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My boys from boot camp! Having fun shooting big guns at MCT. #usmc #pogs

We put tricks in, but we just wanted to film the spin thing... #fidjetspinner #pokemon #pogs #whatsnext @davistorgerson

[Part 1 of 2] Soooooo.... this happened I didn't wanna celebrate my bday this year since so much is going on and I was just too overwhelmed to deal (been having kind of a rough time with the pregnancy and life in general although I try not to show it here)... so I let my bday sneak up on me without making it a big deal. BUT of course I should have known my amazing friends and family couldn't let my last bday before I become a mommy just go to waste... And instead of walking into an intimate dinner date, I walked into a full-blown #90sTheme bday bash!!!! Literally my childhood dreams come true filled with all my favorite things from my middle school days!!! I literally was taken back in time when I really needed it... and it ended up being the best birthday I ever had. @laurag_143 I can't believe you guys pulled this off with only 2 days to gather all the things I loved most about the 90's!!! (I was just randomly talking about it the other night, about how much I missed old Nintendo video games and #POGS and how I die for Coolio and Bone Thugs lmao!!! ) And here it all was- right in front of my eyes and suddenly every worry in the world disappeared and I relived my memories in this one special night surrounded by people I love so much. They even got me a jacket and a bling-bling hat to change into (and Khushal found my neon nikes I lost a year ago and surprised me with them lol!) and played all my favorite 90's songs all night long haha. I'm so so so blessed to have these people in my life!!! Love you guys so much!!!! @laurag_143 @khushalmusic @jet_set_life @zynoyang @glambymaryam @sidneyle @larackay @fardeenmusic @baha_tera @fahim_aqmal @sorayagak 滕凌歹 WATCH PART 2 NEXT!!!!!

Lets see your old slammers. #pogs

攻痰攻 Esse porquinho estava com dificuldade para urinar e defecar por v獺rias semanas. Seu dono a trouxe quando come癟ou a chorar (como no v穩deo) sempre que ela tentava fazer xixi. Em raio-X e ultrassonografia, determinou-se que ela tinha um 繳tero anormal (ampliado 矇 irregular) e tamb矇m tinha um c獺lculo na bexiga. Ela estava agendada para cirurgia de emerg礙ncia, mas infelizmente n瓊o sobreviveu. Sua bexiga realmente se rompeu e aderiu ao seu ventre. As porquinhas da 穩ndia t礙m um disco extremamente alto de desenvolver tumores uterinos e cistos uterinos. Fale com um veterin獺rio o mais r獺pido poss穩vel se voc礙 notar que seu porco est獺 se auto mutilando/arrancando p礙los. 攻痰攻
Repost from @monsterpetvetclinicsg - This little pig was straining to pee and poo for several weeks. Her owner brought her in when she started crying (like in the video ) whenever she tried to pee. On X-ray and ultrasound, it was determined that she had an abnormal uterus (enlarged and lumpy) and she also had a bladder stone. She was scheduled for emergency surgery but unfortunately she did not survive. Her bladder had actually ruptured and adhered itself to her womb! 庶emale guinea pigs have an extremely high risk of developing uterine/womb tumours and cysts. Speak to a vet as soon as possible if you notice that your pig is self mutilating/fur plucking. ##guineapig #pogs #uterinetumour #bladderstone #exoticvet #sgvet #selfmutilation #furplucking #imnotaskinnypig #mpv #guineapigvet #pocketpet

POGS! Who is old enough to remember the mid 90's game that was as popular as fidget spinners? We need to bring it back! My kids are having a blast playing with my old POGS and we've ordered more on EBAY! SHARE and Help us make it big again休鳶鳶 #POGS #bringitback #90s #funtimes #kids


Carded deadstock Pochahontas Pog Pack $5+ship please DM #disneypogs #pocahontas #pogs

A little taste of my pog collection

When unpacking makes you feel 13 years old | pogs, scrunchie, hubba bubba, slap bracelets, butterfly clips, toe socks, best friend necklace, choker, mood ring, push pop, crazy straw, pen of many colours, 4 leaf clover charm, name keychain, teenage mutant ninja turtles makeup bag, and instax camera. Just some of the Girl's Trip loot.
We each added a gift to the TMNT bags I sewed up, and then won prizes playing beer pong trivia answering questions about each our 13 year old selves.
#lootbag #girlstripmemories #90sparty #90smemorabilia #90smemories #13goingon30 #30flirtyandthriving #pillowgift #handsewnwithlove #pogs #tmnt #heroesinahalfshell #toesockswag #pegdolly #pegdolladventures #pixiestix #instax #weekendvibes #grlgang #makememoriesnotwar #mixtapesandmore #the90scalled #kidsofthe90s #90stheme #the90sareallthat #jellybracelets #flatlay

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