds in the moonlight,
and in the morning, you crushed each
luminous point between your palms.

I built my confidence up in mountains;
I climbed on chairs to convince you
that no one’s love was larger,
and you convinced me
valleys are much more beautiful.

I shrunk for you. I said goodbye
to the person I was before you,
and you fell out of love
with the person you made me.

And now I’m saying goodbye to that person,
mourning my body like an open casket,
and falling into empty sheets.
I’m making myself better
and I deserve someone who looks
at me the way I looked at you."
This time is different. This time, I’m leaving you before you leave me. (via achingchest)

The media controls the mind. 😈😈😈
They use North Korea to keep the people in a state of fear. It's crisis after crisis, to keep you in a fearful state of mind where you will look for an authority to save you.
Meanwhile, they're going to blow up Iran, not North Korea. The magician always says, "look over here" and then does his trick with the other hand.

In other news, our food is weaponized. 35% of Americans are obese and we're being intentionally poisoned by the big corporations and governments. The media isn't telling people about that though, so it's all gravy baby.
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Dex No. 88
Name: Siagibon
Type: Fighting/Poison
Dex Entry: this pokemon use its shakers to spread poison smoke to defend itself. It uses its shakers to hit.
#pokemon #fakemon #pokedex #fakedex #fakemonart #fighting #poison #ape #siamanggibbon #shakers

MFW I get a new Patron. Link in the comments to get access to a total of 5 photo sets this month! I’m shooting the last one tonight. #poison #ahegao #streetfighter also thanks for checking out my non-cosplay account @maru_intimate ❤️

Smoking is bad mmkaaayyy!? There's a good few death stick paste ups and stickers scattered around, was happy to have knocked this one out- it had been a long summer of few new designs! Back on it. Thanks to @harrisoncees for the photo blud! #rxskulls #coffinnails #poison #ciggarettes

Poison from Street Fighter
Cosplayer: @icata
#cosplay #poison #streetfighter #fighting #videogame


Nuevo Modelo Pin Brona Veneno.💥 Conseguí el tuyo!
Hacemos envíos a todo el país! .
Puntos de venta:
@cromoskateshop en Tapiales.
@bigspinstore en Núñez.
@quiereme.libre.tienda en Flores.
@tienda_voodoo en Lanús.
@divamiapuroglamour en Monserrat.
@parco308 en Chivilcoy.
#nuevomodelo #lanzamiento #pin #pins #pinsbrona #accesorio #accesorios #accesoriosbrona #poison #veneno #enjoy #brona #bronaentodaspartes #bronaargentina #madeinarg #hechoenargentina

"Come get your Halloween tattoos peeps, color or black and grey."
#epicink #tattoos #bottletattoo #poison #halloween #ink #inked #art #artist #lifestyle

Mind-blowing trip in Amsterdam 🌳🇳🇱🔥

아주아주아주아주 뒷북이지만,,😂😆
나랑 닮은 강다영이랑❣️(기분나쁘겠지?)
@kayday_young -----------------------------------
🔥🔥‼️‼️WoW~~~~~‼️‼️🔥🔥 제목 그대로 poison을 주제로한 안무입니다!!
처음 저의 안무로 찍게된 영상이라 부족한 점이 많지만 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드려요~~!😆💜💜💜💜 feat이 아닌 with이 적당할 정도로 욜심히 같이 끌어준 다영이 수고많이혀땅!!🤢🤢
@oriental.fem.dance 페이지에 들어가시면 훌륭한 다른 안무가들의 안무영상이 많으니 많이많이 관심가져주세요~~~~😁😁😁
@brentfaiyaz _ poison

The Indian Diary, 1935 Pt.1 - In case you're about to die. #india #incredibleindia #poison

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