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My BRAND NEW poetry book 'Moonlight And You' is OUT NOW on Amazon! This is my longest poetry collection ever with over 150 brand new poems and it's also my favourite - ending with my favourite piece that I've EVER written. The theme is love, dreams and what remains in the morning. Available WORLDWIDE on AMAZON - just search 'Moonlight And You' :)
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Because I kept thinking of the irony (and the truth) of this piece sitting in an airport in London last night... #writercrushwednesday Awesome writing by @storydj

T e r r o r s
Special thanks to @mirakeeapp and @writersnetwork for all the support.
Illustration by the incredible @andreahrnjak.

I still smile when I hear your name,
My heart still skips a beat when I see you
I still get urges to kiss your lips,
And to hold you in my arms.
And I don't know why, maybe in depth of my heart , you're still there.
Like my heart is unconvinced that you're gone yet.
Your love is like a poison and you're killing me.
-by lastnighttalks ♉

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"Forever is made of moments, dappled across my memory like little spots of sunshine" ☀️ follow @astalderea for more little spots of sunshine 🌼

A #newheartbeats Work of the Day written by @jhikariwrites.

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Reasons we continue

It’s easy to be close, but almost impossible to stay close. Think about friends. Think about family. Think about the ones you really love. They’re close to us every single day -sometimes so close we think they are part of us– and then, at some point, they aren’t close anymore. They go away. Only one thing can keep something close over time: holding it there. Grappling with it. Wrestling it to the ground and refusing to let go. What we don’t wrestle we let go of. Love isn’t the absence of struggle. Love is struggle.

June 30. 6:03 a.m. | Couldn't sleep so I came up here. I remember you bookmarking this quote with airport magazines and contracts in your briefcase. Drawn on sticky notes and cup holders in every table you call an office. as if it were a prayer. You walk to the Tower so early. I'm going back. The drops are coming.

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