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Friends, it’s time. We’re stepping up, and we hope our local people would like to be a part of it.
Usually when we film an episode it’s on a tight time schedule so we roll in, film, have fun, and head out. Not this time. We are dedicating an entire afternoon to kicking off the filming for season 7 AND…it’s going to be a POG TOURNAMENT!
That’s right! We are teaming up with our friends at @TikiTikiGames & @lnctoychest NCToyChest on Saturday, January 7th for a party. A big one! We want you to be there, and we’re even going to provide #POGS for people that want to enter this classic bracket-style tournament that’s FREE to enter!! Join us for an afternoon of fun, hang out with us, and feel like a kid again as we get started on Season 7 of “The Best #YouTubeChannel You’ve Never Heard Of!”

remember these #attic #finds #pogs

Birthday goodies! 😃 // Thank you so much @mrsrachelsanders 😘 I think every shop in Hawaii should be required to have pogs available! #waikiki #ultraboost #pogs

[Part 1 of 2] Soooooo.... this happened 🙈 I didn't wanna celebrate my bday this year since so much is going on and I was just too overwhelmed to deal (been having kind of a rough time with the pregnancy and life in general although I try not to show it here)... so I let my bday sneak up on me without making it a big deal. BUT of course I should have known my amazing friends and family couldn't let my last bday before I become a mommy just go to waste... And instead of walking into an intimate dinner date, I walked into a full-blown #90sTheme bday bash!!!! Literally my childhood dreams come true filled with all my favorite things from my middle school days!!! I literally was taken back in time when I really needed it... and it ended up being the best birthday I ever had. @laurag_143 I can't believe you guys pulled this off with only 2 days to gather all the things I loved most about the 90's!!! (I was just randomly talking about it the other night, about how much I missed old Nintendo video games 👾 and #POGS and how I die for Coolio and Bone Thugs lmao!!! 😂) And here it all was- right in front of my eyes and suddenly every worry in the world disappeared and I relived my memories in this one special night surrounded by people I love so much. They even got me a jacket and a bling-bling hat to change into (and Khushal found my neon nikes I lost a year ago and surprised me with them lol!) and played all my favorite 90's songs all night long haha. I'm so so so blessed to have these people in my life!!! Love you guys so much!!!! @laurag_143 @khushalmusic @jet_set_life @zynoyang @glambymaryam @sidneyle @larackay @fardeenmusic @baha_tera @fahim_aqmal @sorayagak 🙏🏼😭❤️🎉 WATCH PART 2 NEXT!!!!!

You may have grown up in the 80/90's if you know what these are... Who's got a slammer I can use? #pogs #slammer

Ready for action since 95! Who had these? 😂 #TBT #MMPR #Pogs #PowerRangers

#pogs we know the truth 😂 #femalehumor #Marine #lol

Christmas/holiday pogs. If interested dm me, trades are welcome as well. #pogs #forsale #toysfortrade #toysforsale

This one is for the Shooters abroad in the desert country of your choice. Merry Christmas 🎄 #POGs #TurnYourBrightnessUp #ShinyHatBoyz


Things you find cleaning out your childhood room. #pogs #90skid What do I do with this ?! Lol

Come on in, play some POGS, listen to some rad nineties jams, win some swag and drink some Platform Beers! #POGS #platformbeerco #d20bar

#pogs we know the truth 😂 #femalehumor #Marine #lol

"You are supposed to read the Elephant in a Joe Pesci voice." - POG artist Zeke Stevens reveals an Easter egg for this 1994 masterpiece. #pogAday #pog #pogs #joepesci #masterpiece #animalfriends

Found some pogs in a wall , day made #pogs

we have got a huge pile of pogs on the way. like.... hundreds of pogs. .
#pog #pogs #retrotoys #retro #90stoys #90s #toys #collector #cartoons #kitsch

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